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Midweek Snippets

Half there.
We're half there to back to the weekend.
This weekend will be a rather busy one. Tomorrow it's set-up for the CMON Expo and Friday it starts. We've got a lot planned, especially for Saturday. Be sure to check back on that day regularly as we post updates from the various panels that'll be happening that day. If you're interested in CMON's games, you'll want to check back often.

But that's this weekend. We're still on Wednesday. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Right now, we've got another set of bite-sized stories.

This batch we have: Forge Prints HD Dungeon Accessories and Bases Kit 1 on Kickstarter, Robot Zombie Cat Card Game On Kickstarter, Crooked Dice release Heroic Archetypes, The Thin Blue Line: Detroit Savage Worlds Module Coming to Kickstarter Soon, Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Earth Force Widowmaker Battlesuits, Adeptus Mechanicus joins the fray in One Page 40k, Several More Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Heroic Maps New Wardenhale Gambling Den Map, Post Captain Master Index Pt 2. Advance Rules, Another World Indiegogo Funded And now going for Stretch Goals, Sea Dog Game Studios releases Nassau Sloop kit for Sailpower 2.0, New 32mm bases available from Tabletop-Art, Manorhouse Workshop Update #34 – Modular Underground Project – KS launch delayed, "War is Coming" the army game searching for playtesters, Final Days for 12 Realms: Bedtime Story on Kickstarter, Kromlech New Release - Legionary Weapons, Instant Dungeon Tactical Up on Kickstarter, SyrinScape Launches Exclusive Pathfinder Player Character Soundsets, and In-Store Play Program for Free RPG Day June 20, Honour or Death: Icarus Miniatures Preview the Praesidian Honour Guard, Cracked Earth Studios New Tabletop Terrain Line Coming to Kickstarter, Hexagon Mill Terrain Kickstarter Running Now, Legion of Set Artwork Previewed for Conan Rise of Monsters, and Deep-Cut Studio releases a new gaming mat in sand and rock environment.

Forge Prints HD Dungeon Accessories and Bases Kit 1 on Kickstarter

Forge Prints

Introducing Forge Prints first kick starter HD Dungeon and Bases Kit1. Forge Prints was created from a passion of gaming, innovation, and technology. We are producing cutting edge full color 3d printed gaming accessories and bases. Our color HD printing process produces beautiful creations with millions of colors and very fine high resolution details. The Goal of our first Dungeon and Bases Kit project is to introduce to the gaming community a collection of high quality accessories for your dungeon systems and table top gaming sessions along with beautiful unique bases for your minis created with our color HD printing process.

Our fully colored HD printing process saves you countless hours by removing the need to design, sculpt, and paint each base and accessory. Your HD bases and accessories can go right from the package to the game table so you can spend your time gaming and not in the workshop.

Robot Zombie Cat Card Game On Kickstarter

Robot Zombie Cat

Robot Zombie Cat is a new awesome card game, which combines the rock-paper-scissors principle with amazing protagonists: robots, zombies and cats!

Crooked Dice release Heroic Archetypes

Crooked Dice Heroic Archetypes

Crooked Dice bring four new miniatures to your screen this month! These 28mm Heroic Archetypes are the Action Hero, the Tomorrow Person Stars, and the Crackpot Inventor and Strongarm Co-Stars. Another 8 to follow in due course. We're working on the first 4 Villainous ones as we speak.

The Thin Blue Line: Detroit Savage Worlds Module Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Thin Blue Line

Calamity brews in Detroit. Paranormal activity is on the rise. An angry spirit, a dangerous creature, or a pack of desperate cultists hides under every sewer cover and within every abandoned building. Corktown has a secret, though. Its crew of supposed washouts are either psychics or have encountered the paranormal. The officers of Corktown Precinct stand between the city and paranormal onslaught. These damaged, over-worked, and under-paid officers must keep paranormal activity in Detroit under wraps and out of sight. No mean feat in a city as old, large, and haunted as Detroit. Corktown officers face constant threats from mundane crime, paranormal forces, as well as their inner demons and growing madness.

Rebel Minis Releases 28mm Earth Force Widowmaker Battlesuits

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the release of our 28mm Earth Force Widowmaker Battlesuits. The Earth Force Widowmaker Battlesuits set contains 3 28mm scale pewter miniatures with bases. Models supplied unpainted and require assembly. Perfect for your near future and sci-fi games!

Adeptus Mechanicus joins the fray in One Page 40k


Hi everybody,

Now that GW has rolled out the second wave of admech miniatures we are happy to announce the release of the Adeptus Mechanicus for 1p40k and 1pKT!

This new army comes with a ton of new weapons and special rules, making for a very interesting adversary on the battlefield. Additionally we are fixing a bunch of minor mistakes and updating some units here and there. Here is the changelog:

1p40k/KT – Added the Adeptus Mechanicus / Skitarii faction

1pKT – Psykers can now have max. 4 power dice

Tyranids – Revised the Mine Launcher and Explosive Head special rules; Updated Biovores to reflect these new changes

1pFB/FS – Gorebulls now have Quality 4+; Brenchwraiths are now Heroes

Happy Wargaming!

The Fiver with Nick Cirasella on Designing Robot Empire

Robot Empire

Hi, guys. I’m Nick Cirasella, a lifelong sci-fi comic enthusiast. I have been producing web applications and iOS games for several years, so now it is time to branch into the tabletop gaming area. This hobby (aka part-time business) is a great way to express my artistic side, love of gaming, and entrepreneurship all in one :) I invite everyone to come along for the ride!!!

The Fiver with Philip duBarry on Designing Battlecruisers

Eminent Domain

Hey, my name is Philip duBarry. I am the designer of a number of games including Revolution!, Courtier, Skyway Robbery, and Spirits of the Rice Paddy. I live in Cincinnati with my wife and (now) six kids. We play lots of games, of course. We also are into Lego, Minecraft, Star Wars, and most other geeky things. I also serve as the children’s pastor at my church.

The Fiver with Darwin Kastle on Designing Epic


Hi there! My name is Darwin Kastle. I am one of the founders of White Wizard Games. I designed the deckbuilding game Star Realms and I am one of the creators of the Epic Card Game now on Kickstarter. I’m also the art director.

The Fiver with David Sanhueza on Designing Immortal


Hola! My name is David Sanhueza, I am the founder of the indie game dev studio Game-O-Gami, and the creator of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! and Immortal. I am a life-long gamer, and a professional artist and game designer.

Heroic Maps New Wardenhale Gambling Den Map

Gambling Den

From the outside, the building seems no different to countless others in the city of Wardenhale. In fact, if you were to enter the building you would simply find the offices of Dalor and Son: Import & Export Services and be asked to be on your way.

However, if you knew the right people, you'd be shown through the back door and into the real business here - gambling. Patrons wager their livelihoods on the throw of a dice or the turn of a card, and if you are in the mood you can venture downstairs and bet on one of the illegal fights that takes place in the arene down there.

Boxing fights, knife fights, bear baiting - it all happens in the Wardenhale Gambling Den

Post Captain Master Index Pt 2. Advance Rules

Post Captain

Welcome back to our index preview. Next is the Advance Rules. Listed below are the chapters you can expect to see for more adventurous captains..

Another World Indiegogo Funded And now going for Stretch Goals

WE'VE FUNDED our campaign, but we still have more than 30 days in order to reach some stretch goal!

NEXT stretch goal will be 1000€... unlock a crazy dog, named FLUFFY, with his rocket!

It will be completely for free for our backers who have chosen (or will choose) "I WANT THEM ALL" perk !!!

Here a photo of original sculpt and highest quality metal casting!

Sea Dog Game Studios releases Nassau Sloop kit for Sailpower 2.0


SDGS has released a Nassau Sloop model for Sailpower 2.0. This 15mm small craft is typical of the 6 gun sloop favored by pirates of Nassau. Pirates preferred small sloops for their maneuverability and upwind sailing performance as well as the ability to escape large warships in shallow waters. This sloop model reflects a typical 6-gun sloop with a few pirate upgrades including mount points for swivel rail guns and stern gun ports.

Kit Features:
? One-piece resin cast hull
? 6 guns (4 deck guns included with kit, 2 below deck guns represented on hull/not included)
? Ready to assemble masting
? Patterned after historical Golden Age pirate sloops
? Two color casting (brown hull with black accessories)
? Assembly and painting required

New 20th Century Brick Terrain from Battlezones


There are new sets in the Battlezones range of 20th Century Brick-themed terrain.

The Battlezones Tile System means that every kit is part of hard plastic and, using an innovative connector system, fully modular.

Three new kits have been added to the range, offering different combinations of ruined and intact tiles to build a convenience store, apartment block or a ruined village. Since the system is modular, you can build just about anything else you can think of too.

These smaller sets are designed to be lighter on the wallet than the big-city kits, and will offer cover and scenery from a variety of genres of games. Mantic have used World War II an Post-Apocalytic as examples.

The new 20th Century Brick battlezones scenery hits retailer shelves at the end of this month.

New 32mm bases available from Tabletop-Art

Now Available - 32mm Bases for the sets: Ancestral Ruins, Ancient Machinery, and Bonefield.

Manorhouse Workshop Update #34 – Modular Underground Project – KS launch delayed


The Murphy’s Law is always in ambush… The KS could start in the fixed date? Of course not!The same platform KS. Before It does make changes to the video. for then blocked all data … and rebuilding from scratch the whole approval process… Well, we think that everything that could happen has happened. So, now we can start in the best way. By tomorrow, maximum after tomorrow we should have green light from the KS platform . So, by 18, we will be definitely ready to launch the project. Maybe making see preview the page and the video for receive your first comments before the real launch.
All the best. Lorenzo

"War is Coming" the army game searching for playtesters


Shieldwolf Miniatures has almost completed their draft version 1.a of their tabletop army game and are looking for people to playtest their game!

Final Days for 12 Realms: Bedtime Story on Kickstarter

12 Realms

Last 2 days for 12 Realms: Bedtime Story on Kickstarter. We already unlocked several stretch goals: All the 8 new Dark Lord Minis, the Ghost Town Heroes and Dark Lords, The Magic Mirror and first plot and now we unlock the Plots of this expansion. The basic game plus the expansions include 76 Minis and 10 plots so far and the ball is rolling. Join us on this co-op adventure games for 1-6 players including variants for 7th players and combines different game genres. Grab the change and get one of the limited painted sets!

Kromlech New Release - Legionary Weapons


today we have a new release.
More master crafted weapons for Legionaries!
Something to fight against well armoured opponent:
Legionary Thunder Gun with under-barrel Gravity Distorter
Legionary Vibro Swords

Legionary armoury at our store is getting bigger and bigger but as you will see it is going to be even bigger so stay tuned for new sneak peeks and new releases to be available soon.

Instant Dungeon Tactical Up on Kickstarter

Instant Dungeon Tactical

Instant Dungeon is a light, magnet-powered modular setting that can be used in your RPG, miniature battles and dungeoncrawl boardgames.

While there are many types of dungeons, made of all kind of materials, we believe it is time to take an evolutionary leap forward.

Mixing the best materials together (marble resin with calcium carbonate) and adding neodymium magnets, we get the best possible product for your boardgames and role-playing experiences..

We have managed to build a dungeon scenery boxed set, light and easy to transport,(for your games away from home).

We have made a box for our previous project. Although it´s a nice box, we are planning to improve it, under certain circumstances (to get funded and maybe unlock some stretchs, i.e.)

If we collect enough income to cover costs, we will unlock premium box.

SyrinScape Launches Exclusive Pathfinder Player Character Soundsets, and In-Store Play Program for Free RPG Day June 20

RPG Character SoundSets

The new Pathfinder Player Character SoundSets are custom-made for players to use at the table with their wizard, rogue, cleric, and fighter PCs. From the sound of Valeros unleashing his sword, to the whoosh of Merisiel’s long-jump, to the hissing, bubbling fury of Ezren’s Acid Spell, and so much more, Syrinscape’s new PC SoundSets are chock full of hand-crafted, PC-specific sounds to bring fantasy players’ RPG characters to life.

Customers who visit a participating retailer on Free RPG Day will receive a gift card featuring a unique code for three free PC SoundSets – wizard, fighter, and rogue – compatible with Pathfinder, or any fantasy RPG. These three PC SoundSets are an exclusive bundle to Free RPG Day for 30 days, and then will be available for sale, along with the now-available cleric, on Syrinscape for $3.99 each.

Further, the hundreds of retail stores participating in Free RPG Day 2015 will also receive a free in-store subscription to Syrinscape, unlocking the entire Syrinscape library, to make retail game days and nights come to life through the power of sound.

"Newcomers Syrinscape have truly embraced what Free RPG Day is all about," says Aldo Ghiozzi, owner of Impressions, creators and organizers of Free RPG Day. "Not only are they providing tens of thousands of free, exclusive SoundSets for the gaming customer, they're also rewarding our hundreds of participating retailers with free in-store subscriptions, and we're thrilled to have them on board this year."

The Syrinscape app Fantasy Player and Sci-Fi Player bring fantastic, realistic sound to tabletop gaming. Each is available to try for free, and can be completely unlocked for free for 30 days at, and includes 2 free SoundSets to keep after the trial. The Syrinscape app is compatible with a wide range of devices, including PC, Mac, Android Tablets, and ipads. To download the free Sci-Fi Player, or Syrinscape Fantasy Player, with an extensive library of sounds for fantasy gaming, including the official sounds for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, visit Syrinscape.

Honour or Death: Icarus Miniatures Preview the Praesidian Honour Guard


Icarus Miniatures have previewed the next piece of concept art for their upcoming sci fi skirmish wargame, The Icarus Project.

This week they're looking at the Praesidian Honour Guard:

"Wherever you find the ruling class of the Praesidian Republic, the Praesidian Honour Guard will not be far away.

Tasked with protecting leaders and figures of importance, the honour cut a striking image in their golden armour.

The primary role of the honour guard is protection. Praesidians of particular renown, such as planetary leaders, will normally be accompanied by a group of 2 or 4 honour guards.

Praesidian Honour Guards usually come from a career military background, and are selected for their formidable skills. Because of their skills, and the role they occupy, the honour guard have access to some of the best equipment in the Republic."

Cracked Earth Studios New Tabletop Terrain Line Coming to Kickstarter

Cracked Earth

scheduled to debut June 19th on Kickstarter, Cracked Earth Studios is the brainchild of experienced product developer, award winning painter, and lifelong gamer, Jace Gostisha. Created for players of every level who want to enhance their own game-playing experience, these imaginative structures fit seamlessly into the most popular 25mm – 35mm scale games.

Every Cracked Earth product is hand-cast to scale from Gostisha’s master design. Made from the finest artist’s resin, each incorporates an element reminiscent of “cracked earth” and is skillfully painted, so you can put it into the heat of battle straight out of the box.

Hexagon Mill Terrain Kickstarter Running Now

Hexagon Mill

Hexagon Mill has just launched its highly anticipated Kickstarter!
The MOD-Block terrain series they're debuting offers up flatpack, pre-painted MDF structures great for 28mm wargames.
An entire tables worth of terrain can be broken down to store in a backpack making it the ultimate for the traveling gamer or demo representative.
Additionally, they've teamed up with 99 Designs to allow backers to submit their own paint designs! They'll be voted on throughout the campaign by backers, and added as final fulfillment choices!
Check it out!

Legion of Set Artwork Previewed for Conan Rise of Monsters

New artwork for Conan's Legion of Set starter box!

Deep-Cut Studio releases a new gaming mat in sand and rock environment

badlands gaming mat

New gaming mat release! We updated the Badlands design, included more sweet details and tailored it to look better on your tables than before. The new mat comes in PVC or cloth versions and three different sizes (4x6, 4x4 and 3x3) as compared to a single 4x6 size PVC of a previous version. Check out more visuals at our website and let us know what you think!