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Midweek Snippets

The week's half over. Man, what a start. Been busy the last couple days. We'll see if the end of it smooths out some, or if it's going to be a mad dash to the end. Either way, leisurely jog or sprint, we should make sure we're filled up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: 15mm Samurai Range by Philip Mann Up On Kickstarter, New Female Gladiator From Brother Vinni, and Tower Miniatures Launches Ridge Trolls Kickstarter.

15mm Samurai Range by Philip Mann Up On Kickstarter

Sculpting veteran, Philip Mann is currently running a KickStarter for his own range of 15mm Samurai Fantasy Figures. Set roughly in the Sengoku Period (1560-1603), the range features and extensive collection, covering a "familiar" group of Ronin, and a large variety of Villigers and Bandits. The range also includes a very complete range of Samurai for traditional rank and file formations for the period.

New Female Gladiator From Brother Vinni (note: NSFW Mini Through Link)

Hello, friends!
So, let's sculpt something in bigger size. For example - approx. 35 mm.
Welcome voluptious Female Gladiator!

Tower Miniatures Launches Ridge Trolls Kickstarter

Tower miniatures Is a start-up miniature design and casting company based in the West Midlands UK.
We are a small team and we have just launched our first Kickstarter called “Ridge trolls”
Our main aim is to create fantasy miniatures for tabletop games.

Our Kickstarter is based around trolls which we know have been a part of the tabletop scene from the 80’s. We wanted to make the troll more animal-like ever since we saw in the film The Troll Hunter.

We called our trolls the ridge trolls due to the spines that grow from there back as we wanted a dog style name to represent that human peasants come in contact with these beasts on a regular basis.
We have kept a lot of classic troll stylings like the long draping arms and oversized forearms and the stubby legs.
While the legacy design can be seen, we have injected allot of different anatomy to the back and neck to differentiate this beast from the human body.

I hope you like our designs and check out more of our work on the kick starter page.