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Midweek Snippets

We're halfway there, everyone. The work-week is half-done and it's getting ever-closer to the weekend. Of course, I'm excited for that. I'm hoping to get in some gaming up at the LGS. Trying to get a whole group together for some Guild Ball. Also starting to make Thanksgiving plans, because that's a thing I do. Speaking of bite-sized goodies, let's dig into our regular fare of bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Dragon Bagons Dice Bags Up On Kickstarter, Sylvan Gamer's Box Up On Kickstarter, Orc Chirurgeon on bike Available From Kromlech, RBJ Games Running Skeletons Kickstarter, New Ancestral Ruins Bases Available From Tabletop-Art, Magic Item Card Catalog: 5e Fantasy Reference Cards Up On Kickstarter, and WWII German Gebirgsjaeger Available from Askari Miniatures.

Dragon Bagons Dice Bags Up On Kickstarter

Do you need a dragon in your life?

Once sworn enemies, adventurers and dragons are forming a new alliance based on a mutual love of hoarding shiny things.

Sylvan Gamer's Box Up On Kickstarter

Hello again from CrowScratches. I'm happy to present my newest gaming accessory, the Sylvan Gamer's Box. An artisanal upgrade from the often used tackle box that is perfect for home storage or taking with you on game night.

These boxes are made using hardwoods, finished with linseed oil to bring out their natural color and beauty. Two different woods are used in each box, with your choice of unique design cut out with a laser cutter to show these contrasting woods. Each box is 6" by 8" and 3" tall, and made to stack together for easy storage. Natural leather straps keep the boxes locked together and the top on, with a leather handle for carrying. You have your choice of layouts for your boxes, each designed for a variety of accessories so you can tailor your order to your needs. For this campaign you have a choice of three wood combinations, though once its on the full market you will be able to make your own combination from two lists.

Orc Chirurgeon on bike Available From Kromlech

Orktober is slowly heading to its end but we still have some goodies for you !
Orc Chirurgeon on bike
This multi part resin set contains one Orc Chirurgeon on a bike with accompanying Goblin Nurses in a sidecar. Resin scenic base included. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.
It is a big set (mounted on 105mm oval base), highly detailed and full of character (check out all those Goblin Nurses in a sidecar :) ). A true centerpiece model for your Orc army.

RBJ Games Running Skeletons Kickstarter

About this project

RBJ is continuing to bring you "cool stuff" thanks to the great support received in previous Kickstarters.
RBJ has brought you one piece easy to paint white metal skeletons.
Check out the Awesome Flaming Skeletons and Skulls -- Available as Add-ons
Necromancers are available add-ons.

New Ancestral Ruins Bases Available From Tabletop-Art

We have some new base sizes for our base set Ancestral Ruins in the shop: 50mm 1, 50mm 2, 55mm 1, 55mm 2, 75mm Oval 1, 75mm Oval 2, 75mm Oval 3 und 80mm.

Magic Item Card Catalog: 5e Fantasy Reference Cards Up On Kickstarter

Inkwell Ideas has just launched the Magic Item Card Catalog Kickstarter! It aims to create a collection of all* the 5th Edition magic items on handy trading cards or print your own trading card or index card versions. Give them to your players to better track inventory. Show them exactly what they’ve found when you hold up a card. Customize them by writing in any custom quirks or backgrounds you wish to add.

If you’ve followed our Creature Decks, Sidequest Decks, and NPC Decks, you know these will turn out very well!

The new Kickstarter project breaks the items up into six different decks: Rods, Staves, & Wands; Rings, Potions, & Scrolls; Armor & Weapons; Wondrous Item Instruments & Jewelry; Wondrous Item Books, Clothing, & Containers; and All Other Wondrous Items.

Pledges start at just $2 for a PDF of one deck. (You get both the trading card size PDF and the index card size PDF; pledge $2/deck you want). Physical decks include the two PDFs for each deck at $11/deck. And at $66 you get 6 decks and a wooden mini-treasure chest to store them.

* That we can legally publish.

WWII German Gebirgsjaeger Available from Askari Miniatures

As part of our expanding line of World War II figures in the Mediterranean theater, Askari Miniatures are pleased to announce the release of German mountain troops, the Gebirgsjäger.

Gebirgsjäger were basically light infantry trained for mountain warfare. They fought principally in infantry assault formations, and it was in this role they excelled.

Gebirgsjäger fought in most major campaigns including Yugoslavia, Greece, Crete, Tunisia and Italy from 1941 to 1945.

Our jaegers are dressed in light kit for combat for summer operations, as the 5th Mountain Division fought in the invasion of Crete in 1941. These figures can also be painted in khaki desert uniforms which they wore in Tunisia and Italy.

The initial release consists of a Rifle Team, MG-34 team, Officers, a full Rifle Squad and the Mountain Guide.