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Midweek Snippets

Alright. Playtime's over. All the spooky kiddie stuff is done with. Time to get the real holiday prep going. Thanksgiving is a mere 4 weeks and 1 day away. This is not a drill. Prep work starts now. I need to start collecting together gear and ingredients for all the fantastic things I'm going to be making. Best to sample all the bite-sized gaming stories currently available.

Today on the platter we have: Aenor Minis New Releases Available To Order and Cargo Bay X-Wing Transport System Up On Kickstarter.

Aenor Minis New Releases Available To Order

The miniatures funded during the Alien Invasion Kickstarter have landed just in time for Halloween! you can get them in some cool bundles for Halloween, or individually.
You can also get a special offer on the horror range with a bundle including 3 scary zombies and 2 heroic survivors!

And the next 3 fantasy heroes are now available on preorder, a thief (wich can be equiped with a loot bag or a dagger), a barbarian warrior (with 2 head choices) or a Gipsy Witch and her cat (we told you it was Halloween!)
You can also find some fantasy bundles for a limited time, take a tour on the website!

Cargo Bay X-Wing Transport System Up On Kickstarter

If you are like Tyler Tinsley you probably own so much x-wing that keeping it organized and showing up to a game with the right kit is a challenge. Well Tyler teamed up With Tinderbox entertainment to make the this amazing life changing box!

Imagine everything you need to play x-wing in a box! The cargo bay conveniently organizes all the bits and pieces. It's sized to fit perfectly on the table and means you are ready to play in seconds.

Since the dawn of time mankind has risen above the chaos with the power of boxes. Anthropologists say a fine box is what truly separates man from the animals and that human history can be divided into the pre box epoch and the post box epoch.

None of that is exactly true but it does sound plausible.