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MidKnight Heroes Season 0 Reboot Up On Kickstarter

MidKnight Heroes has regrouped, reconfigured, re-evaluated, recombobulated, and have relaunched on Kickstarter for their Season 0. This new campaign is looking to fund the first of their sci-fi minis, Leonide Fai Barbarian Chieftain of the Kaioe Clan. They're already about 50% of the way there. After they get him made, the first stretch goal is to get Elvia and B.E.E.M. put into production.

MidKnight Heroes has also teamed up with CPOP to be their producers and distributors for miniatures and game lines. So if you're interested in their figures, you'll want to check out this Kickstarter as well, as at least one of the proposed stretch goals is for a new CPOP mini.

The campaign is set to run for another 29 days.