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Midweek Snippets

We've made it to the halfway mark. Just the rest of today, and then two full days and we'll be back into the sweet embrace of the weekend. How will you be beating the heat? Inside gaming? Outside trying to catch them all? A little of both? Just be sure to hydrate. A group of friends want to wander around downtown Atlanta on Sunday... when it's supposed to get to 99F out. Whoof. Too hot for this arctic ursine.

Anyway, being the middle of the week, it means we need to stock back up on bite-size gaming stories.

Today we have: Team Canada Adventure for Save the Day Super-Powered RPG, Precision Polyhedral Floating Face Dice On Kickstarter, Siren lands in Purgatory, New 28mm 1806 Prussian Hussars, Semi Realistic Portrait Generator for your games, New Numidian Cavalry Available From Victrix, 3rd Annual Great Wargaming Survey Posted, Another World Miniatures Releases Alfred - Steampunk Monkey Assistant, and Baueda Releases new 15mm Sicilian Normans range.

Team Canada Adventure for Save the Day Super-Powered RPG

Team Canada

Team Canada is an adventure for Save the Day RPG following the exploits of the official super team of the Canadian Government.

This 25 page adventure features new heroes, maps, plenty of NPCs and challenging villains for any Save the Day campaign.

This set also provides an incredible 39 print and play paper minis for your gaming table!

Precision Polyhedral Floating Face Dice On Kickstarter

Polyhedral Dice

Floating Face Dice are precision machined from a solid piece of metal into 2 pieces. The middle of the die is loose and moves freely, but will not separate from the outer cage.

Siren lands in Purgatory


Purgatory have confirmed that the latest Host to wage war in Heaven has arrived. Siren, is the realisation of their first piece of character art ever created and you can get your copy now!

New 28mm 1806 Prussian Hussars

At last !! I am very happy to annonce they are for sale now on our webshop. It has been a long, painful and very expensive trip to reach this moment but it has eventually come true.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as we do and that you will get as much pleasure to paint them as we had !!

Cheers !!

Semi Realistic Portrait Generator for your games

ePic Character Generator released the portrait generator for your personal or commercial projects.

New Numidian Cavalry Available From Victrix

Numidian Cavalry

We are really pleased to announce the release of the 28mm hard plastic Numidian cavalry. This is a 12 miniature set packed with pose options and fantastic detail.

The Numidians were from North Africa, around modern day Tunisia and Morocco. They were superb light cavalry and supplied large quantities of horsemen to their... close neighbours the Carthaginians.

Numidian cavalry excelled in skirmishing, hit and run tactics. They would shower their enemy with javelin fire and run away to avoid contact and then wheel around again to pelt the enemy with yet more missiles. They were often used as scouts and in pitched battles would outflank the enemy and wait in ambush.

3rd Annual Great Wargaming Survey Posted


For the third year in a row, Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy is taking the pulse of the hobby via the Great Wargaming Survey. As always, we're asking wargamers worldwide to take a few minutes of their time to let us know what they think about their pastime. We'll be using the results to try and track trends and changes in the hobby, with the results published online for everyone to read - and we know that includes manufacturers and games designers as well. Previous editions got many thousands of responses, and we're hoping to break records this year.

Besides our undying gratitude for completing the survey, everyone who completes the survey gets a 5 Euro gift certificate for our webshop, and respondents also get the chance to win a number of interesting prizes, including boxed sets from Warlord and Perry, books from various publishers and of course subscriptions to Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy or our other magazines. So why not take a few minutes now to help us out - it's fast, fun and might net you some free goodies!

Another World Miniatures Releases Alfred - Steampunk Monkey Assistant


Alfred, a nice steampunk monkey assistant, is finally online!

This little monkey was sculpted by Alessio Cisbani (aka wolfbane).

Casted in metal in highest quality, scale 30mm.

Baueda Releases new 15mm Sicilian Normans range

Check out our fabulous new 15mm Sicilian Normans range, perfect for the 11th and 12th centuries including the first and second Crusade!

These figures have been sculpted by M. Campagna, the range currently cover most core troops but we plan to expand it even further very soon with the addition of yet more packs, including crossbowmen, Saracen and Berber troops.

4.00 EUR per pack of 8 infantry or 4 mounted.
Separate horses are provided at random out of over a dozen different poses to maximize variation!