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Midweek Snippets

Hello and welcome to the middle of the film! Err... I mean, week. Welcome to the middle of the week. It's Wednesday. It's also the start of Autumn (or Spring). Pumpkin spice everything! That includes today's bite-sized stories.

This batch includes: Pathfinder & Q-workshop Metal RPG Dice Set on Kickstarter, Avatars of War: Amazon Warrior Princess Released, Hardwood Dice Accessories from Three Tree Studio, ArmiesArmy 15mm Pegasus VTOL preorders, The Army Painter Announces New Warpaints Zombicide Black Plague Paint Set, Wild West Exodus previews from Outlaw Miniatures, Serious Poulp To Launch '7th Continent' Board Game on Kickstarter 9/29, Arc Markers Coming Soon From Tabletop-Art, Eaten by Zombies expansion coming to Kickstarter, Vengeance Miniatures, a New Line From Dark Art Studios, and The Lowry Agency Announces Their New Quick Sell Video Series.

Pathfinder & Q-workshop Metal RPG Dice Set on Kickstarter


Are you a Pathfinder player? Or a dice fan? Or a fan of shiny things in general? :) Then this project is for you!

Q-workshop, the manufacturer of the most unusual dice in the world, together with Paizo Inc., the publisher of the Pathfinder RPG, are extremely happy to announce their new project to make the most awesome metal dice set on Earth - and possibly in the whole Universe.

Avatars of War: Amazon Warrior Princess Released


This month arrives another dynamically posed miniature for Arena Deathmatch, an Amazon Warrior Princess, sculpted by the super-talented Patrick Keith.

The Amazons of Barbaria are a tribe of fearsome and legendary warriors originating from those cold lands to the north of Krond.
A Warrior Princess will provide great mobility and ranged attacks to any Barbaria warband!

Hardwood Dice Accessories from Three Tree Studio

Carry cases and dice trays are now available from Three Tree Studio. Built from american hardwoods and handcrafted in Indiana. The dice boxes are designed to carry 7 polyhedral dice and have rare earth magnets to keep your dice in their place. The dice trays measure 8.5" x 11" giving you a generous rolling surface without taking up all of your table space.
Use the checkout code 'CRITICALHIT' to receive 10% off our game accessories. All orders over $99 receive free US shipping.

ArmiesArmy 15mm Pegasus VTOL preorders

Printed VTOL

The Bell Boeing V-212 Pegasus is a United Nations multi-mission, tilt rotor military aircraft with both a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and short take-off and landing (STOL) capability. It is designed to combine the functionality of a conventional helicopter with the long-range, high-speed cruise performance of a turboprop aircraft.

The V-212 originated from the United Nations Weapons Research laboratories which escaped damage during the ‘Great Purge’ due to its hidden location in the Eden Section. For takeoff and landing, it typically operates as a helicopter with the nacelles vertical and rotors horizontal. Once airborne, the nacelles rotate forward 90° in as little as 6 seconds for horizontal flight, converting the V-212 to a more fuel-efficient, high speed turboprop aircraft. STOL rolling-takeoff and landing capability is achieved by having the nacelles tilted forward up to 45°.Other orientations are possible, such as the "80 Jump" take-off which uses nacelles at 80° to quickly achieve high altitude and speed.

Composite materials make up 95% of the airframe, and prop rotor blades. Most missions use fixed wing flight 75% or more of the time, reducing wear and tear and operational costs.
The V-212 can carry a squad of 8 – 10 troops and its two pilots. For flak and infantry suppression the Pegasus is armed with dual 20mm Gatling cannon, controlled by the co-pilot and 6 multipurpose missile systems, 3 on each wing. Dedicated spec ops and Gunship versions are also under research at the UMWRL. A Quad aircraft is also under evaluation

The V-212 Pegasus VTOL is ready for preorders at a special price of £12.99 (RRP is £13.99) or a pack of three for £37.50. Preorders will be open for three weeks and delivery will begin one week after if not sooner. Resin and metal casting are currently in progress.

The Pegasus comes in several parts. Two tilt rotors, one hull, one tail and then two sets of undercarriage to represent them raised or lowered two Gatling Cannon and two rocket systems.

Preorders will begin on September the 21st ending on October the 12th. Orders will then ship that week.
The cost of one Pegasus is £12.99 (reduced from £13.99) or three for £37.50

Please drop me a note if you have any questions or would like a larger order :)

Thanks for supporting ArmiesArmy. I hope you like this as much as I do!

The Army Painter Announces New Warpaints Zombicide Black Plague Paint Set

Plague Paint

We are proud to announce the next installment of Zombicide paint sets: The Black Plague Paint Set, out for release end of November 2015.

The special WP8012 Warpaints Zombicide Black Plague Paint Set is for the forthcoming Zombicide Black Plague boxed game and the Wulfsburg expansion, recently funded through a record breaking successful Kickstarter campaign. This stand-alone Warpaints set gives you the colours you need for painting zombies, ferocious wolves and grim survivors for your Zombicide Black Plague game.

Includes 10 special formulated Warpaints designed specifically for Zombicide: Black Plague & Wulfsburg - this set enables you to enhance your gaming experience by playing with painted miniatures!

Wild West Exodus previews from Outlaw Miniatures

Dr. Beitel for the Mercenary Faction. A part of our last kickstarter - Unfinished Business and Wild Bill Hickok for the Lawmen faction.

Serious Poulp To Launch '7th Continent' Board Game on Kickstarter 9/29

The 7th Continent

The 7th Continent is a game of exploration and survival for 1 to 4 players, inspired by the gamebooks where YOU are the hero. You play the role of an explorer at the beginning of the 20th century who has returned from an expedition to the newly discovered 7th Continent, a mysterious and hostile land inspired by Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft. You have brought more than relics and tales of adventure back with you however, a nefarious curse now eats away at your soul and you must return to the continent to find out what ails you and purge it… or die trying.

Progress at your own pace through this mysterious land, building the board piece by piece with numbered Terrain and Event cards.

Arc Markers Coming Soon From Tabletop-Art

arc markers

Soon available - the Arc marker for 25mm, 40mm and 55mm Bases.
It will give the marker in black and blue acrylic and MDF.

Eaten by Zombies expansion coming to Kickstarter

Eaten By Zombies Expansion

The long-awaited expansion for the 2011 hit zombie deck-building game, Eaten by Zombies is finally happening! The license for the game changed hands from Mayday Games to Ginger Ale Games, with game designer Max Holliday at the helm. Fan of Eaten by Zombies have been asking for new content for the game for a couple of years and Holliday and his team at Ginger Ale Games are excited to be bringing it to Kickstarter at the end of this month!

The Eaten by Zombies: Burn it Down! expansion is scheduled to launch on the popular crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, on Wednesday, Sept. 30, and will run through Halloween on Saturday, Oct. 31.

Ginger Ale Games has several unique add-ons and some exciting stretch goals planned for the campaign with an $8,000 funding goal.

“We really hope there is still enough interest out there to get this expansion funded,” said Ginger Ale Games founder, and EbZ designer Max Holliday. “If things go well, we hope to publish more content in the future and even a deluxe version of the game with new rules!”

Some of the exciting extras for the game include a custom Eaten by Zombies playmat, a special box designed to hold all the current EbZ cards, special guest-artist zombie sets and more!

Vengeance Miniatures, a New Line From Dark Art Studios

Dark Art Studios are Proud to announce our new metal miniatures line Vengeance made in our new Dark Cast Alloy.

The Lowry Agency Announces Their New Quick Sell Video Series

Club Fantasci

The Lowry Agency in association with Club Fantasci have announced their new video series entitled Quick Sell to the board game, role-playing game and card game industry. The series is based on a growing need for publishers to distinguish their game from other games coming out at such a rapid pace in this new era of gaming.

The Quick Sell series came about after several meetings and conversations with several industry professionals after seeing a need for deeper marketing and positioning in the industry. With so many new games coming to market through traditional and crowdfunding sources, the ability to cut through the white noise is more important than ever.