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MidKnight Heroes Season 0 Kickstarter now Live

MidKnight Heroes has launched their Season 0 Kickstarter campaign. They are looking to fund their initial release of fantasy-inspired sci-fi minis. While just miniatures for this campaign, MidKnight Heroes is looking to release a skirmish game uses these figures. The game promises to be innovative and bring several different forms of gaming into one system.
The campaign is set to run for the next 34 days.

From the campaign:

Core Set

MidKnight Heroes is a new miniature and gaming company that combines Sci-Fi warriors with fantasy races. Our Mission: To create long lasting miniatures and games that appeal to a broad range of players and collectors that combines many elements of the hobby into one. These miniatures are collectibles that can be used in tabletop gaming and will be highlighted in our up and coming tabletop skirmish game that will be released at a later date. We hope to fund and produce our core lineup of starting miniatures with this Kickstarter. Following this Kickstarter, the miniatures will be featured in our online store (

If this campaign is successful, our next project is to develop and release the game that will allow you to use these miniatures in small scale skirmishes that combines all forms of gaming into one. It has a very cool and has a unique twist to it.