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Midweek Snippets

As days go by... we get closer and closer to the weekend. We're at the crest and about to start working our way back downward to those blessed days off (well, I'll still be making some post on the weekend, but you already knew that). Since it is the middle of the week, that means it's time for a sampler platter of bite-sized stories.

Today's snippets include: Grand Manoeuvre to publish Nineteenth Century Rules, New Orc Melee Weapons From Kromlech, New Tech Order Heads from Puppets War, Gemhammer Deck of Many Things Up On Kickstarter, Pig Iron Productions closing its doors, and Klukva Miniatures Previews New Releases.

Grand Manoeuvre to publish Nineteenth Century Rules


The first of Grand Manoeuvre nineteenth century rules variants will be available as pdf downloads from the GM website on Saturday 20th February.

There will be a full version of the rules which the same price as GM Napoleonic rules, (£10) and an update package will consist of the rules introduction booklet and separate files for each war at half price (£5) for people who already have the Napoleonic version of Grand Manoeuvre.

New Orc Melee Weapons From Kromlech

KRCB143 melee

today we have a new release for you.
I know that probably your orc brutes are not going anywhere without a proper killing tools but if you would like them to look more dangerous, more confident, better armed, to have another weapon "just in case" then we have the right thing for you:
Orc Melee Weapons
Those are perfect tools for stabbing, striking, cutting, chopping, hitting, throwing or orc kitchen.
Be careful not to hurt yourself, they are very sharp and rusty :)

New Tech Order Heads from Puppets War

Tech Order Heads

Set contains 10 resin Tech Order heads. Parts are designed to fit 28mm "heroic" tabletop wargames scale, supplied unassembled and unpainted. Designed and sculpted by AR

Gemhammer Deck of Many Things Up On Kickstarter

Deck of Many Things

We here at Gemhammer and Son's Gaming have been playing Tabletop Roleplaying Games since we were kids, and while we love fantasy and dice rolling and character sheets, there are many things that our hobby needs to be more engaging. Frankly, the idea of drawing a playing card from a deck, checking a chart to find out which Many Things Card it is, and then checking another chart to figure out the Spell Effect is just way too much time. Time that takes away from Roleplaying and stabbing things with swords.

We're doing what we can to fix that with the Gemhammer Deck of Many Things. The first and only Deck of Many things to feature beautiful full-color artwork and the full spell effect on each Tarot sized card.

We're also offering an expansion of 23 cards to the Deck of Many Things called the Deck of Many More Things. Some of the new spell effects include...
The Pack: Summon 1d4 dire wolves to come to your aid.
Jack-a-Napes: Your next lie, no matter how improbable, is believed.
The Shadow: A hostile oppositely aligned duplicate of yourself is produced.

Please support our Kickstarter and help us make our Deck of Many Things a reality.

Pig Iron Productions closing its doors


After much deliberation and soul searching both myself and Lisa have decided to close down Pig Iron at the end of March 2016.

We've been wrestling with this decision for many, many months but the constant pressure of running two businesses at the same time has taken its toll on us both and we feel its time, after nearly fifteen years, to take a step back and live a more 'normal' and relaxed life. On top of the business side of things we’ve both felt the need to explore other areas outside of the gaming industry but the constant 'background noise' of Pig Iron has always taken priority.

Wargaming, sculpting, painting and scenery making will still play an important part of our lives so we’ll be keeping the Facebook site open to keep in touch with the wider gaming world

Klukva Miniatures Previews New Releases

KLUKVA MINIATURES proud to announce, that 8 new models are sculpted and will be casted in 2 weeks! All models are 35mm scale (so actual sizes are 33mm-40mm tall).