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Mid-Week Snippets

We've made it to another Wednesday. And at the time of this posting, it's halfway through the workday. It's like the Wednesday of hours on the Wednesday of days. If only it were the 15th of the month, too. Then it'd be the Wednesday of the month on the Wednesday of the week on the Wednesday of the hour.
... or maybe I'm just taking things too far now.

Anyway, we've got another bunch of bite-sized stories we've collected.

This installment we have: The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic about Tesla vs. Edison, Kromlech gives you the bird, New 2mm Coastal Items from Brigade Models, Special Deal on Pulp Figures from Sally 4th, Pretty Pretty Pictures & Shipping Update for Super Dungeon Explore, MiniWorlds: Finally Mini-Texture arrived, Dies Irae news from Tercio Creativo, Rebel Minis Releases More 15mm Pulp Packs, Ral Partha Europe Miniatures Sci-fi Amphibians kickstarter now live, New Print-and-Play Cedar Mountain Board Game from Wargame Shop, Mage Company Previews 12 Realms: bedtime Story Kickstarter, Deep-Cut Studio releases new sandy desert theme mats, Big Book of Bloodlines Kickstarter launches, Embers Design Studios Launches The City of Brass web-based tabletop RPG app Kickstarter, 15mm Fantasy Buildings pre-order offer at, Open Combat hits initial funding level, and the Figopedia now available from Figone.

The Fiver With Dirk Knemeyer on Designing Tesla vs. Edison


Hi my name is Dirk Knemeyer and am from Granville, Ohio. For my day job I am a futurist at Involution Studios, which basically means I look at the world and technology and both predict what is going to happen and offer solutions to make the future better. In my free time I design and produce games through Artana.

New Bird Accessories from Kromlech

If you would like to have those little heralds of spring on your models you can buy them in our webstore now.
But we will also give away a set or two ... or more :) for those of you who will like our recent post at our Facebook Fanpage. For every 100 likes I will randomly select one person who will receive this new release from us. I will post names of winners at Monday 9 March 2015 12:00 CET.

New 2mm Coastal Items From Brigade Models

We have more new items in our Small Scale Scenery range today. The first is another in our growing collection of coastal fortifications, Fort St Mawes. This small cloverleaf castle is a Device Fort, built by Henry VIII to protect the Carrick Roads near Falmouth, Cornwall.
And if we have something to defend our anchorage, what about the harbour itself ? So the second release is set of walls, ideal for making a medium sized fishing harbour.

All are available from the website now, and Pico Armor in the USA also have stocks.

SSS-8029 – Fort St Mawes – £2.00
SSS-8052 – Harbour Walls – £7.50

Special Deal on Pulp Figures from Sally 4th

We are now taking pre-orders for the next range of Pulp Figures to be available in the UK. This is the Weird Menace range which includes Cultists, Radon Zombies, Mad Scientists, Damsels in Distress and Evil Gestapo. We expect to be shipping pre-orders on Friday 13th March. All figures ordered from Sally 4th will benefit from our Pulp Figures deal, free Crystal Clear or Perspex figures and a free Warchest figure storage box and insert for all customers who order 10 packs of miniatures from us.

Pretty Pretty Pictures & Shipping Update for Super Dungeon Explore

Today's post is going to be fairly short since our Heroes are really busy getting their equipment ready for a new dungeon adventure. Rumors of shadowy figures preying on travelers have made their way to Crystalia Castle and the King has ordered us to find the cause. Please note: shadowy does not mean ninja, at least not according to our old friends Merriam-Webster. Who wants to have brave Heroes fight shadowy ninjas with elemental powers anyway? Oh...lets, uh, go to production.

MiniWorlds: Finally Mini-Texture arrived

Hello, the MiniWolrds is pleased to announce its new article for the people who love to create their own terrain and gaming tables.

Finally the Mini-Texture arrived! Soft Resin sheets, durable and transparent suitable for texturizing all clay putty present on the market and even the Polystyrene, the first worldwide used material by scenic modelists!

Dies Irae news from Tercio Creativo

Last news from Tercio Creativo's Dies Irae crowdfunding:

- All models of Armored Wagons.
- Seignor painted.
- Marinero ( "Sailor" ) painted.
- El Sereno green.
- El Sereno's dog green.

Rebel Minis Releases More 15mm Pulp Packs

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the release of two more 15mm Pulp Packs. Originally available from the Famous Adventures in the Lost Lands Kickstarter that Two Hour Wargames offered a while back, these packs are up on the site for purchase! Check them out:
15mm Pulp Adventurers Pack #2
The Pulp Adventurers #2 pack contains 5 Adventurers and are perfect for Steampunk, Alternative Worlds or Pulp Gaming! Models Supplied Unpainted. Sculpted by Martin Baker. SRP $3.99

15mm Pulp Natives
The 15mm Pulp Natives! Each pack contains 24 Natives and are perfect for Pulp Gaming! Sculpted by Martin Baker. These figure are best played with Two Hour Wargames: Adventures In the Lost Lands or Colonial Adventures!! Models Supplied Unpainted. SRP $12.95

Ral Partha Europe Miniatures Sci-fi Amphibians kickstarter now live


The aim of this project is to produce a brand new range of 28mm scale sci-fi amphibian miniatures. They are firmly of the old school style, green sculpted, rubber moulded and cast in metal. These miniatures measure over 35mm tall and will represent serious opposition, even for power armoured troops. They will retail for at least £4 per miniature.
We plan to use this kickstarter to get the range off to a great start with 10 miniatures. they are available in pledges of 5 trooper squads or a larger platoon of 10 troops. All will be variant poses.

New Print-and-Play Cedar Mountain Board Game from Wargame Shop

Cedar Mountain Game Board with Counters

This is the first of three games within the Northern Virginia Campaign of 1862 and the nineteenth game in our American Civil War in 3D Series. The Confederates under General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson have attacked the advancing Union army of General John Pope.

This is a quick and fun game to play, the Confederate have superior numbers but can the Union hold out?

It comes as a downloadable PDF version that you print and play, it includes counters, rules and even tile dice, so all you need is a printer. The rules are standard throughout the series and are easy to learn, this game takes only a few hours to play. The game board can be assembled in 3D to give a more realistic feel to the game, well worth the time and effort.

Mage Company Previews 12 Realms: bedtime Story Kickstarter

12 Realms

From our earliest years onward, fairytales have an enormous impact on our lives. They entertain us with the daring deeds of colorful heroes and villains. They inspire us to go on adventures of our own and see the world in whole new ways. And they remind us that no matter how dark life gets, there’s always hope, always a reason to fight for our dreams. Inspired by the fairytale lore we’ve come to love, 12 Realms is a cooperative fantasy adventure board game from MAGE Company, letting whole families determine the fate of imaginative worlds where anything is possible.

Deep-Cut Studio releases new sandy desert theme mats

Desert Mat

Announcing a release of new gaming mat – desert theme is ready to go. We felt the need for some pure sandy landscapes from you and here is what we came up with. Mats are available in popular 4x6, 4x4 and 3x3 sizes, manufactured on PVC and cloth as well. Check them out at our website.

Big Book of Bloodlines Kickstarter launches


The Big Book of Bloodlines seeks to continue this tradition of player agency by opening up new possibilities for the bloodrager and sorcerer base classes, as well as any other creations that just so happen to use bloodlines. Gravitating away from the stereotypical concepts of caster sorcerer and smashy bloodrager, The Big Book of Bloodlines provides flavorful options that are just powerful enough to get that bloodrager to seriously consider taking on support casting, item creation, area denial, summoning, or other roles not commonly associated with the class. By the same token, the sorcerer gains options that push it into new realms of gameplay and backstory.

Embers Design Studios Launches The City of Brass web-based tabletop RPG app Kickstarter

City of Brass

The City of Brass is a fully-featured web app designed to manage the mechanics of pen-and-paper roleplaying games, allowing you to focus on what matters: playing that game.

We bring together your characters, monsters, NPCs, setting, adventure, and campaign, allowing you to easily manage all these elements in a single location, from any device, anytime, and for any game system!

15mm Fantasy Buildings pre-order offer at

HOB1 Set

Our new range 'Hordes of Buildings' or HOB for short takes on the role of structures in 15mm scale for fantasy wargaming. We intend big things with this new range as a part of our commitment to 15mm fantasy wargaming which began this winter with the Monster Survey. Lots of you asked for dedicated structures the likes of which have never been created for fantasy wargaming in our scale and now we have done this. Beginning with five Human buildings in a core set.

From now until 20th March 2015 we are offering a pre-order deal. 24% off the set, 34% off three sets, 15% off single buildings. Click through for lots more and more images.

Open Combat hits initial funding level


Second Thunder's Kickstarter campaign to put Open Combat into print has now hit it's funding level. We're now trying to move through the stretch goals which could ultimately lead to additional content being added to the book.

It's a great time to join the campaign so please take a look and give us your support.

Figopedia now available from Figone


Who hasn't gotten their FIGOPEDIA?

I'm proud and moved to announce that the FIGOPEDIA, the first book I've written entirely with my pen (or rather... with my brush), is now available.

Believe me, the spirits were high when we got the packages, and I thank once again from the bottom of my heart all those who funded this project and allowed it to happen.