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Midweek Snippets

It's August. And I know that this month is still summer, but... I mean, they're already selling Reese's Pumpkins at my Kroger (and have for 2 weeks now). I've got the doors and windows open because it's only supposed to get into the upper 70s here today, and I've put on my Type O Negative station on Pandora. It's autumn, as far as I'm concerned. And as the season for tricks and treats gets started (for me, anyway), let's get you some bite-sized gaming stories as well.

Today on the platter we have: Get a Free Mystery D20 Pin From Kraken Dice, Brigade Models Releases New Squadron Commander Models, and New Captured Princess Model Available From Brother Vinni.

Get a Free Mystery D20 Pin From Kraken Dice


Spend $25 Get A Mystery D20 Pin For Free.

All you need to do is spend $25 and the free mystery d20 pin will automatically be added to your shopping cart.

Brigade Models Releases New Squadron Commander Models

Our Squadron Commander range of models is based around the ruleset of the same name, originally published by the now-defunct Mariner Games, but now owned and maintained by us (you can download the latest Reheat edition for free here). The models are all made to 1/300th scale, which means as well as providing a great game of interstellar starfighter combat, they are also perfect as ground support for our 6mm Sci-Fi range of vehicles and figures.

Today we’re adding new force options to those available – both the South African Confederation (SAC) and the Pacific Federation (PacFed) get two brand new fighter types each.

For the SAC, interceptor duties are handled by the Hamerkop heavy interceptor, while the Petrel multi-role fighter can be equipped with heavy anti-shipping missiles or pressed into surface as a fighter with short-range dogfight missiles.

The PacFed’s two models are the Sea Wasp heavy attack fighter, and the Weta light interceptor.

All models are available individually or in flights of four with bases. The arrival of the PacFed also allows us to create a starter pack pitting them against the Indonesians – this pack contains four of each available model for both sides, a total of sixteen fighters, plus the latest rulebook on CD in PDF format.

SCR-005 – PacFed-Indonesian Starter Pack – £30.00

SCR-601 – Petrel Multi-role Fighter – £2.50
SCR-602 – Hamerkop Heavy Interceptor – £2.50
SCR-701 – Sea Wasp Attack Fighter – £2.50
SCR-702 – Weta Light Interceptor – £2.25

New Captured Princess Model Available From Brother Vinni Note: NSFW minis through link

What about some captured princess?
Two options: traditional dress and the lightweight one.
35 mm, resin casting.