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Midweek Snippets

Well... that was a bit of an adventure.
For those interested in keeping track, Monday I noticed my car had a coolant leak. Tuesday I took it into the shop. They originally said, "it'll just be a couple hours." Then they said, "it'll be overnight (they needed a part)." So, seeing as I was clear on the other side of town, I crashed at a friend's place (as a 50mi walk home didn't sound fun), picked up my car this morning, and am now back into the office. Hooray!

You know what I could use? A snack. Or at least some snack-sized gaming stories.

Hey! Look what we've got here!

In today's Snippets we have: Collins Epic Wargames introduces Milestone Rewards for Polyversal, Cast Metal Gaming Dice on Kickstarter, FatMan Productions Posts New Previews For Awakening Recon, Frostgrave Fan Base Launched, Blacksmith Miniatures release: the apothecary, Photos from Nuremberg Spielwarenmesse 2016, Malifaux translated to Italian, The Circle of Chaos Kickstarter Going On Now, Shipping Update from Nexus Miniatures, Titan-Forge releases new Void Cannon, Last Couple of Days for Era: The Consortium Kickstarter, and Coming on 13th Feb - Era: Lyres Pocket Edition - a £1 Tabletop RPG.

Collins Epic Wargames introduces Milestone Rewards for Polyversal


You've heard of Stretch Goals. Collins Epic Wargames is introducing something different with our funding campaign for Polyversal: Milestone Rewards.

"Hitting a milestone is big in life and in Kickstarter projects. We want to reward you for helping us do so."

If we reach various funding Milestones, we will do two things: 1) add something special to the game which may include more miniatures for Kickstarter Backers, and 2) Unveil a new gameplay preview so you can learn more about Polyversal. The first Milestone Reward adds 3 Plasmablast Games Typhark Tanks to the game and unveils a gameplay video covering Initiative, Orders, Activation, and Command and Control in greater detail. Help us unlock it by getting us to the 30% funded mark.

Cast Metal Gaming Dice on Kickstarter

metal Dice

This is your chance to get your hands on a set of solid metal gaming dice and help out fellow gamers along the way. We need your contributions to keep this hobby going and we believe crowdfunding can make that happen. This campaign is going live for 30 days with lots of flex goals so be sure to check out the page below for more details.

FatMan Productions Posts New Previews For Awakening Recon

Both FMP's founders are fans of a lot sci-fi movies, tv series and books, so we thought doing a sci-fi game inspired in the sci-fi culture of the 80’s and 90’s . About the rules we had somethings in mind during development that we really wanted to see in a miniatures game: Fast paced (30-40 minutes per game with about 40 miniatures per player), classic sci-fi looking miniatures (almost cartoonish), and with dynamic mechanics. Right now we have an alpha version of the rules, that we hope our contributor during the Indiegogo campaign help perfect and make definitive. It’s a d10 based system, with alternate activation of units, using a system of “command points”, hidden to your adversary. The four initial factions have a unique way of playing, so that in addition to the looks of it, the player may choose their faction based also in the game mechanics of it.

Story wise Awakening: Recon is a miniature game set in our galaxy thousands of years in the future. The Awakening was the arrival of the Ipse to our galaxy, a species completely alien to all of our galaxy’s life forms. The races now compete for the ever scarcer resources of the galaxy, sometimes coming into conflict with one another. This is the main focus of the game, the initial skirmishes between the mysterious Ipse, the human coalition of mega corporations called The Consortium, a tribal race of amphibious aliens called the Dagonians, and the hermit like Alphas, the remnants of a fallen civilization.

Frostgrave Fan Base Launched

Fan Base

Introducing Frostgrave Fan Base - a brand new fansite dedicated to all things Frostgrave!

At the Fan Base you'll find:
- a dedicated Frostgrave-themed discussion forum
- a blogging system named 'Expedition Journals', for documenting the creation of your warband and recording your Frostgrave adventures
- a warband database allowing you to share your warband details with the community, editing them as your warband evolves after each game
- an articles section built to house homebrew rules, tactics, fan fiction etc
- a gallery that allows you to quickly and easily upload and share photos of your painted miniatures
- a YouTube channel highlighting the best Frostgrave videos on YouTube
- a Twitter feed covering daily Frostgrave community activity
- the Grimoire - a Wiki-esque feature of the website
- an Events Calendar for advertising local Frostgrave gaming events to as well as to highlight Fan Base website competitions
- a 'Mage Guilds' directory for advertising Frostgrave clubs and stores from all around the world
- and more!

Launching with the website is a Wizard painting competition, the winner of which will receive the very first Frostgrave Fan Base Star Painter trophy!

New Panzerfaust soldiers From Iron Cross Miniatures

Panzerfaust soldiers

Dear Wargamers,

today we present to you our Panzerfaust soldiers. They are part of our expanding anti-tank segment. Under the immense pressure of allied tank forces, Panzerfausts were produced in several variations from 1943 onward. In the later years of the war they found extensive use by the German troops and their allies.

The models shown carry the Panzerfaust 60, the most common type produced. The german word meaning "tank fist" grew to be colloquially eponymous for shoulder-held AT-weaponry (like the term bazooka in the english speaking world). The Number denominates the effective range the weapon was supposed to have.

Two riflemen are moving into position to lay ambush to enemy tanks and to fire from close range. The third man has already left his Karabiner rifle behind and is about to fire his Panzerfaust .The pose of these miniatures was designed faithful to WWII-photographs.

The three Panzerfaust troopers will be available at 7,90 € in a few weeks at our online shop.

Blacksmith Miniatures release: the apothecary


Dear painters,
We are pleased to announce the new release of February:
"the apothecary"
Designer, sculptor and painter: Jean-marc BRISSET
Matérial: résin
Kit: 2 pieces
Total height : 40 mm
Public price: 15 euros

Photos from Nuremberg Spielwarenmesse 2016


We just returned from the Spielwarenmesse (Nuremberg international Toy Fair), this year the number of games publisher with their booth is even increased!
Like last year, we photographed and we have collected several pictures in this gallery

Malifaux translated to Italian


Wyrd Miniatures' Malifaux is being translated into a number of different languages. The first language, Italian, will be released imminently.

This is exciting news for the Italian Malifaux community, who have been interested in diving deeper into Malifaux for some time.

The Circle of Chaos Kickstarter Going On Now

The Circle of Chaos is a team of sculptors from the world of miniature wargaming. The Circle is very proud to announce our first project. We have created a set of masters and are ready to produce 7 evil and chaotic figures for use with 28mm games. The set will be cast in white metal.

We are running the project using Kickstarter. All our backers who pledge will be rewarded with one set of the seven figures. Free world wide postage is included in the pledge for complete transparency. The project on Kickstarterwill run for about two weeks and end on the 16th of February.

The sculptors who worked on this project were Curtis Fell, Ross Whitehorn, Geoff Solomon-Sims, James Sherriff, Christian Af Bjärgö and Andy Atom Taylor

We have also slated a big surprise for our backers. It’s being kept under wraps for now but soon to be revealed is a mystery model from Jason Wiebe. It’s looking very huge and very awesome, so please stand by for some images!

Our project manager for this Kickstarter campaign is Curtis Fell, proprietor of Ramshackle Games. Curtis brings a wealth of expertise to the project having run five successful campaigns so you can rest assured that this one will be delivered on time.

Shipping Update from Nexus Miniatures

Great News I have Fresh Castings!

The Not so Good news is Harry solo got "mashed" during mastering (see picture) - which means He's going to have to be repaired and re-mastered sadly (so Harry Solo is INDEED going Solo ;) ) It happens sometimes like this (to be frank, I was actually more worried about the Prophet) I'm afraid its "just part of the Biz" as it were, all I can do is plough on!

Rather than make people wait any further, I'm sending the Bulk of Everyones Order now - and Harry will be sent later on as soon as he's repaired, re-mastered, and Cast Up.

Titan-Forge releases new Void Cannon

Void Cannon Promo

Titan-Forge expend Ancient Spectres miniatures line with new Void Cannon model. More will come later this month.

Last Couple of Days for Era: The Consortium Kickstarter


Era: The Consortium is the story of a Colony Ship launched from Earth and the habitable world it discovers, Taranis. The game follows the inhabitants of Taranis as they create a society, encounter alien races and explore the space nearby.

Coming on 13th Feb - Era: Lyres Pocket Edition - a £1 Tabletop RPG

Era: Lyres - Pocket Edition is coming to Kickstarter... at the price of £1!

It's a full-colour rulebook that contains everything you need to play, including Character Creation.

The Kickstarter offers rewards such as suggesting your own Location or creature to be added to the website (and therefore the official universe of Era: Lyres!)

The Stretch Goals focus on adding more content to the website!

And the game itself is £1... for a full-colour digital rulebook.