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Midweek Snippets

And we're walking.
And we're walking.
And we're walking.
We're making our way through the week.
It's Wednesday and it's time for some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Mekawing Z 1.9.5 released in English, Selina Special offer By Battlegate Games, MidKnight Heroes opens up back end pledges for the Super Chibi Kickstarter, The Argyle Frigate Miniature is now Available for Legends of Kalidasia, Raging Heroes Releases Nepharya (NecroPriestess), Tabletop-Art Previews Space Dungeon Round-Lip Bases, Counterblast - free Beta Rules Posted, Heroic Scale Female Heads 2 available to Pre-Order now From Statuesque Miniatures, Bad Squiddo's Women of the Red Army go on Pre-order, and Final Week for Twisted Kickstarter.

Mekawing Z 1.9.5 released in English

Mekawing Z

Mekawing Z has finally been updated to our English players!

Version 1.9.5 includes:

- Full set of cards for Energy Sphere and Hive Regime factions.
- New and revised duel, ace and upgrade cards.
- New starter scenario.
- New Metropolis rules and cards to enhance the game’s narrative.

Selina Special offer By Battlegate Games


Selina Special offer By battlegategames.
Limited offer 20 sets.

MidKnight Heroes opens up back end pledges for the Super Chibi Kickstarter

Super Chibi Kickstarter

OK Heroes you asked for it and you got it. The MKH Shop is now open for back end pledges for our Super Chibi Kickstarter.

What does this mean?

It’s simple if you missed the kickstarter and want in, you now have your chance. The back end pledges will run till April 5th and will allow you to pledge as if you were in the Kickstarter. No new stretch goals but, you have access to any and all of the stretch goals that where unlocked.

Just like the Kickstarter shipping will not be charged till it's time to ship. You will receive an invoice vial paypal and once it paid then your item will ship. We are doing it this way for you guy so it matches the backers in the Kickstarter. Once the full shop goes on line, this will not be the case and shipping will be charged on checkout.

So what can you pledge?
Unlike the Kickstarter you will have a little more options. You will be able to pledge at the "Super Chibi" level and get all unlocked miniatures as well as the Digital art book for $30, or you can chose any of the unlocked miniatures at $10 a miniature or you can do both.

The Argyle Frigate Miniature is now Available for Legends of Kalidasia

The Argyle Attack Frigate

Being the most numerous warship in the Colayth Guard fleet, the Argyle Attack Frigate is a powerful front line warship. Packing four anti-matter cannons and a phased beam that can attack multiple times in one turn, this warship easily outclasses the similar ships from the Heragul and Surakari. In addition to being a powerful fighter, the Argyle can also use its optional gravitational sensor system to direct friendly reinforcements into the battle with near perfect precision.

Raging Heroes Releases Nepharya (NecroPriestess)


Our new releases this month sees the legendary Nepharya for sale in our online store and available from Raging Heroes stockists!

Imbued with great necromantic powers, Nepharya is a master at controlling the Iron Empire's necrocyber zombie hordes. Without desires, fears or ambition and completely under her control, the zombies serve as the ultimate bodyguards and are a potent force on the battlefield.

Committing them as little more than cannon fodder, Nepharya marches her undead minions relentlessly towards enemy lines, soaking up incoming fire and shielding the Reapers and elite Iron Storm troops moving up in support. Simple, but brutally effective.

Nepharya is a mini that never fails to turn heads and has already found a home in a variety of armies... leading machine obsessed acolytes... fronting a force of mechanical skeletons... even bringing her terrifying beauty to steam and cyber punk games.

Tabletop-Art Previews Space Dungeon Round-Lip Bases


The roundlip bases of our new set "Space Dungeon" will be available soon. The set includes the following sizes: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 120mm.

Counterblast - free Beta Rules Posted


For the past several months we here at the Bombshell Factory have been slaving deep into the night concocting new rules and upgrades to the existing Counterblast game. You can now download the complete rules as a Beta test version before the new book is published later this year.

Heroic Scale Female Heads 2 available to Pre-Order now From Statuesque Miniatures

Heroic Scale Female Heads 2

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the Pre-Order of a new set of Heroic Scale conversion parts – Heroic Scale Female Heads 2.

Featuring 10 new, metal heads, Heroic Scale Female Heads 2 expands the range of Heroic-Scale heads even further, adding yet more variety to your conversions.

Heroic Scale Female Heads 2 is reduced to only £4.50 for the Pre-Order, in addition to the usual quantity discounts.

For some examples of how you can use your Heroic Scale heads, check out the Statuesque Miniatures Facebook page.

Delivery of stock to Statuesque is expected late-March/ early-April. The Pre-Order Special Offer will run until then, or while stocks last.

Bad Squiddo's Women of the Red Army go on Pre-order

Sniper Team painted by Andrew Taylor

You may have heard the lack of women in WW2 model ranges is 'historically accurate' but over a million women served in the Soviet Army in WW2. Thanks to Bad Squiddo games there's finally a selection of snipers, infantry, medics and more to improve the realism of your game!

Alan Marsh has sculpted a great set of minis which are available to pre-order direct from Bad Squiddo Games, with early delivery at Salute available. Prices start at £5 and if you really want to do the Motherland proud, there are bundle deals available.

Final Week for Twisted Kickstarter


Thanks to all our Backers!

A huge thank you from both of us at Demented Games for your absolutely amazing support! We couldn't have hoped for a better result and, with you alongside us, Twisted will grow and expand into an amazing range of miniatures and a game we are sure you will all love!

As we head into the last week of the Campaign we want to take a moment to tell you that we really do appreciate the faith and trust you have put in us! You are all fantastic and we are so very grateful to each and every one of you!