Midweek Snippets

The week’s half over. We’ve made it this far, we can make it the rest of the way. But as we keep on keepin’ on, we’ll need to have enough energy to finish the journey. For that, I suggest noshing on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Broken Egg Games Previews Age of Sigmar Tokens, Elder Dice: Unspeakable Tomes Coming to Kickstarter, Brigade Models Releases New Hammer’s Slammers Vehicles, New Dice Bags and Trays Available From +3 to Charisma, Shieldwolf Taking Pre-orders for their Sci-Fi & Fantasy Paladin Armies, NonsenseMiniatures Releases New Fantasy Figures, and New Sci-Fi Mini Available From Brother Vinni.

Broken Egg Games Previews Age of Sigmar Tokens

Hey Age of Sigmar fans! We have some new accessories coming your way! Terrain marker tokens and faction tokens sets will be available at Adepticon. Stop by the booth as early as possible to make sure you get your set.

Elder Dice: Unspeakable Tomes Coming to Kickstarter

ign up to know as soon as the Kickstarter goes live. You will also be immediately entered to win prototype d6s of all three new sets. Plus learn how you can win playmats, full prototype sets of the Sigil of the Dreamlands and the Yellow Sign, and even get a free Elder Dice d20 when the campaign launches.

Brigade Models Releases New Hammer’s Slammers Vehicles

New Hammer’s Slammers items in both 6mm and 15mm have appeared on the website this week.

The most important of these is probably the release (at last !) of the 15mm A21M Mortar Jeep, which fits in the ToE of several forces besides the Slammers themselves. It consists of the standard resin jeep model with an extra metal sprue of pieces including the mortar, two ammo cases and a small radome.

Next to the jeep is an M9A3 Combat Car of Harris’ Commando – this is identical to the standard M9A1 used by the Slammers, except for the armament; instead of three tri-barrels, the M9A3 has two gatling railguns on the flanks and a light laser forward. The model includes crew figures and an etched brass splinter screen.

Speaking of tri-barrels, we’ve remastered the standard 2cm weapons fitted to most Slammers vehicles. All models will now have these included instead of the old version and we’ve made a separate pack of nine available in our 15mm Accessories range. And on the subject of etched brass (and Accessories), there’s also a pack of stowage baskets to fit any vehicle in need of a bit more storage room. Lastly, the two cranes from the E8 Wrecker are available separately in case you’d like to create your own recovery vehicle.

In 6mm we have more options for other Hammer’s Slammers:The Crucible mercenary units. The Lightning Division get the M9A16 Calliope version of the combat car, while the Waldheim Dragoons finally come to 6mm in the form of the M2A2 and M2A5 tank and command versions of the Icarus blower tank.

HS15-113a – A21M Mortar Jeep – £3.00
HS15-112e – M9A3 Harris Combat Car – £5.00

HS6-1712a – M9A16 Calliope Car – £1.00
HS6-1911 – M2A2 Blower Tank – £1.50
HS6-1911a – M2A5 Command Tank – £1.50

SF15-930 – Etched Brass Turret Baskets (x3) – £2.50
SF15-931 – Tribarrel Powerguns (x9) – £1.50
SF15-932 – Cranes (x2) – £3.00

New Dice Bags and Trays Available From +3 to Charisma

The up and coming online business, +3 to Charisma, has released an eye-catching and affordable personal dice tray, dice chest, and battle bag product line for tabletop and role-playing gamers. A resurgence in tabletop gaming, such as board games, card games, and role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, has attracted new players who need trays, dice chests, and storage pouches. The quality of these items are essential to getting into character and improving the experience of play. The new product line is designed to fill a noticeable void in the gaming market for quality affordable accessories while helping players become better organized. This line provides necessary storage/protection of cherished dice and minifigurines and, perhaps most importantly, reflects unique and personalized styles.

“There’s an exciting revival in tabletop gaming going on right now. The impetus for new and past gamers to pick up those dice or cards and use their imaginations to create awesome adventures with friends is remarkable,” says Anna Hoover, Designer Extraordinaire and Owner of +3 to Charisma. “However, there are few companies that provide organizational products that the average gamer can afford. Our goal is to give every gamer, whether they are casual, professional, or somewhere in between, the opportunity to not only protect their favorite gear but have a variety of complement-worthy accessories in their collection.”

The newly released gaming products consist of dual-surface Personal Dice Trays and smaller Dice Chests, both with customizable Limited Edition and Classic interior felt options. Players can choose from four wood stains for additional customization and personalization. Handcrafted Battle Bags, a unique take on the standard dice bags, come in three different sizes and are designed to hold up to five sets of standard dice, or any other tool a player may need for battle in their adventures. Luxurious fabric, corded drawstring, and spring clips ensure the items are well protected. Starter kits are also offered, which are ideal for beginners or to give as gifts.

This new product line is just the beginning of a variety of items that are being designed for tabletop gaming enthusiasts by +3 to Charisma. New tabletop items are planned for release this summer and a Dungeons & Dragons themed jewelry collection will be released in October.

Shieldwolf Taking Pre-orders for their Sci-Fi & Fantasy Paladin Armies

Shieldwolf has made available at discounted prices their Sisters of Talliareum (Fantasy army) and Sisters of Faith (Sci-Fi Army).
Given their plastic kits will take a few months to produce, special pre-orders have been made available and will cease to exist after the products are made available at retail later this year.

NonsenseMiniatures Releases New Fantasy Figures

Today we launch our new miniatures. They are inspired in a famouse film, sure lot of you will know which one. The miniatures are 28mm high produced in high quality resin.

New Sci-Fi Mini Available From Brother Vinni

Welcome a new miniature: Screaming Lizard. He is aviable in our webstore.
..and provides 20% discount to all models from “Soldiers” section.
Only 3 days! Code is SO-09