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Midweek Snippets

Well, as Lynyrd Skynyrd said, Tuesday's gone. That, of course, means we've moved on to Wednesday. Woo! We're halfway through the week! Always a good feeling that. The weekend is getting closer every minute. Before we get there, though, we need to serve up some bite-sized stories we've come across in the past couple days.

This time around we have: New releases from Scotia Grendel, New Targeting System From Puppets War, AntiMatter Games Previews The Beast of Blood Reef, Polyversal After Action Report from Williamsburg Muster, Guadalcanal Battle Set Released by Topside Minis, New Sturmgewehr soldiers from Iron Cross Miniatures, New Trays and Bags Available From Battle Foam, and New Tanks and Turrets From LaserCutCard.

New releases from Scotia Grendel

Hi Folks!
Time for new releases! This month we prepare two planes for our 1/300 scale range, three models for Urban War range and two models from GFR range.

So let's take a look on them.

1/300 Scale models
This month we have prepared two aircraft. BV 138 a World War II German flying boat and Farman F.222 a World War II French bomber.

Urban War
For Urban War we have prepared three packs of Hatamoto veterans models for Triad faction:

Generic Fantasy Range
For Generic Fantasy Range we have prepared two packs.

On our workbench (aka "Design Studio")
So, what will be next in March? There will be another tree packs for Urban War, and some 1/300 scale terrain.

Join our forum and Facebook page, where we post more up-dates and pictures of up-coming miniatures.

That's all for this month, more nice stuff coming soon!

New Targeting System From Puppets War

Targeting System

Set contains 10 resin targeting systems. Parts compatible with weapon mounts on puppetswar vehicles, parts are designed to fit 28mm "heroic" tabletop wargames scale, each core is 12 mm long, and if using 3x1mm magnets, can be easly mounted from the bottom, top and sides. supplied unassembled and unpainted. Designed and sculpted by Puppetswar Art Team

AntiMatter Games Previews The Beast of Blood Reef

The Beast of Blood Reef cruises the shadowy depths, summoned by the Nereids in defense of their realm. This massive, scarred shark was sculpted by Bob Olley and will be part of the upcoming Kickstarter, "Nereids of Blood Reef", which will include a new campaign supplement and miniatures for DeepWars and ShadowSea. It is slated to start in the next few weeks. More info will be released, including concepts, sculpts, and rules, as we get closer to launching the project.

Polyversal After Action Report from Williamsburg Muster

Polyversal in action at Williamsburg Muster

Update 7 has been posted on the Polyversal Kickstarter. Update 7 posts several photos from running 4 games of Polyversal at the Williamsburg Muster convention in Williamsburg, VA. All players were brand new to the system, picked the rules right up, and had a good time. Collins Epic Wargames is working on a video that captures their raw first impressions of the game that will be posted later this week.

In addition, Update 7 adds 3 models to the basic boxed game contents- Typhark Tanks from Plasmablast Games.

Finally, Update 7 removes Milestone Rewards and describes why they got the axe.

Guadalcanal Battle Set Released by Topside Minis


The Guadalcanal battle set includes 145 units (109 surface ships and 36 aircraft) and lets you recreate four complete WWII naval battles of the 1942 Guadalcanal campaign. They are as follows:

Savo Island
Cape Esperance
1st Battle of Guadalcanal
2nd Battle of Guadalcanal

Of the 145 units, 61 units are new ships. The others are already existing ships from our inventory. We have included the planes that were specific to the naval battles in this set. In the very near future we will be releasing an add-on set of both Japanese and American ships and planes that will fill out the Pacific Theater Fleet. There will be many more Japanese aircraft and carriers. We will also have several American and Japanese destroyer escorts, American PT boats and many escort carriers.

Next up however is the Battle Off Samar set featuring Taffy 3 and it's epic battle against the Japanese Fleet. This will be quickly followed by our Pearl Harbor set that will include most of the ships in the Harbor at the time of the attack. We will publish those OOB shortly.

New Sturmgewehr soldiers from Iron Cross Miniatures


Dear Wargamers

this time we are happy to present to you our troopers with Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifles. These will give you the option to replace men with Karabiner 98k in your squads. The weapon was planned as "MP 43" (for Maschinenpistole or machine pistol) but was renamed "Sturmgewehr" (assault rifle) for propaganda purposes. The Sturmgewehr was perceived as versatile and effective in combat. Yet, late war production problems did not allow to equip the German infantry formations completely.

The three figures bear a Sturmgewehr each. While the first shooter is firing from a firm standing position, the second man is reloading. He has already stuffed the empty magazine in his webbing as he opens a pocket to grab a new one. The third trooper is sprinting to reach cover. To not hinder movement he holds the weapon in one hand as German regulations dictated.

The three figures will be available for 7,90 € on our web shop in a few weeks.

Best regards and until next week

New Trays and Bags Available From Battle Foam

Limited Edition Blue and Red PACK 432s have just landed. Follow the link to grab yourself a Blue or Red PACK 432 before they are gone.

New Tanks and Turrets From LaserCutCard

LaserCutCard has released three turret options for its vehicles. These can be bought as add-ons to kits or on their own.

The turrets are compatible with the M113 APC and the Ratel 90. They cost $3.95 on their own or $2.95 to add on to a kit.

The price of all vehicles has also been reduced. The South African vehicles (Ratel, Buffel, Casspir and Moffel) have been reduced to $17.95 and the M113 APC has been reduced to $15.95