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Midweek Snippets

Man, for a second there, I almost put in "Thursday Terrain Corner" as the title. Settle down there, bear. The week's not going by that quickly. But it is continuing along. And being busy is helping make it feel like it's going. Though I am happy to say it's not Thursday yet, considering stuff I still need to get done. And if I'm going to be doing all the things (!!!!), I'll need to be well-supplied with energy. Snacking on some bite-size gaming stories should help.

Today on the platter we have: FlexTale Encounter Generator Up On Kickstarter, and The Painting Frog Talks about GW In South America.

FlexTale Encounter Generator Up On Kickstarter

The FlexTale Encounter Generator is a set of flexible, creative tables that quickly let you generate all of the following:

Mundane equipment contents
Monster encounters
NPC gear
Secret doors
Skill challenges

A simple roll of the dice, and you have your result.

The Painting Frog Talks about GW In South America

2017 will go down in the history of wargaming in Brazil as the year Games Workshop’s products arrived here again (hopefully to stay for good) by the hands of a new importer and distributor, leaving behind the period in which the brand was being handled by a very ill-reputable seller in Brazil.

So back in January 2017 we first broke the news to our readers and to the Brazilian wargaming community that we would soon have Games Workshop’s products available here through official channels (did I tell you guys we have exclusive content both in our Facebook and Instagram pages? The first announcement was made there), confirming that information soon after when we divulged that the new importer/distributor for Brazil was a company called Solid Import, and that this new attempt to crack the Brazilian market was the result of the efforts of Solid Import’s partners, Daniel Rosa, Diego Oliveira and Eric Hutter, the last one a member of the hobby community here in Brazil.