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Midweek Snippets

The week continues on. We'll eventually be getting back to the weekend. Just another couple days. In the meantime, we need to keep our energy up. To do that, we should nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Tikki Trolls Metal Minis Up On Kickstarter, June Releases Available From Terrible Kids Stuff, Acheson adds 28mm Pewter Hyenas, Bharata Playing Cards Up On Kickstarter, Multitude Game Set Coming to Kickstarter, York Gaming is launching a Kickstarter Campaign for 1492 - The Rite of Passage next Friday, Circle of Blood Teases Kickstarter Starter Box, New Legionary Heat-Ray From Kromlech, Tokens of Friendship Available For Tails of Equestria RPG, New Van Diemen's World Devils Squads Now Available From Victoria Miniatures, New Bases and Accessories Sale From Micro Art Studio, GOT 28mm Kabardin APCs Available From Antenociti's Workshop, Skyline Chess - New York City Edition Up On Kickstarter, and Khurasan releases Caveman headhunters and rhino riders.

Tikki Trolls Metal Minis Up On Kickstarter

We've hit our Funding Level!! This Kickstarter project features a fearsome tribe of trolls for tabletop gamers and hobbyists. The Tikki Trolls have an“old school” look -- lean and mean. There will be up to 9 different all-metal miniatures from 38mm to 54mm tall. All arms and heads are interchangeable for customizing your gang of trolls to have its own unique look. Go feral with claw and tooth alone. Add some South Pacific-inspired weapon: leiomano war clubs and bone-barbed spears. Turn up the regeneration factor with an array of mutated troll body parts. Or go macabre, with gruesome “living” weapons and arachnid augmentations. Tikki Trolls sculpts by master artisan Paul Muller.

This first Kickstarter project for Mortal Arrow will be of a manageable size and well controlled.

We’d be remiss not to mention that Pedro Navarro has sculpted some terrifying pets for the Tikki Trolls including, Giant Pedipalps, Giant Rhino Beetles, a Giant Slug from Hell and a Colossal Rhino Beetle the size of a house. Kindly take a look. Thanks!

June Releases Available From Terrible Kids Stuff (nsfw mini through link)

June 2017 releases are out! We are happy to introduce two new miniatures: Goatman in 75mm scale, illustrated and sculpted by Romain Van den Bogaert from Nether Kingdom’s range. Next, Lilim in 32mm scale for the Nether Kingdom’s range, illustrated by Danny Cruz and sculpted by Juan Navarro Perez. Both casted in high quality resin by GRX Créations.

Both copies are available only in 100 pieces limited edition, run for your TKS!!!

The discount code SUMMERISCOMING (10%) is valid only for today’s releases and is active from the 9th to the 19th of June 2017!

Acheson adds 28mm Pewter Hyenas

Acheson...More Africa ! The Hyenas are Here ...enjoy the Painted Images Provided by Evil
Bob's Painting Service and Excellent Sculpts by Richard Deasey

These come as a set of six – unpainted - at $10USD

Bharata Playing Cards Up On Kickstarter

Bharata is India's original name, and the whole deck is an ode to the stories of Kings & Queens I used to listen & read during my childhood, art forms & history. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of work coming in the form of a fully custom illustrated playing card deck. This project also has a second deck inspired by tarot as a stretch goal.

I need your help to bring this deck to life. Kickstarter is an all or nothing proposition. Back this project to help make it a reality. Sharing this project on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to your friends is a huge help and is greatly appreciated, thank you so much for being a part of Bharata!

Multitude Game Set Coming to Kickstarter

This unique Game Set combines the Strategy of Cards with the Excitement of Dice.

This game set contains Cards and Dice. What is unique about this set is that all 50 games use BOTH Cards and Dice. Each game has rules and game play exclusive to this Game Set.

The Multitude Game Set™ will be live on Kickstarter July 1st through July 30th. Kickstarter is the world’s most popular crowdfunding site. Many contemporary card and board games started on Kickstarter.

York Gaming is launching a Kickstarter Campaign for 1492 - The Rite of Passage next Friday

Hello to the gaming community! This is Zach here from York Gaming (, a new board game company to the market. My brother and I founded the company to bring a game we designed to Kickstarter and hopefully fund production to bring to the game to the public. This, however, is our first game we're launching on Kickstarter and with the expected launch day about a week away, we'd love to hear any feedback on the campaign and game itself while we continue to gear up and market accordingly.

Thanks again and we here at YG greatly look forward to any comments!

Circle of Blood Teases Kickstarter Starter Box

The Last Bullet Games team is pleased to show the contents of the starter for their RPG-light fantasy skirmish game, Circle of Blood. In Circle of Blood, players control three to five models per side and play against each other in competitive mode, with each other cooperatively against the AI, or, in a combination of both modes!

The starter includes the following, and more:
- Six heroes (two factions)
- Nine monsters (gnolls) to fight against
- English hard copy rulebook
- Two card houses for instant terrain
- Accessories, and more

The Kickstarter goal is to update the Spanish 1.0 rules with an English and Spanish 2.0 rules, fund six heroes and nine gnolls. Further goals include additional heroes, terrain, and other accessories.

New Legionary Heat-Ray From Kromlech

we have a new release for Legion Armoury today.
Legionary Heat-Ray
This set contains five high quality resin Legionary Heat-Rays designed to fit futuristic 28mm heroic scale heavy armoured troopers.

Tokens of Friendship Available For Tails of Equestria RPG

Along with our adventures, why don't you try enhancing your storytelling experience with this beautiful velvet bag holding 12 sparkling Tokens of Friendship for use with the Tails of Equestria storytelling game!

New Van Diemen's World Devils Squads Now Available From Victoria Miniatures

New today in Victoria Miniatures new online store:
The freshly re-booted Van Diemen's World Devils 10 Man Squad and 5 Man Squad.
These now have Bush Backpacks and Bush Knives, making them even better value than ever.
They are also pictured with the upcoming Laser Carbines by Jake Schneider, these will be available for all the Galaxy's Fines Squads in a few weeks.
Cheers, V

New Bases and Accessories Sale From Micro Art Studio

New round and oval bases are available at Micro Art Studio's online store:
Temple 50mm round
Wasteland 50mm round
Possessed 60mm oval
Possessed 90mm oval
Wasteland 90mm oval
Old Factory 90mm oval

We're doing some stock clearance, so there's also a bunch of markers and templates on sale. Prices down -50% and more.

GOT 28mm Kabardin APCs Available From Antenociti's Workshop

The NRF Kabardin APC is now in store

There are two variants both priced at £27.50p inc VAT (£22.92 ex VAT)
Dimensions: 155mm x 60mm x 65mm

Skyline Chess - New York City Edition Up On Kickstarter

Skyline Chess are delighted to announce the launch of their latest crowd funding campaign for the New York City edition, the second in their range of architecturally themed chess sets.
Founded by two London based architects, Chris and Ian. They take iconic architecture from around the world and re-imagine it as pieces on a chessboard, allowing you to play with your favourite cities and pit them against one another.

Building on the successful concept that led to the London edition, Skyline Chess have taken inspiration from New York’s world-renowned architecture and transformed it into carefully crafted and beautifully detailed chess pieces.

Featured in this set are some of the Big Apple’s most iconic buildings, with One World Trade Centre as the King and the Empire State Building as the Queen. Capturing the essence of the early 1900’s construction boom and growth of high rise in the city, the Chrysler building and the Flatiron building play the Bishop and Knight respectively. The spiralling, sculptural form of the Guggenheim museum plays the Rook and iconic brownstone houses typical of the lower East side are cast as the pawns.

Merging our passion for architecture and chess we wanted to create an eye-catching and unusual board game that would appeal to both chess players and lovers of design and would compliment the London set. We are excited at the prospect of giving players the opportunity to pit two of the world’s most iconic cities against one another in a striking game of chess.

Khurasan releases Caveman headhunters and rhino riders

We are very pleased to release two new codes for our very popular Caveman fantasy range -- Rhino Riders and Headhunters. The Rhino Riders are fairly self explanatory, and are provided with wooly rhinos to bowl over the enemy -- the perfect prehistoric "knights." The headhunters are unmarried adult males who are not permitted to marry or grow a beard until they have taken a head in battle -- their keenness to kill makes them impetuous adversaries.

Available now.