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Midweek Snippets

We keep chugging along, beautiful TGN readers. The week rolls by and we continue on as well. It's that time once more to bring you some bite-sized stories we've come across in the past few days.

In this batch we have: New Goodies in the Advanced Deployment store, New Warthrone approved army list: Tomb Kings from Warhammer, Tobsen77 Iron Horse huge artillery now available, First Hammer's Slammer Detachment Pack Available from Brigade Models, Crooked Dice release the Weed, Meridian Miniatures releases Rat Warlock, Ogres coming soon at, Nvenom8 Designs Releases Kraken D20, West Wind Productions Releases Steam Velocipede for Empire of the Dead, New American Civil War Zouaves from All the King's Men, and Classic Large Goblins now at

New Goodies in the Advanced Deployment store

New Goodies in the store!
We've got stuff for D&D, a new Purge style template (can you say lightning?), and some neat terrain bits.

New Warthrone approved army list: Tomb Kings from Warhammer


Do you collect Warhammer Tomb Kings miniatures? Thanks to this new approved army list, converted by DrakePL from the AoW forum, you can now play Warthrone with your Tomb Kings army!

Warthrone approved army lists are unofficial lists created by fans, that have been submitted to AoW, and have been reviewed, tested and approved to be used against any of the other army lists (official and unofficial) for Warthrone.
These lists can be an adaptation of existing armies from other games, or completely invented armies, I will welcome all submissions!

Tobsen77 Iron Horse huge artillery now available

Iron Horse Artillery

Italian Artillery from World War 1. Obice 305/17 Howitzer. You might need some horses to move it arround. Horses not included...

52 pieces of which 41 are metal for 24 Euro!

First Hammer's Slammer Detachment Pack Available from Brigade Models

The Stewart Regiment

Today we've released our first Hammer's Slammer Detachment Pack - essentially a complete army in a box. This initial offering is the Stewart Regiment, a Scottish-themed force based around our British vehicles and figures. The full force consists of nine vehicles and thirty figures weighs in at a hefty 2650-points in a Crucible game.

As well as the basic vehicles and infantry, the pack contains lots of extras such as vehicle crew, stowage, resin fireteam bases and even washers to base the infantry on. The full contents list is on our website.

The infantry figures supplied are our British infantry in Glengarry bonnets - these haven't previously been available from us, and are also available separately - we have rifle, command and support packs plus platoon packs both with and without APCs.

HS15-101 – Stewart Regiment Highland Detachment – £75.00

SF15-160g – Rifle Squad in Glengarries (x10) – £3.75
SF15-161g – Support Weapons in Glengarries (x5) – £2.00
SF15-162g – HQ Section in Glengarries (x6) – £2.75
SF15-170g – Infantry Platoon in Glengarries (x24) – £8.50
SF15-171g – Mechanised Platoon in Glengarries (x24) – £30.00

Crooked Dice release the Weed

The Weed

Lumbering from the bottom of your garden and into the Crooked Dice webstore is this monstrous vegetable titan! Sculpted by gribbly genius George Fairlamb, this carnivorous plant stands 90mm tall and cast in resin. We’ve a limited stock available (but more on the way), so grab it while you can!

Meridian Miniatures releases Rat Warlock

Rat Warlock

Rat Warlock with evil wand and weird-fire flare. A rodent prepared to raise mayhem through eldrich spells and incantations. Beware his wicked tricks and potions!

Ogres coming soon at

HOT 15mm Ogres

Ogres...15mm...coming through to read and see more...thanks...GBS

Nvenom8 Designs Releases Kraken D20

Eldritch D20

This terrifying mass of writhing tentacles and gaping beaks holds a dark secret: It's a completely fair 20-sided die!

At almost three inches across (7.1cm), this eldritch monstrosity of a D20 is the perfect centerpiece for your gaming dice collection. May it guide you safely across treacherous seas, help you triumph over unspeakable horrors, and give you courage in the face of the kraken–or even Cthulhu himself!

Ideal for Call of Cthulhu, 7th Sea, Skulls and Shackles, or a seafaring campaign in any rpg system! Also a great life counter for kraken decks in MtG!

West Wind Productions Releases Steam Velocipede for Empire of the Dead

Steam Velocipede

MOTD-06 - Steam Velocipede - EotD Steampunk Machine
1 x Gentleman with Steam powered conveyance
For the Conveyancing of Gentlemen! As used by the Keiser!
This state of the art modern marvel is the must have method of transportation for the well to do Gentleman about town – quite the mode of transportation for weekend promenades in the park, or an evening’s jaunt to the Club!

New American Civil War Zouaves from All the King's Men

We at All the King's Men Toy Soldiers are pleased to announce the release of our latest miniatures for the American Civil War: Zouaves! As with all ATKM figures, they are 54mm and cast in metal. You can see them on our ACW web page

Classic Large Goblins now at

F55P Large Goblins

From the early 1980's and originally Tabletop Miniatures all of us at are proud to now re-release the 15mm Large Goblins set as singles, pack and bumper saver pack. There are now a hundred poses in the re-released range and we are keeping going! Click through for more information.