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Midweek Snippets

We have made it halfway through the week. Just another couple days and we're back to the weekend. For those here in Atlanta, we're actually getting some sun. People are reacting as though they'd never seen it before, or haven't seen it in years, anyway. But that's what's going on outside. As for what's going on in here, it's time for a healthy serving of bite-sized stories.

Today's batch includes: Sword Coast Legends Soundtrack Now Available, Twisted release 4 new 32mm steampunk miniatures, Brother Vinni Launches Dungeon Sisters Indiegogo Campaign, and Shattered Earth's Children of the One True God Unveiled.

Sword Coast Legends Soundtrack Now Available


Now available for purchase on Steam and other digital distribution platforms, Sword Coast Legends returns players to the lush and vibrant world of the Forgotten Realms with a deep story campaign. Developed by long-time industry veterans in partnership with the Dungeons & Dragons team at Wizards of the Coast, Sword Coast Legends brings the world of Faerûn to life like never before.

Sword Coast Legends also offers players an all-new way to enjoy the time-tested magic of playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends, bringing the roleplaying dynamic between adventurers and a Dungeon Master (DM) to life as a shared storytelling experience. With a first-of-its-kind real-time DM mode, Sword Coast Legends delivers a unique experience in which a Dungeon Master guides players through customizable adventures. Rather than focusing on the adversarial play typical of 4v1 games, the DM mode encourages DMs to engage and empower their players to have more fun in a way that best suits the group's desired experience.

Twisted release 4 new 32mm steampunk miniatures

4 new releases have just hit the shelves for Twisted!

Gretel (with Hansel!) and Tesla bolster the forces of the Servants of the Engine faction, while Feygin and Sowerberry add more nuance and alchemantic power to the Dickensians!

The new miniatures are Collectors Edition resin, strictly limited to 500 and selling fast. So be quick if you want to grab a copy - remember it's free shipping if you order 4 miniatures (or more!).

The Twisted skirmish game rules are in the final editing stages so they will be released very soon, along with many more new miniatures and surprises we've got waiting in the wings.

Brother Vinni Launches Dungeon Sisters Indiegogo Campaign
Note: NSFW minis through the link.

Brother Vinni

Good news!
We start something absolutely new!

Our new project called "Brother Vinni's Dungeon" and it's first part - Dungeon Sisters.
We opened a campaign on Indiegogo.

Shattered Earth's Children of the One True God Unveiled


Michael Abdul Shahid is an elite soldier who commands a unit of his fellow Crusaders into battle in his specially adapted Frame, engineered to protect his vital organs that were traitorously wounded by a former UNM colleague before he saw the light and gave himself to the Prophet. Shahid’s legendary bravery over countless battles commands total loyalty from the units under his command, and gives him the appearance of total serenity, even when meting out violent retribution to the blasphemous.