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Midweek Snippets

I'm back in the office today (worked from home yesterday). Doing my best to get back into the swing of things after being in Chicago last week. At least it's a short week (seeing as it's already Wednesday) before I get back to another weekend.

But seeing as it's Wednesday, and we didn't have one on Sunday, it's time to chow down on some bite-sized stories in our mid-week Snippets feature.

Today we have: Great Scott! - The Game of Mad Invention Coming To Kickstarter April 13th, Colayth Guard Combat Force Set Now Available, Astagar 15mm Sci-fi Snakemen Kickstarter now live, Gaspez-Arts miniatures: sexy pin-ups Indiegogo Campaign Happening Now, Aether Captains returns on Kickstarter April 18th, Tanto Cuore International coming to Kickstarter in May 2016, Arcanik: New RPG system in development, New Release! Zg'orzel, The Morbid Herald, and DeepWars - Blood Reef - EU friendly.

Great Scott! - The Game of Mad Invention Coming To Kickstarter April 13th

Great Scott

The first offering from the UK’s Sinister Fish Games hits Kickstarter on April 13th.

After over a year of design, development, and playtesting, Great Scott! - The Game of Mad Invention is ready to be unleashed! Gamers who enjoy the card drafting & scoring mechanics of games like 7 Wonders, and the humorous storytelling of Snake Oil will find endless opportunities for fun and strategy in this Victorian themed inventing game.

Great Scott! launches on Kickstarter on April 13th with a price point of £16 (approximately $23 / €21) which includes worldwide shipping, and an EU Friendly option.

The game has been a hit with playtesters and reviewers alike, with the overwhelming opinion expressed that the game is just plain FUN! Which is what we’re all here for, right?

With 180 cards featuring clean, clear graphic design, and 60 period illustrations provided by the British Library, Great Scott! looks as good as it plays.

Colayth Guard Combat Force Set Now Available

Argyle Frigate, Oscoda Carrier, Dryden Destroyer

Several weeks before the Surakari Invasion, the Heragul encountered a mysterious race called the Colayth Guard exploring the systems near the border of the Sarlet District. In just a few months, these aliens went from enemies of the empire to impromptu allies. With the Colayth Guard being interested in the fate of the Krylan, this unstable alliance was based on keeping the truth of the Krylan enslavement from the new aliens.

This new box set contains six miniatures: One Oscoda Escort Carrier, Two Dryden Heavy Destroyers, and Three Argyle Frigates.

With the conclusion of the Barin Se-Kar Campaign, the Arbiters of Justice have learned of the Heragul’s deception. These fanatical crusaders are preparing to free the Krylan, while other factions within the Colayth Guard are looking to stand with the Heragul against the Surakari.

With the release of the Colayth Guard Box Set, it is time to command the Colayth Guard squadrons as never before and battle for the future of the Heragul Empire…what ever that future may entail is up to you and your agenda.

Astagar 15mm Sci-fi Snakemen Kickstarter now live


Hi everyone, the Astagar 15mm Sci-fi Kickstarter has launched and has already hit it's initial funding goal with your support, we are now looking to advance the campaign to unlock further stretch goals, new additions, and new pledge levels to the campaign.

To find out more please check out the campaign over on Kickstarter.

Thanks the CMG Team

Gaspez-Arts miniatures: sexy pin-ups Indiegogo Campaign Happening Now


Gaspez-Arts has launched his indiegogo campaign for sexy pin-ups 30/32mm scale!

Special offer and free shipping worldwide!

Aether Captains returns on Kickstarter April 18th

Aether Captains returns on Kickstarter in April 18th by MAGE Company & Ninja Division! An asymmetric steampunk board game of villainous sky pirates and heroic naval zeppelins in epic conflict above the skies of Arkady! We currently develop the Kickstarter page by adding videos, images etc. Check out the page

Tanto Cuore International coming to Kickstarter in May 2016

Tanto Cuore

Japanime Games is bringing Tanto Cuore to countries across the globe! They will launch a Kickstarter to translate the Tanto Cuore series in French, German, Italian, and Spanish in May 2016. The Kickstarter will feature Pledge Levels in every language, new promo cards and exclusive accessories. EU and Southeast Asian Friendly shipping will be available. The official Kickstarter launch date will be announced several weeks before the campaign.

Arcanik: New RPG system in development


A new RPG system is being developed, and is forgoing the normal route of doing so. Instead, it's already open and ready to be played! All the basic rules have been put down in its website, and it can be played for free.

Arcanik is a sci-fantasy role-playing game specifically designed to encourage and rewards players for coming up with outlandish plans, crazy stunts, and internet-worthy stories of just how ridiculous your character was. At the core of this is the Ingenuity system, which makes it easier to pull off feats of strength, speed, and cunning. It has both high magic and superior technology, as well as multiple races that are unique to the system itself.

Right now, the system isn't all on the website yet, but will be soon. The core rules for character creation are down, as are a few monsters and NPC generation, so anyone could potentially run or play the game. The creator, Dylan Lewis, is also seeking anyone willing to help playtest the system, and his contact information is right on the front page of the website.

New Release! Zg'orzel, The Morbid Herald

we are back with first release after Easter :) Today we have a new demon model for you:

Zg'orzel, The Morbid Herald

DeepWars - Blood Reef - EU friendly

The DeepWars - Blood Reef Kickstarter has worked out an agreement with Gamesquest for fulfillment and is now EU-friendly. The project has also unlocked a number of stretch goals and is now close to some new ones, including a Nereid master of biotechnology, Kalypso the Hidden One, a Sea Goblin Poacher, and Siren Maneater.