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Midweek Snippets

Well, I don't know about you, but my week's already been pretty full of gaming stuff, mostly yesterday. I ended up having my order from Miniature Market come in (containing the Curse of the Statuettes adventure), and then Ray got back from Origins and I got some Muse on Minis tokens for Guild Ball as well as some expansions for Ascension. Now... just need to get to the weekend where I'll be able to really take a look at all of it, and maybe manage to get them some use.
For that, I need to stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Advanced Deployment Anniversary Sale Happening Now, BattleScribe 2.01 Released, Sergei 76 Available soon From Klukva Miniatures, Eldertree Gaming Releases New Dice Towers, Commissar Elizabeth Raven Available From Brother Vinni, Stray Dog Minis now available from Miniature Building Authority, Imperial Books of Salvation Available From Kromlech, Dragons Conquer America Legacy Campaigns Coming to Kickstarter October 2017, and Final Days for Samhain Board Game On Kickstarter.

Advanced Deployment Anniversary Sale Happening Now

We here at Advanced Deployment are super excited to celebrate being together for 10 years this Wednesday! To celebrate (our "Paper" anniversary, apparently!) we'd like to pass on some savings for you! From 6/20-6/22 Save 30% on any order over $25! No coupon needed.
Orders placed on 6/21 will get a little something special!
Thanks for your support! We appreciate each and every one of you!

BattleScribe 2.01 Released

BattleScribe 2.01 has been released, with support for the new edition of a certain GrimDark game system. There's also been a long list of new features and improvements since version 2.00 was released.

Sergei 76 Available soon From Klukva Miniatures

Hello, comrades.

May be some of you have already seen art "Mother Payload Bleeds" by Vladimir Krisetsky.

So Vladimir gave us his permission to sculpt characters, based on his art.

Sergei 76 will be on sale soon! But with some changes:

There are: 2 optional heads (bald head and with "kepka"); 2 optional right hands (with bottle and with beads aka "chyotki") and 2 optional left hands (old damaged AK and futuristic AK).

Hope you like this slav style for famous character.

Eldertree Gaming Releases New Dice Towers

Our dice towers feature sturdy solid wood construction. This tower is designed to be paired with Eldertree's personal and tabletop dice trays but should work fine with any dice tray with walls under 2 inches tall. The tower also features a storage area in the bottom for dice.

Commissar Elizabeth Raven Available From Brother Vinni

Hello! Welcome commissar Elizabeth Raven.
This model is aviable in our webstore

Stray Dog Minis now available from Miniature Building Authority

Miniature Building Authority now has Stray Dogs available in our growing figure and animal line. These are 28mm.

You get one dog standing, one dog lying down and a puppy in a box! Dogs are always needed in all grab some and add them to your tables.

These are made of metal and come unpainted.

DIR-197 Stray Dogs (3) $9.95

Also, don’t forget about our 15mm Sale. MBA is getting out of the 15mm market. All of the 15mm buildings are going. Some are already gone. If you want 15mm buildings this is the last chance to get them from MBA and at a great price.

Imperial Books of Salvation Available From Kromlech

we have a new release today.
For all those who still like paper version of books we have a resin ones ;)
Imperial Books of Salvation

Please note that reading is sexy :)
Also you should read your kids every day for at least 20 minutes !
Our books will provide stories of heroes, magic, apocalyptic battles, lost worlds, heretics, mutants and how to deal with them all when you are just a single human being in a galaxy full of war, aliens, demons and heresy :)

ps. this set contains ten high quality resin Imperial Books of Salvation. There are five different designs and you get two of each.

Dragons Conquer America Legacy Campaigns Coming to Kickstarter October 2017

The Legacy campaings will lay the foundation of this New World, a world that will be shaped by the actions of the players. Starting this August, selected media partners and GMs around the globe will play an introductory adventure that will affect the Kickstarter itself!

After the success of “cult hit” FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG, Burning Games is back with Dragons Conquer America, a new fantasy setting that will transport players back to the 16th Century, when European invaders reached American soil with a host of warriors... and Dragons.

The October Kickstarter will gather funds to create a prologue boxset hosting two legacy campaigns that, together, will lay the foundations of this new world. These legacy campaigns will affect each other, as well as a future core book of the setting. They are cinematic, all-in-one multi-part campaigns that will give players and the GM the opportunity to live the clash of civilizations from both the European and Native American sides of the story.

Starting this coming August selected media partners and GMs accros the globe will be able to take part in an
introductory adventure that will shape the Kickstarter itself. This one shot adventure will determine some of the stretch goals and the location (or very existence) of various NPCs and items of the legacy campaigns.

The legacy campaigns will be rife with exploration, epic battles and adventuring. And of course, Dragons, Demons, Feathered Serpents, and more!

Final Days for Samhain Board Game On Kickstarter

2000+ backers, all SGs unlocked and a cost of only 13.95 euro. This is Samhain! A gamer game available on Giochistarter and Kickstarter crowdfunding platforms!
Don't miss it!
Samhain is a board game by Alessandro and Mauro Chiabotto, for 2-4 players that lasts about 60 minutes.
In Samhain, you will need to manage your clan the best you can, placing your clan members on the village locations each turn and performing the most suitable actions for your strategy. You must obtain resources and manage them properly in order to expand your clan and mess with your opponents!

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