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Midweek Snippets

This "it's a regular week again" continues along. Actually, so far, it doesn't feel as long as last week felt. Granted, I've found Wednesday tends to be the long day out of the bunch, so we'll see how this one continues along. But if we're going to make the long slog back to the weekend, we need to have plenty of rations in the form of bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Brigade Models Releases New Hammer's Slammers Models and New Swarm Battle Rulers From Kromlech.

Brigade Models Releases New Hammer's Slammers Models

We've recently released more new Hammer's Slammers:The Crucible models, in both 6mm and 15mm.

In the smaller scale we have the new Viking recce half-track, used by both the Thunderbolt Division and Wolverines mercenary units, and the associated Varningr trailers, which have already been released in 15mm. The Viking comes in two variants, with either an autocannon or missile turret, while the trailer has cargo, multiple rocket launcher and Calliope variants. The Thunderbolt Division also get several new 6mm detachment packs to make it easier to assemble you forces.

In 15mm we have a set of new towed anti-tank guns. There are four types with different gun barrels, all on a common carriage and shield. The four types are a DS cannon, short-barrelled howitzer, gatling and powergun. Towed guns feature on the detachment lists of a number of mercenary units.

If you visit our blog - - you'll also find links to updates on several detachment lists as the new models are integrated into them - several units now have many more options than before. There are also painting articles, and a new Facebook group for Hammer's Slammers gamers of any scale and persuasion which is rapidly gaining members.

HSD6-1803 – Thunderbolt Support Detachment – £6.00
HSD6-1804 – Thunderbolt Infantry Detachment – £8.50
HSD6-1805 – Thunderbolt Recce Detachment – £6.50

HS6-1816 – Br64 Viking Recce – £0.75
HS6-1817 – Br68 Viking Missile – £0.75
HS6-1818 – Varningr Cargo Trailer – £0.75
HS6-1818a – Varningr MRLS Trailer – £0.75
HS6-1818b – Varningr Calliope Trailer – £0.75

SF15-410 – CAC-41 DS Anti-tank Gun – £3.00
SF15-410a – CAC-42 Light Howitzer – £3.00
SF15-410b – CAC-44 Towed Gatling – £3.00
SF15-410c – CAC-45 Powergun – £3.00
SF15-933 – Towing Hooks – £1.00

New Swarm Battle Rulers From Kromlech

Swarm Battle Ruler 9”
Swarm Battle Ruler 9”
Each set contains one Swarm Battle Ruler made from fluorescent acrylic with engraved faction logo.
It measures 9 inches along longest edge with edges of 3”, 2” and 1” for easier checking of most common distances.