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Mid-Week Snippets

Wednesday. Is there a day that personifies the progression of the week more than Wednesday? We've made it through Monday and Tuesday. Thursday and Friday are ahead. Stuck in the middle is Wednesday. Saying "it's all downhill from here" isn't exactly the right phrase, but you get the gist of what I'm going for.

Anyway, we've got another set of bite-sized news stories for you for today.

In this bunch we have: Hydra Miniatures posts Retro Raygun Preview Video, Recon Force Alpha PDF From Finger and Toe Models, Alewood - A Modern Tabletop Drinking Game Preview, some new installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Sally 4th Releases Public House from range of photorealistic building kits, Tabletop-Art Previews Upcoming 32mm Bases, Queen of Hearts WIP & New Bases for your miniatures by Kabuki Models, Kromlech New Release - Legionaries Pistols, New Release: 15mm Stalingrad/Russian Buildings from Novus Design Studios, New 6mm scale superheavy tank pre-orders from Gregster's Lab, and New Steampunk Bases From Fat Spider.

Hydra Miniatures posts Retro Raygun Preview Video

We have begun our countdown to the launch of our Retro Raygun rules on Friday, April 17, 2015. Retro Raygun is a tabletop adventure game that uses our 32mm retro sci-fi miniatures. This full-color, 102 page rulebook is full of evocative artwork and lavish photographs that caprture the feel of the Golden Age of Sci-Fi. The book features the full game mechanics, force lists for Galacteers, Robot Legion and Valkeeri, six scenarios, and a Galactic Bestiary featuring an assortment of slithering aliens. Retro Raygun will retail for $40.00 and will be available from the Hydra Miniatures webstore and Wargames Emporium, our retail partner in the UK. Hobby shops who want to stock our Retro Raygun rules and miniatures can get them from our distributor Warpath Games (Golden Distributing). We've had a blast developing Retro Raygun and we hope you enjoy it as well!

Recon Force Alpha PDF From Finger and Toe Models

Recon Force Alpha

Across the laager bikers were reclining into their seats, closing the cockpit canopies, logging on to the squadron net. Lt Van Steem hummed to himself as icons representing his team began to turn on. In a moment he blinked at the all-squadron icon, signaling ready status to Dragoon Operations. It was time.

When you need fast, stealthy recon then you need the Mk VII Cheetah armored bike armed with a Gatling and a missile launcher in each of its two wing pods. Unlike contemporary ninja-style bikes, the Cheetah’s driver’s reclines in an armored cockpit like a modern fighter pilot. When the Cheetahs function as light cavalry pursuit, they can be equipped with a Mk IV missile turret capable of carrying eighteen multi-function missiles. Each bike has a quad-rotor drone slaved to it. Opposing the bikes is the Omni-Planet Industries Moray Monowheel. Fast and maneuverable, the Moray is paired with a Skate Monowheel drone. The four Recon Force Alpha models come in six color versions: two solid colors (gray and olive drab); three camouflage (urban, desert, and multi-use), and an un-textured version for coloring to match your forces.

Alewood - A Modern Tabletop Drinking Game Preview


Alewood takes drinking games to a sophisticated level! Like many older gamers, I enjoy have a few beers during my all night gaming sessions. I wanted to make a game where you can drink a pint but the amount you drink or don't drink changes how you play the game. As if the pint glass was a component of strategy.

I made a few dozen versions but this is the one that stuck. Alewood–A Wild West tabletop drinking game where your pint is your six shooter!

Basic overview is that you work together to add hit points onto outlaws but only 1 of you can win the trophy by dishing out the final blow. There are three major resources in the game; Beer, Money & Abilities. Many of these resources are shared and must be recycled back into the community for forward momentum, thus giving the game a fragile balance of power. It’s all about teamwork, deception, resource management and well-timed executions... and you might get a little tipsy during the process.

The game is in its in the final stages of testing/balance adjusting. The kickstarter will launch April 21st. I will also have a booth at C2E2 that weekend to promote the game and campaign. It's open to heavy drinkers and non-drinkers, you get to bluff/lie & role play and it's growler friendly:)

Alewood is 2-6 players and takes an average of 30-45 minutes to play.

The Fiver with James Ernest from the Titan Series


Hi, I’m James Ernest. I’ve been inventing tabletop games for about 20 years, publishing most of them through my company, Cheapass Games, and also creating games and doing freelance work for most of the major hobby game publishers.

I started in the hobby game business as a technical writer for Wizards of the Coast, helping draft four versions of the Magic: the Gathering rulebook. I launched Cheapass Games in 1996 as an outlet for a handful of unpublished board games, and over the next 15 years I released about 100 games through Cheapass. These included Kill Doctor Lucky, Lord of the Fries, Button Men, BRAWL, Give Me the Brain, and many others.

The Fiver with Seth Johnson from the Titan Series


Hello! My name is Seth Johnson, and though I’m originally from Wisconsin I spent around a decade working with WizKids and other game companies in the Seattle area before hitting the road as a freelance game designer. As in literally on the road: my wife and I lived and worked in 188 square feet of Airstream trailer for a couple years (somehow managing to squeeze in more than one game per square foot!) and only settled down a year or so ago after the birth of our newest playtester, my daughter, and our move to the San Francisco area.

I might be best known to gamers as the long-time lead designer on HeroClix, or to Calliope Games fans as the designer of Double Double Dominoes, but I’ve been working in the game industry for about twenty years.

The Fiver with Matt Forbeck from the Titan Series


I’m Matt Forbeck, and I’m a best-selling and award-winning author and game designer. I started out editing and designing games about 26 years ago, and I co-founded and ran Pinnacle Entertainment Group a while back. We published games like DEADLANDS, BRAVE NEW WORLD, and lots of others.

Sally 4th Releases Public House from range of photorealistic building kits

The kit cost £17.50.
Walls are made from 3mm Medite, base and roofs from 2mm MDF, forming a good solid structure. The base measures 200mm x 300mm, the building 150mm x 200mm.
The roof is removable to allow figures to be placed inside.

Tabletop-Art Previews New 32mm Bases

The following bases will be available soon:
Crystal Tech 32mm, Crystal Tech 32mm blank and Trench Warfare 32mm.

Queen of Hearts WIP & New Bases for your miniatures by Kabuki Models

Lots of cool and new Bases available at Kabuki Models!

Soon you will see Little Red Riding Hood available in our store and in the meanwhile we're working on the next Big Sister, the "Queen Of Hearts".
54mm as usual, designed by Alessandro Trombetta and digitally sculpted by Greg P. Onychuck, currently done at 60%, we are working on pose and facial expression.

Next update the complete sculpture!
Stay tuned!

Kromlech New Release - Legionaries Pistols


we have a new release today.
More weapons for Legionaries:
Legionary Thunder Pistols
and CM72 Plasma Pistols

those are also suitable for human sized warriors

New Release: 15mm Stalingrad/Russian Buildings from Novus Design Studios

Our newest release for 2015 takes us to the Russian Front-specifically the summer of 1942 in the Don Basin/Stalingrad region.

We have created 8 new 15mm models which represent structures commonly found not only in the Stalingrad area of operations but are typical to the entire Soviet Union during WW2.

The release includes 2 factory ruins (Nail Factory w/lift out floors & Red October Tractor Factory) Russian farm house, Peasant House and a rural workshop-all feature lift off roofs and detailed interiors. Our Stalingrad release rounds out with a primitive wooden bridge typical to all of WW2 Russia and a 2pc set of plank board livestock enclosures.

1073 – Russian Peasant House $16.00
1074 – Russian Farmhouse $18.00
1075 – Russian Workshop $16.00
1078 – Livestock Enclosures – 2ea $10.00
1079 – Red October Factory Ruin $36.00
1080 – Nail Factory Ruin $41.00
1081 – Timber/Wood Bridge $15.00
1082 – Low Stone Wall – 6ea $10.00

The series is now available for order from our website-wholesale inquiries welcome.

New 6mm scale superheavy tank pre-orders from Gregster's Lab

6mm tank

Gregster's Lab is proud to present the new 6mm scale superheavy tank with 6 turret options and 2 missile launcher options.

The Tempest Maul superheavy tank is now available in the catalogue!

The preorder phase will start now and will end on 25 April. Production will start after the pre-order phase is over.

New Steampunk Bases From Fat Spider

Fat Spider have added "Steampunk" to their range of Lipped Resin Bases, available in 30, 40 and 50mm and in pack sizes similar to their existing range. Best Painted with lots of Brass, Copper and Steel.

Fat Spider have also added a 30mm regular round base to their ever popular Cracked Earth and Rock Design.