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Mid-Week Snippets

We're once again between the weekends. With any luck, the week is treating you right. Anyone got some mid-week gaming planned? League nights at the shop? Some after-work RPG sessions? Bueller? Bueller?

Anyway, we've collected some bite-sized news stories and now present them to you.

In this batch we have: New Warband Monsters released at Pendraken, New Broom Binder House from Thomarillion, JoeK Minis sends Heracles on the Odyssey, Box Art Previewed for War of Wonders, New Minotaur from Ax Faction, Mini Idol of Cthulhu & First 75mm mini by Kabuki Models, Update #21 For Manorhouse Workshop Modular Underground Project, Agaricath: Drow City Map From Heroic Maps, New display bases from, Brigade Models Release new 6mm SF Buildings, and iToysoliders is ready to celebrate our 1000th Battle.

New Warband Monsters released at Pendraken

We've had a fantastic response to the revamped Fantasy ranges to go with our new Warband rules, so it's now time to launch the first batch of revamped monsters! First up, we've got the Elementals and Ogres, which have all been given the treatment, adding more poses and detail to the give as much variety as possible.

FAN-MON1 - Fire Elementals, in 3 different poses (6 figures) - £3.50
FAN-MON1 - Earth Elementals, in 3 different poses (6 figures) - £3.50
FAN-MON1 - Water Elementals, in 3 different poses (6 figures) - £3.50
FAN-MON1 - Tree Elementals, in 3 different poses (6 figures) - £3.50
FAN-MON1 - Ogres, in 3 different poses (6 figures) - £2.95

New Broom Binder House from Thomarillion

The Broom Binder House

Thomarillion released a new hardfoam building (designed by Thomarillion and produced by Ziterdes), the Broom Binder House.

JoeK Minis sends Heracles on the Odyssey


Pleased to announce that the second figure for Odyssey - Heracles - has been released and is available to ship immediately on the JoeK Mini store.

Concept art by Roberto Cirillo, and sculpted by Robby Crawforth, Heracles stands a mighty 42mm high, is cast in high quality resin and for the first 50 we have in stock, there is a launch price of £10.00 (£12 rrp).

What are you waiting for? Someone needs to stick it to those gods!

War of Wonders Box Art Preview


An amazing art for War of Wonders Miniature Game box cover has been released and depicts a raging battle between the Axis and Allied forces. This beautiful artwork neatly shows the flavor of this skirmish game set in an alternate-history weird WW II created by Italian publisher Limana.

As stated in the official blog of the game, the picture is highly representative of the first sets that will be released through the incoming Kickstarter: the US Rangers are assaulting a German scientific complex where the infamous Dr. Nachtmahr (a Kickstater exclusive miniature) is creating zombie-like soldiers for the Nazis. They're lead by the most famous US hero, The Flag and flanked by Firefly (the guy shooting fires) and Steelbullet in his bulky mechanical armor.

The Germans deployed a massive defense force with Brunhild, the monstrous Meta-Human beast known as Fenrir and the ghastly Todes Maske, the guy in the back going bare-chest in the rigid Ardennes' winter and shooting the fires of Hell itself from his mouth!

War of Wonders is surely getting closer and closer and the soon to come Kickstarter will bring it to your tabletop's battlefields.

New Minotaur from Ax Faction


Following on in the Ogre Dominator's footsteps from our Series 3: The Hunted! range. He's 32mm scale but measures a mahoosive 80mm from hoof to tip of horn! O_O Zoiks!
He also comes with the second of our collectible Ax Faction fold-out pocket-posters of the concept art.

Mini Idol of Cthulhu & First 75mm mini by Kabuki Models

- The first item in the Lovecraft Nightmares range is finally available at
A 90mm idols of the great Cthulhu, earn His favour by painting it and proudly displaying it in your showcase!

- Behold Ky-rà in all her splendour!
First model in our 75mm range and second character design by Reddraws (the first one was the Dwarf Beer Maiden).
Soon you'll have the finished concept art with more details and the sculptor name revelaed.

Update #21 For Manorhouse Workshop Modular Underground Project

Hi everyone.
As promised, we enter into the detail of the second set dedicated to the Gothic Walls.
The basic package of “Gothic Walls” changes only in design, but in practice it can create corridors and rooms like the first set in brick: floors, large walls, small walls, dynamics walls and accessories.
The complete set, 1X of each piece (missing only the doors).
Notice the three new floors added to the first floor of the first set
We are still waiting for the preparation of the sprue to confirm all new floors. But there are good chances.

Stay connected. Lorenzo

Agaricath: Drow City Map From Heroic Maps

Drow City

An underground Drow city, deep within a cavern. Houses and shops are carved from the rock, stairs wind their way between levels and the area is lit by fungi and mysterious glows. A magic academy with lecture rooms and casting chambers sits on one side of a chasm, spanned by a pair of bridges. Sitting astride a large open area is a temple to a Spider Queen or demon, with a summoning circle and the home of a sacred spider. The Dark Elves that live in Agaricath also have an arena for combat - prisoners are held in one area before being made to fight agains terrifying creatures.

New display bases from

A great way to have a nice display for your cabinet as well as a functional design for use in a game. These are 4 or 8 individual square bases arranged in circles on the display base. The individual bases can be built with between 0 and 3 steps high, and feature a cobble stone design. The display adapter enables you to use this as a regiment tray also. The individual bases can be removed, and hold well in the base.

Available with either 40mm or 50mm bases

A great way to have a nice display for your cabinet as well as still having functional individual bases for use in a game. These are 5 individual 40mm round bases arranged on the display base, including a raised center base. The individual bases can be removed, and the entire display creates a seamless, highly detailed presentation.

Optionally, you can have the name of your display engraved on an additional step leading up to the center base. Please choose this in the options above.

This has been developed in cooperation with our friends at Tabletop Art, and matches their „Ruins of Sanctuary“ base line perfectly.

These are great if you want a quick and easy way to change the base size from the old 25mm size to the new 32mm size, without having to destroy your exsisting bases. Just glue these around the original 25mm base, fill in the seams and decorate / paint the adapter ring in the same style as the original base. Comes with the 25mm cutout also, which can be used as bases also. Made from 3mm MDF.

Brigade Models Release new 6mm SF Buildings

New Desert Buildings

This week we've added three new models to our 6mm Desert Buildings range. The Tank Garage is a 4-bay maintenance and refurbishment building, while the Vaulted Dwellings and Plinth Dwelling provide further options for civilian areas. The Vaulted Dwelling would also make a handy barracks building for military bases.

All models are single-piece resin castings and are available from the website now.

B300-130 – Plinth Dwelling – £1.25
B300-131 – Vaulted Dwellings – £2.25
B300-132 – Tank Garages – £5.00

And if you visit our blog, you will find something previews which should interest 6mm SF tank-heads...

iToysoliders is ready to celebrate our 1000th Battle


iToysoldiers is rapidly approaching our 1000th battle and for that I’m delighted! To celebrate (and to a lesser extent, bribe my fellow gamers) I’m offering up a prize once we hit the 1K mark. Here’s how it’s gonna work. I have $50 CDN marked for this auspicious occasion. Once we hit 1K I’ll wait one week and then anyone who’s reported a battle or acknowledged a battle on iToysoldiers will be in the running for the prize. I’ll randomly select a winner from the pool of reported and acknowledged battles. If I can’t reach the winner after one week I’ll select a different winner and so on and so on.