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Midweek Snippets

Gee. Halfway through the week already? It's just flying on by. But such is the case, apparently. Man, maybe the whole year will go by this quick.
What? It's 2145 already? ... oh, wait, no it's not. Damn. I guess we'll just munch on these bite-sized gaming stories as we wait for 2145 to get here.

Today on the platter we have: Secret Weapon Miniatures Previews New Bases, New Mousepad Dice Trays From Deep-Cut Studio, and New Orc Banner Bearer Available From Kromlech.

Secret Weapon Miniatures Previews New Bases


We'll have some great new products for you on Monday, 15-January -- and here's a sneak peak!

With Bryan officially taking up his first day of work today, you can look forward to a regular release schedule, and previews again too. Not to mention all of the awesome new hobby videos we have in the works. Oh, yes, 2018 is going to be AMAZING!

New Mousepad Dice Trays From Deep-Cut Studio

“YOU SHALL NOT PA… Hm, looks like you will”. Do your rolls need that one extra point to make it happen? Do your dice feel sad and out of touch with you? We have a solution – Dice Trays! Give your dice the attention they deserve, let them enjoy their personal tray and let them shine when you need it most. Give your rolls a boost with the new mousepad dice trays, featuring high quality print, premium materials and a number of designs to choose from.

New Orc Banner Bearer Available From Kromlech

Follow The Banner, Glory Awaits !

This multi part set contains one 40mm round scenic resin base and one Orc Greatcoat Banner Bearer armed with double-barreled submachine gun and a banner.
A veteran of many battles who is bigger, stronger and more aggressive then his fellow Greenskins is granted an honour of carrying a Warchief warbanner into battle.

Orc Greatcoat Banner Bearer is designed to fit other 28mm heroic scale orcs minis.