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Midweek Snippets

Well, this has been quite a week. Monday had the site down for reasons that are still not 100% identified (it blipped again a little earlier today, but was once more fixed by our outstanding IT guy, Lucas). Tuesday was busy playing catch-up. Plus, there's been article-writing and such behind-the-scenes for other stuff around here. Just a busy week. I know I could use some extra energy. And I think a bunch of bite-size gaming stories can do that very thing.

Today on the platter we have: Khurasan starts 15mm Late 14th Century Range, Acheson adds 28mm Gorillas, Love Formula Coming To Kickstarter This Month, Game Master Digital GM Tools Up On Kickstarter, New Quickshade Washes Available To Order From The Army Painter, Killbox Games New Releases and Kickstarter News, Khurasan releases new 15mm undead/evil wizard sets, English Version of Master of the Galaxy Coming to Kickstarter, The Component Collector Up On Kickstarter, and New Dvergr Commandos Available From Kromlech.

Khurasan starts 15mm Late 14th Century Range

We are very happy to release the first codes in our 15mm Hundred Years War/Late Fourteenth Century range, two sets of English longbowmen. One set is wearing aketons (or gambesons if you prefer) with the other set adding leg harness and chainmail hauberks. Each figurine is provided with its own separate arrow bunch stuck into the ground.

The core period of the range is 1350-1400, when bascinets reigned supreme. A bit into the period (there's some disagreement as to exactly when) the extended visor called the hounskull was adopted, one of the most distinctive and menacing looks ever used by knights. Of course the range will focus on the Hundred Years War to start, and codes for knights in jupons and French infantry types are in production now as well, to be released soon. But other nations will be covered as well, and we are already making comprehensive lines of Spanish and Italians (these will be combined due to the close resemblance between many of their troop types). Look for foot knights and French infantry next, including crossbows, pavisiers and peasants.

Please note these are larger 15s like Testudo and many other more modern ranges.

Available now.

Acheson adds 28mm Gorillas

It's Time for More African Product...The Gorillas are Here...enjoy the Painted Images Provided by Evil
Bob's Painting Service and Excellent Sculpts by Richard Deasey
These come as a pair – unpainted - at $10USD

Love Formula Coming To Kickstarter This Month

Fall in love with Japanime Games newest Kickstarter Game, Love Formula!
Japanime Games is pleased to announce that they will be running a Kickstarter campaign for Gwin Games’, Love Formula, from June 27th to July 20th, 2017. The campaign will come fully loaded with new original content, customized pledge levels and opportunities for massive fan engagement with the direction of the gameplay!
Love Formula is an anime themed drafting card game in which players will organize the perfect date for their couple. Match Makers beware, the competition is steep and these blooming relationships are vulnerable to sabotage.
In addition to the original base game, Japanime Games is working with Gwin Games to create new content for Love Formula that will be released as add-ons and stretch goals. Japanime Games has planned several pledge levels that offer unique rewards which have never been seen on their previous campaigns, including several opportunities for fans to enjoy customized content.
Love Formula will be available post-Kickstarter directly through Japanime Games, as well as through retail and distribution.

Game Master Digital GM Tools Up On Kickstarter

Game Master is a web-application that features core functionalities of a virtual table-top, such as a board component, character sheets, and a dice roller, but it includes simple additions that improve the experience.

The features in Game Master are either improved versions of existing tools or pioneer new functionality like offline editing, a mobile client, and reactions pictures! Options for customizing and tweaking the system make little differences that amount to a BIG difference in experience.

The ultimate goal of Game Master is to build a tool that serves the GM, and helps make your experience as a GM, much more convenient. Players have always had the easier time playing these games, now its our turn!

Game Master is an ambitious project fueled by a passion for playing tabletop games, and with your help we can make tabletop gaming an even greater experience!

New Quickshade Washes Available To Order From The Army Painter

This set contains eleven Quickshade Washes. These Washes are probably the best in the hobby and will get you perfect shading every time plus the option of adding a colour tone to your miniatures. All Quickshade Washes (Bottles) are a 100% colour match to the corresponding Quickshade Varnish (Pots).

Killbox Games New Releases and Kickstarter News

Killbox Games is excited to announce that wave one of their Kickstarter shipping will be heading to the post office mid-June with wave two following in late July for full Kickstarter fulfillment!

In addition, Killbox Games has announced their first releases, which will be shipping mid-June with Kickstarter fulfillment. New Releases for June can be found on their website and include:

Vampire Queen
Death Dealer
Werewolf vs the Count
Alien Princess

Khurasan releases new 15mm undead/evil wizard sets

We have released five new skeleton codes for our 15mm undead range, and two new codes for our new range of fantasy ne-er-do-wells. These considerably flesh out our existing undead range, pardon the expression.

They are available now.

English Version of Master of the Galaxy Coming to Kickstarter

Ares Games and Russian company Igrology announce a partnership to publish the English edition of “Master of the Galaxy”, a 4X board game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) set in a distant future, where nine different species (including Humanity) are developing Galaxy-spanning civilizations.

Master of the Galaxy will be launched on Kickstarter in July 2017, and it’s planned to release in 1Q 2018.

The Component Collector Up On Kickstarter

Like all Dog Might products, the Component Collector was born from many nights at a table playing games. This modular tray system is the result of months of prototyping and is the perfect solution for organizing tokens, coins, and any other components for every game in your collection. Works wonderfully as an individual command center or as a communal bank for all players at the table. Great for RPGs, too.

New Dvergr Commandos Available From Kromlech

we have a new big release today.
Dvergr Commando goes into action !
Dvergr Commando HQ
Dvergr Commando Tactical Squad
Dvergr Commando Anti-Tank Team
Dvergr Commando Special Weapon : Magma Gun
Dvergr Commando Special Weapon : Flamer
Dvergr Commando Special Weapon : Plasma Gun
Dvergr Commando Sniper Team
Dvergr Commando Medic Team
Dvergr Commando One Minute of Silence
Dvergr Commando Tactical Squad Heads
Some of you have waited quite a long for them but they are all ready now :)
As you can see there are a lot of different models and products to choose from. I believe that fans of those small models will find something for them among our offer.