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Midweek Snippets

It's Valentine's Day!
... Ok, enough of that.
It's Half-Priced Chocolate Eve!
That's more like it.
But, before we get to those reduced-price bite-sized morsels tomorrow, let's get you some gaming bite-sized morsels today (for free, of course).

On the platter today we have: Kraken Dice Valentine Day Sale Happening Now, New 28mm WWII Jerrycans from Baueda Wargames, The Game Master System by Dog Might On Kickstarter, and Board Buddies Game-Finder App Up On Kickstarter.

Kraken Dice Valentine Day Sale Happening Now

Be our VALENTINE with 14% OFF your order! Use Coupon code “BeMine”

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New 28mm WWII Jerrycans from Baueda Wargames

Accurate 1-48 scale, perfect for Bolt Action and 28mm in general!

Available now in both the original German style (also used by the British who copied it early on in the war) and the US derivative (in the gas cap version) directly from our online shop and selected retailers.

Cast in one piece in high quality PU resin these are accurate, highly detailed, robust and ready to use!

The Game Master System by Dog Might On Kickstarter

Dog Might's Game Master System is designed specifically for today's Game Master. It acts as a dice box, rolling tray, storage area, and features removable screens for hiding your rolls and notes. The Game Master System comes in a large variety of hardwoods and finishes, along with optional wood sculpts, engravings, and metal symbols - allowing you to create the GM System that is perfect for your game.

Board Buddies Game-Finder App Up On Kickstarter

Board Buddies was born out of a desire to create a free and interactive web app for iOS and Anrdoid that would allow users to host and join in on board gaming events in their community. As avid board game lovers, we always found it a challenge to find local people playing our favorite board games, or that wanted to try new ones that interested us. With the Board Buddies app, you’ll be able to search for upcoming board game events in your city, create your own event with a game of your choosing, or ask to join an ongoing game event and become a regular player in their crew.

Our team can't make this dream a reality without your help. If you love board games as much as we do and want to become a buddy, please pledge your support so we can bring this project to life.