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Midweek Snippets

We're getting there, everyone. The work week continues along and, eventually, we'll make it back to the weekend. Gotta keep up the energy, though. And the best way to do that is to nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: HeartBeats Dice Previews New Designs, Brigade Models Releases New 6mm Hammer's Slammers Vehicles, Sunday Studios Up On Patreon, Sally 4th Running Classic Movie Miniatures -Episode 2 Kickstarter, and New Bonefield Bases Available from Tabletop-Art.

HeartBeats Dice Previews New Designs

Here’s a quick look at our newest samples for our night owls who are up at this hour.

Non-binary, Gender-fluid, Agender and Lesbian*!

*We did our hardest to incorporate all 7 color layers with the Lesbian flag but made the decision to scale back so that the dice design did not suffer.

Brigade Models Releases New 6mm Hammer's Slammers Vehicles

After any number of minor but irritating delays (mostly around getting the turrets to cast successfully), we are finally able to add 6mm versions of our recent Hammer’s Slammers releases to the website. There are a lot of them – from the Falchion light tank and Fauchard APC, all the way up to the massive 10-wheeled Centurion C4H6 Hog.

The Falchion and Fauchard tracked vehicles are used by several mercenary units and come in a number of variants, tank, artillery, APC and mortar carrier. They’re accompanied by the larger Kraus tank which is used by the Lightning Division.

The Apex Dragoons are primary users of our new series of wheeled vehicles, the Catapult, Odyssey and much larger Broadsword, although the latter also serves in a number of mercenary and national army units. All are available with a variety of turrets.

Most widely used are the Centurion family of Very Large Transport Vehicles. Based on a set of common components which can be assembled in various configurations, they range from the C400 4-wheeler up to the enormous HGV-sized C4H6 articulated artillery hog mounting a 20cm rocket howitzer.

Most of the vehicles have multiple turret options which can be selected from the website.

HS6-1713 – Kraus Tank – £1.25
HS6-1714 – Falchion Tank – £0.80
HS6-1715 – Fauchard APC – £0.80
HS6-2111 – Broadsword Tank Destroyer – £1.25
HS6-2112 – Odyssey APC – £0.80
HS6-2113 – Catapult AFV – £0.80
HS6-2211 – Centurion 400 – £1.00
HS6-2212 – Centurion 202 – £1.25
HS6-2213 – Centurion 204 – £1.50
HS6-2214 – Centurion 800 – £1.50
HS6-2215 – Centurion 404 – £1.75
HS6-2216 – Centurion 4F6 – £2.00
HS6-2217 – Centurion 4H6 – £2.25

Sunday Studios Up On Patreon

Sunday Studios is a Wife and Husband dream team of Robin and Shaun Sunday.

We do a whole range of different art projects, from jewellery and collectables to tabletop games and gaming minis/cosplay 3d printing files.

We've both been graphic artists for most of our lives, and through our ventures individually into hobbies such as 3d printing, cosplay, jewellery design, gaming and our own art practices, we've grown to consider ourselves "Makers of Stuff!", hopefully you think the stuff we make is as neat as we do.

We do what we love and love what we do, we hope you do too!

Sally 4th Running Classic Movie Miniatures -Episode 2 Kickstarter

We love Pulp Miniature gaming, we love classic movies. We thought it would be a great idea to have a range of miniatures for gaming inspired by the iconic images of classic movies, brought to your table top in glorious crisply cast pewter. Last year we ran our first Classic Movie Miniatures Kick-starter and developed three packs of miniatures inspired by one of my favorite classic movies, Casablanca together with miniatures inspired by The Maltese Falcon and Tales of the Gold Monkey.

New Bonefield Bases Available from Tabletop-Art

We have new Bonefield Bases in our assortment: 120mm Oval 1, 120mm Oval 2, 130mm 1, 130mm 2, 170mm Oval 1.
More sizes follow soon...