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Midweek Snippets

The week keeps on keepin' on. We've gotten past the first half, with the second coming right at us. If we're going to be making it to the weekend (where I plan on doing as little as possible), we'd better stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Advanced Deployment Ravyn's Birthday Sale, Hell Rangers Coming to Kickstarter Soon, New Releases Available From Dark Sword Miniatures, Miniature Wargaming: The Movie Up On Kickstarter, New Classical Mage Mini From Brother Vinni, Final Days for Revenants Vs Ancestrals on Indiegogo, New Bottles and Cans from Tabletop-Art, Vampire Hunters launches on Kickstarter in less than a week, and New Dwarf Wild Chieftain Available From Scibor.

Advanced Deployment Ravyn's Birthday Sale

Birthday Sale

It's July and you know what that means!
Advanced Deployments biggest sale of the year!

Save 30% on any order over $30!
Just use Code HAPPYBDAY! between 7/13-7/16

Our store has a bunch of new goodies, including Customizable Mob Soccer Tokens, MK III Tokens for the Fanatics, as well as SR2016 Tourney sets (we may even have some POGO goodies going up later today too!)

And we have the first of our new set of Faction Tokens for MKIII!
Toknes for every caster, unit, solo and jack! If an ability lasts past the round, we've got a tokens for it!

Hell Rangers Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Introducing Hell Rangers
Hell Rangers is a cooperative 32mm miniature board game for 1-5 players. In the game you assume the role of the Rangers, a paramilitary military force tasked with defending the citizens of Mars from the monstrous Zaghast that live deep under the planet’s surface. It is similar in vein to properties like Doom or Aliens.

Today we have a large 3d gallery preview of the Rangers themselves and their enemies the Zaghast.
More previews and videos will be coming showcasing all the games features.

Hell Rangers will be coming out later this year, looking to Kickstart sometime.

If any publishers are interested in Order Fulfillment/Publishing/Distribution please feel free to contact me, I am open to suggestions.

New Releases Available From Dark Sword Miniatures

I hope everyone has been having an amazing summer. Where did the summer go already? I blinked and we are well into July already. Things have been very busy here at Dark Sword HQ. Lots of awesome miniatures and some other equally fun projects are being worked on.

We have 10 brand new miniature releases posted up on the Dark Sword site. A little something for everyone this time around.

We have a new GRRM Masterworks mini sculpted by Tom Meier (there are many more in the production pipeline as I type this), three new Visions in Fantasy adventurers from Jeff Grace and Tom Meier, a new Elmore Masterworks Male Mage from Patrick Keith and five new Critter Kingdoms miniatures from Dave Summers including 2 new otters, 2 new turtles and a new Owl Warrior.

Aaron Lovejoy and Kat Martin did the painting honors on the wonderful looking painted studio models this time around.

So swing on by the Dark Sword site to check out all the new releases and other awesome miniature painting resources like our DVD tutorial sets.

Miniature Wargaming: The Movie Up On Kickstarter


A New Documentary is upon us, exploring the vast universe of Miniature Wargaming. From the historic beginnings to how it's made now. Learn about H G Wells and Miniature Wargaming's humble beginnings, meet the faces behind the games and the sculptures behind the minis. Follow 4 real people and their emotional journeys of what being a Wargamer really means. Check out the exclusive Kickstarter content such as an official H G Wells miniature Sculpted by Alan Perry.

New Classical Mage Mini From Brother Vinni

Classical Mage

Welcome the new model: Classical Mage

28 mm scale, resin casting produced by Brother Vinni.


Final Days for Revenants Vs Ancestrals on Indiegogo


Get the 3 new star players for free with your Revenants team,
75 euros, free shipping worldwide, 16 awesome miniatures!
FREE with your team!
Last 4 days

New Bottles and Cans (just clap your hands) from Tabletop-Art

The set includes 17x Resin objects in the scale 28-30mm. 3x beer bottles, 3x beverage cans, 3x food cans, 2x open milk cartons, 3x closed milk cartons and 3x wine bottles.

Vampire Hunters launches on Kickstarter in less than a week

Vampire Hunters

Vampire Hunters, from Dark Gate games, is a fully co-operative miniatures-based board game for 1-4 players. Bring the dark imagery of Vampire lore from the classic stories in movies and books to your table top, as you take on the role of a newly recruited Vampire Hunter. Thrown into the Vampire den with a small band of comrades, you use stakes, crossbows and holy water to destroy the creatures of the Night. Craft makeshift weapons on the fly for more destructive power! Tear down window coverings to burn Vampires with Sunlight! Drag screaming Vampires outside the den with the Extractor! Team up to make combination attacks! Stay focused on your mission to power special abilities!

But watch the clock: at sundown, you become the prey!

Optional game modes add to replayability. Play standalone games or follow the full campaign, upgrade your weapons, equipment and special skills as you advance in the Order. Play semi-coop to rate your skills, giving bragging rights to the best Hunter. You can even play on as a Vampire, if your Hunter gets turned. Make Vampire Hunters the experience you want it to be!

Vampire Hunters will feature highly detailed plastic miniatures, beautiful double-sided map tiles, 300 tokens, cards and dice, as well as full color scenario and rule books.

Visit us on Facebook and Twitter for more information about Vampire Hunters.

New Dwarf Wild Chieftain Available From Scibor


This resin model fits to most 30mm -28mm fantasy war games as well as roleplaying games!
In blister you’ll find one unpainted, resin model and square 20mm resin scenic base.