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Midweek Snippets

Halfway there, everyone. We're halfway there. The weekend is making its way inexorably towards us. And it's a 3-day weekend, too. It's looking like I'll be getting in some Guild Ball on Sunday, along with some grilling. So that's gonna be fun. Whatever you might have planned, be sure you're not famished by snacking on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Sci-Fi Stock Art For RPGs Up On Kickstarter, Brigade Models Releases New 15mm Hammer's Slammers Vehicles, Happy Birthday To Through Gamer Goggles, The DASIK Shelf Up On Kickstarter, Eflix's Plague Demon Prince on Kickstarter, and Impact! Miniatures Running WHISPER Wave 2 Kickstarter.

Sci-Fi Stock Art For RPGs Up On Kickstarter

Stock art & RPG tokens have their challenges.
This is an attempt to hurdle at least one of them.

Brigade Models Releases New 15mm Hammer's Slammers Vehicles

Over the past couple of weeks our Hammer's Slammers:The Crucible 15mm range has seen a large number of additions. No fewer than fifteen new models have been added with over sixty different variations of turret and weaponry. This opens up any number of Mercenary unit and increases the detachment list options now available.

The releases are divided into four main groups. The first is the Viking recce half-track, along with the associated Varningr trailer with MRL, calliope or cargo options. The Viking is used by both the Thunderbolt Division and Wolverines mercenary units.

We have three new tracked vehicles; the Kraus heavy tank used by the Lightning Division (and slightly different version called the Barzon which is used by the Zaporoskiye Brigade), the Falchion light tank and the Fauchard APC. Both of the latter come with multiple turret options including artillery and mortar carrier. Both vehicles are used by several other army and mercenary forces.

Moving onto wheeled vehicles, we have three new models – the Odyssey, Catapult and Broadsword. The primary users of the first two are the Apex Dragoons, while the Broadsword is much more widely used, being fielded by the Han Black Banner Brigade and the Hindi Army amongst others. The Odyssey and Catapult are both 6x6 vehicles, the Odyssey being an APC while the Catapult is fitted out as heavier weapons-carrying AFV. The Broadsword is a larger 8-wheeler big enough to act as a tank when fitted with the right armament. Tank destroyer, multiple rocket launcher and artillery versions all exist along with more lightly armed infantry carrier variants.

The largest models are the seven different variants of the Centurion Large Transport Vehicle family. Each vehicle is composed of multiple ‘segments’ that are combined depending on the battlefield role. They are generally used as infantry transports, command and communications vehicles or in non front-line combat roles such as artillery, mortar or anti-missile, where their size again comes in useful allowing them to carry more ammunition. They range from the smallest model, the stubby C400 utility carrier, up to the enormous articulated C4F6 and the C4H6 heavy artillery Hog. Many turret options are available from a simple commander hatch with a tri-barrel, various light and heavy support weapons, through mortar and artillery turrets, calliopes and on the C4H6 a huge 20cm artillery turret. At least nine different units are known to use different models of the Centurion family.

HS15-1816 – Br64 Viking Recce – £7.50
HS15-1817 – Br68 Viking Missile – £7.50
HS15-1818 – Varningr Cargo Trailer – £3.00
HS15-1818a – Varningr MRLS Trailer – £4.00
HS15-1818b – Varningr Calliope Trailer – £4.50

HS15-1713 – Kraus Heavy Tank – £9.00
HS15-1714 – Falchion Light Tank – £7.50
HS15-1715 – Fauchard Light APC – £7.00

HS15-2111 – Broadsword Tank Destroyer – £9.00
HS15-2112 – Odyssey 6×6 APC – £7.50
HS15-2113 – Catapult 6×6 AFV – £7.50

HS15-2211 – Centurion C400 – £8.00
HS15-2212 – Centurion C202 – £9.00
HS15-2213 – Centurion C204 – £11.00
HS15-2214 – Centurion C800 – £13.00
HS15-2215 – Centurion C404 – £14.00
HS15-2216 – Centurion C4F6 – £18.00
HS15-2217 – Centurion C4H6 Artillery Hog – £20.00

Happy Birthday To Through Gamer Goggles

Over the years I’ve been able to write several articles and film over 2000 videos for the gaming industry; most of those are published on my YouTube Channel. In the beginning there were minis, then RPGs, food, and then board games. Now there is everything – which is great but it’s clear my fans are role-players, wargamers, and then board gamers.

To be successful I have to slow down and listen to you more. That’s why this year is the year of community. I have reflected on the numbers, and you want me to talk about Pathfinder, D&D, wargames, and everyone loves my convention coverage. Then there are those of you that love my Box Breakings – don’t worry they’re not going anywhere! Some of you have also been talking with me about the production quality of my videos. I appreciate the feedback, and that’s why I’m shooting for a new camera this year.

In order to do all of this I need to make some changes; these are not necessarily in any particular order. One thing I will be evaluating is launching new channels that focus on specific genres, but that is something I want you to help me decide.

The DASIK Shelf Up On Kickstarter

Hello Kickstarter! I'm Jon and I am a hobbyist and collector just like you. I needed a solution to not only to display but also allow easy access to my collection, I found this in Detolf cabinet from IKEA. However, as with many hobbyists as my collection grew I soon ran out of shelving space. Our Detolf Acrylic Shelf Insert Kit or the Dasik for short can solve this problem.

Eflix's Plague Demon Prince on Kickstarter

The favors of the Dark Gods are flicker, But a well led army can bring you the glory your corrupted heart desires !

This 8cm tall Plague Demon Prince is a mass of putrified flesh, covered in bubons and armed with a Hell-forged sword. It will answer your call as a 3-part resin miniature. Before the end of June, he will travel to the material world, eager to sow rot and despair into whatever battlefield you wish.

So tell your friends, share it on social medias to succesfully bring this monstruosity into existence !

Impact! Miniatures Running WHISPER Wave 2 Kickstarter

After a successful first KickStarter and successful delivery, WHISPER is returning to create new giant robotic fighting units for your 10 to 15mm scale games.

The WHISPER Mecha are roughly 45mm in total height.

The KickStarter offers them in greatly discounted packs if you get a small (or large) squad of them.

The project is funded currently and ends on May 31st. We are on our way to reaching the 1st stretch goal to add another Mecha to the selection for all backers.