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Mid-Week Snippets

Once again we're here at a Wednesday. The first half of the week is done. The rest of it stretches before us like a 2-day behemoth.
Or maybe it's not so bad for you. Maybe Thursday and Friday are like puppy-dogs. That'd be nice. I love puppies. But now we're getting off-topic.

On-topic, we've collected some bite-sized stories for you and present them now.

In this grouping we've got: New Carthaginian Shield Transfers from Victrix, More WIPs pics of the Queen Of Hearts by Kabuki Models, New Magnetic Foil 32mm Rounds from Tabletop-Art, some more episodes of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, The Nexus Terror from Icarus Miniatures Artwork Preview, Meet Brunhild and The Flag for War of Wonders Miniatures Game, Kromlech New Release - Hobby Drill and Super Glue Activator, New Ogre Cossacks Band from Scibor, New 15mm Hippogriff Aerodyne pre-order from Darkest Star Games, and Previews of the Harlequin Burglar for ShadowSea.

New Carthaginian Shield Transfers from Victrix

New Carthaginian Citizen shield transfers are now available on the Victrix website.

More WIPs pics of the Queen Of Hearts by Kabuki Models

Queen of Hearts

From the pencils of Alessandro Trombetta and the digital chisel of Greg Onychuck the Queen is almost done, currently we're working on the pose and the last finishings on clothes.

New Magnetic Foil 32mm Rounds from Tabletop-Art


High quality self-adhesive magnetic sheet. The set includes 25x punched circles in diameter of 32mm.
Please also check out also our magnetic foil range, we have many other sizes and shapes :)

The Fiver with Matthew O’Malley on Designing Knot Dice

Knot Dice

Hello! My name is Matthew O’Malley (yes, it’s Irish). I live in Takoma Park Maryland with my wife Margaux and our two kids. I try to spend most of my time playing around (playing games and playing music), but in my day job I develop websites for nonprofits.

I’ve been designing tabletop games for many many years, but only recently did I start trying to get them published, and that’s been pretty successful. Diner has been published by Dice Hate Me Games, Between Two Cities (co-designed with Ben Rosset) just finished its Kickstarter with Stonemaier Games and will be released late this year, and The Princess Bride: A Battle of Wits will be released this summer.

The Fiver with Mike Selinker from the Titan Series

Titan Series

Hiya. I’m Mike Selinker, a game and puzzle designer from Seattle. I’m the president of the design company Lone Shark Games, which has been responsible for games like the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Lords of Vegas, and Unspeakable Words. We’re in the midst of launching a Kickstarter campaign for our next big-box game, the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game.

The Fiver with David Gerrard on Designing JunKing


I’m David Gerrard, I’m just a dad that decided to make a game that I could play with my kids and my adult friends alike. My day job is a Subject Matter Expert on Nexxus Marketing. Not the most exciting thing, but the people I work with are great to be around, about 40% of them are gamers making it very easy to playtest games and iterate multiple times in a day if needed.

The Nexus Terror from Icarus Miniatures Artwork Preview

The Nexus Terror

Icarus Miniatures have released the latest piece of concept art for their upcoming sci fi skirmish wargame, The Icarus Project. This time, they're showing off the Nexus Terror. An alien unit that raids towns and villages and steals their children to break the will of a population before an invasion.

In-game, they rely on fear to disrupt the enemy and force them to flee the battle.

Meet Brunhild and The Flag for War of Wonders Miniatures Game

Hello! Today we'd like to show you some pics of the first Meta-Human miniatures for War of Wonders Miniature Game. They're the German Lab Prodigy Brunhild and the US Adventurer The Flag. They're the first Meta-Humans that will be released through the incoming Kickstarter campaign for this weird WW II skirmish game, and they will lead special squads of Arischer Corps and US Rangers respectively.

Brunhild and The Flag are 30mm, 3D printed and casted in white metal.
Brunhild will have two head choices, with and without helmet.

We hope you would like them!

Kromlech New Release - Hobby Drill and Super Glue Activator

our line of hobby products gets new stuff today.
Kromlech Hobby Drill
Kromlech Superglue Activator *this one is only available in UE

New Ogre Cossacks Band from Scibor

Ogre Cossacks

These 8 models are made of high quality resin and provided with 8 x40mm square scenic bases. It is unpainted and requires assembly.

New 15mm Hippogriff Aerodyne pre-order from Darkest Star Games

Darkest Star Games has just put up a new pre-order model for the 15mm Spec-Sec line: the Hippogriff Attack Aerodyne.

This model is a 13 piece resin kit (including weapons) and is up for pre-order for $15usd (regular $18usd) until April 19th, 2015.

A resin aerodyne weapons pack is also available for pre-order whichcontains 4x single missiles, 4x double missiles, 4x rocket pods, 4x cruise missile/drone, and a double barrel canon for under chin mounting.

Don't let your troops go without air support! Pick one up today!

Thank you for looking, and for your support!

Previews of the Harlequin Burglar for ShadowSea

The Harlequin Burglar for the Draconid Legion, sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, is coming out soon for ShadowSea - Conquest of the Underground World. This tricksy little fellow stands 25mm the eye and comes separate from the scenic base, making it easy to use on other base types.