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Jul 5th, 2017

Having been home on Monday and Tuesday, it’s really throwing off what day of the week it is to me. Even though I’m sitting here in my Wednesday shirt, it doesn’t really feel like Wednesday. Typing up a Podcast Roundup this morning didn’t help, either. Maybe having a Snippets post now will help. I guess there’s one way to find out.

Today on the platter we have: New Farm Animals Available From Warlord Games, More fantasy football head sets Available From Tabletop-Art, Retro Power Armor Mini Available From Brother Vinni, Skirmisher Publishing Releases 100 Oddities for an Enchanted Forest, and New Hobby Black Chains Available From Kromlech.

New Farm Animals Available From Warlord Games

Sometimes you just need something to complete your battlefield, to truly make it look the part. Fighting in the fields of France? Or defending a village from the enemy in Op Sea Lion? then you’ll need the local wildlife! Maybe a dead one too…

More fantasy football head sets Available From Tabletop-Art

We have more fantasy football conversion sets in stock:
– Bloody Sports – Head-Set 5
– Bloody Sports – Head-Set 6

Pedro Ramos Fantasy Art Book Up On Kickstarter

Pedro Ramos works since more a decade with several companies dedicated to the Fantasy Football range, disegning miniatures since the concept to the sculpting.

This is his first Artbook with several concepts from his miniatures.
40 pages in hard tape and a exclusive miniature in resine.

Project funded.

Retro Power Armor Mini Available From Brother Vinni


Welcome oldschool power-armour.

This model is aviable in our webstore

Skirmisher Publishing Releases 100 Oddities for an Enchanted Forest

Welcome to “100 Oddities for an Enchanted Forest,” the eighth entry in Skirmisher Publishing’s popular “Oddities” series! This publication includes 100 unique things characters might encounter in a sylvan setting and includes guidelines for introducing the Wild Hunt into your game sessions or stories.

Your characters are traveling from one region to another, such as from the keep they call home to a distant ruin, a frontier outpost, a battlefield, or the like. Making their way through the forest that lies between their point of origin and destination can be a simple matter of a couple of nights camping out and an encounter with a wandering monster … or it could be so much more.

Oddities are intended to aid storyteller creativity, turning possibly bland areas or gaming episodes into something more, and the goal of this publication is to make things more fun and to take your imagination in directions it might not otherwise have gone. They fill in the corners of a bookshelf, a room, a level, a story or scenario, with all the sorts of things that add interest but take loads of time to come up with.

New Hobby Black Chains Available from Kromlech

we have a new modelling accessories available in our store !

Black Hobby Chain

Each set contains one piece of 1 meter long Black Hobby Chain.
We have three sizes of the link available:
– 3,5mm long and 3mm wide
– 3mm long and 2,5mm wide
– 2,5 long and 2mm wide

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