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Mid-Week Snippets

Snowmageddon is about to descend upon Atlanta... again... supposedly. We'll see if this one actually happens. Though after last year, everyone's a bit on edge.

So, what snippets do we have for you today?

We have: More "The Fiver" interviews from The Meeple Mechanic, Dancing Dice Entertainment running Jumpgate Armada Kickstarter, "Rule Breakers" card game on Kickstarter, Acheson Creations Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter – New Tiles & New Options, Conquistador Games Announces Upcoming Tesla vs. Edison Games, Deep-Cut Studio launches gaming mats for futuristic football, Rebel Minis releases the Titan Class Viper Mk1, Terrible Kid Stuff New releases - Barin, Splittingbones, & Al Capone, The Scrap Steel Round Lip Bases are now available from Tabletop-Art, Kabuki Models Dwarf Beer Maiden at AdeptiCon, and MidKnight Heroes next character reveal Oda - The Rokheim Battle Master.

The Meeple Mechanic:

Jamie Toon on Designing How to Serve Man

How to Serve Man

Hi there, my name is Jamie Toon, and I’m from St. Louis City. I currently work as a Web Admin for The Miniature Market and I have been tattooing in a professional setting for 8 years. I’m a huge Geek, and have been for as long as I remember, finding my love for Cartoons, Films, Toys, Comics, Video Games and Board Games at a very early age. My favorite thing to do while designing games is put on a horror movie in the background. Oh yeah, and I prefer cake more than pie.

Calvin Nelson on Designing Character Quest: Heroes

Character Quest

Hi My name is Calvin Nelson. I am a software engineer and, when my family allows me to be, a part time game developer. My wife might say full time gamer!

Matt Worden on Designing Aether Magic

Aether Magic

Hello, folks at home … I’m Matt Worden, and I’m a normal, everyday, geeky husband and father of two that lives in the lake-dotted suburbs west of Minneapolis, MN, and works as a business systems analyst by day. I like to be outdoors (when it’s not winter) doing things like camping, canoeing, fishing, and hiking. I enjoy to play or watch almost any type of game or sport, a wide range of music, good food, witty banter, and fine beer. I grew up in Wisconsin and I’m still a Green Bay Packers fan even though I now live in Vikingsland.

Alisha Volkman on Designing Cannibal Squares

Cannibal Square

Hey nerds, I’m Alisha Volkman. I hail from the Twin Cities of Minnesota, where it is so cold your meeples will freeze, but I call it home. I’m a small time tabletop designer with a lot of ideas up my sleeves and I love being able to bring a game from idea, to indie. Aside from making games of all types, I’m also an artist. If I’m not drawing, I’m designing.

Gil Hova on Designing Bad Medicine

bad medicine

Hi everyone! I’m Gil Hova, and I’m a game designer living in Jersey City, just across the water from New York City. I live in an ample 1-bedroom apartment with a ton of board games, my wonderful girlfriend, and two adorable ferrets. Hence the name of my publishing company, Formal Ferret Games.

Other Stories:

Dancing Dice Entertainment running Jumpgate Armada Kickstarter


Jumpgate Armada is a sci-fi themed action packed two player board game, were you control one of two factions called Alpha or Omega. Take control of your factions ships to perform assaults against your opponent while gathering a valuable resource called type 12 ore, collected by each players mining ships.

Each player also plays jumpgate cards, were dangerous events can take place. Experience ships being pulled inside black holes, unknown parasites liquefying and absorbing a players ship or evaporated by the mysteries monoliths. Don't blink your eyes or you will be struck by asteroids, comets and meteorites then destroyed!

Smile at your opponent by obtaining tracker beams, shield restorers, bonus attack modifiers and experience the power of a super nova penetrating every ship in play and disabling there shields to 50 % or destroying them!

Jumpgate Armada is full of excitement, twists, and turns. Offering memorable laughs with your friends and family. Where Anything can happen. So climb aboard, buckle up, and brace yourself for the many adventures Jumpgate Armada will take you too!

"Rule Breakers" card game on Kickstarter

Rule Breakers

Rule Breakers is a shedding style card game that involves new rules to follow each round. This game is fun yet competitive.

First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to view my project. I've had the pleasure of backing 12 other kickstarter projects and I'm now ready to launch my own. I wanted to create a fun card game that just about everyone could play. I love to play games with my family and now I want to share what I love with you kickstarter.

The game will be professionally printed and will include a playing deck, a green rule deck and an orange rule deck. It's recommended to be played with 4-8 people but you can play with more or less. Recommended ages are 13+.

Acheson Creations Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter – New Tiles & New Options

50 for $50 and $100 Basic Dungeon

We just keep plowing through Stretch Goals... congrats everyone!
All of us at Acheson Creations appreciate your support and we are reading & considering all your comments. While we won't be able to entertain all of your requests we did decide to create 3 new Rough Stone Tile pieces to mix up your dungeon floors with. We made one that is basically divided into 1-inch squares (DW1B) and two other variants of the random stones (DW1C & 1D).
As the Stretch Goals unlock, these three designs will be available in the following ways:
Everyone who has pledged $100.00 or more will receive the free batch of 10 per design, per Stretch Goal level (DW1B x10 at $13,000 - already Unlocked!, DW1C x10 at $14,500, and DW1D x10 at $16,000).
As with all Stretch Goal items, once unlocked they will be offered as Add-Ons in packs of 10 for $15.00. No limit.

And there is a lot more for the following levels:
$5.00 Dungeon Sampler level
Fifty for $50 level
$100 Basic Dungeon level
$200 Advanced Dungeon level
$400 Extreme Dungeon level

Conquistador Games Announces Upcoming Tesla vs. Edison Games

Tesla Vs Edison

Tesla vs. Edison lets 2-5 players become one of five pioneering electrical companies in 1880s-1890s America. Featuring a famous genius inventor, you compete to dominate the electric light and power industry via investing in new technology, claiming contracts around the country, and buying and selling stock from the various companies. The company which has the largest stock portfolio at the end of the game is the winner.

Deep-Cut Studio launches gaming mats for futuristic football


We have a new gaming mat release and it is something we wanted to share with you for a long time now. This futuristic football gaming mat is larger than what you might usually find on the tables. It has 33 mm size hexes, so moving the miniatures is much easier. It has a rugged PVC surface so the board can withstand seasons of gameplay. It has a high quality design that your game deserves. And it can be yours right here and right now. Check our website for more close-ups and expect more soon.

Rebel Minis releases the Titan Class Viper Mk1

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the release the Titan Class VIPER MK.1.

The Titan Class VIPER MK.1 is a modular chassis that can be fitted with multiple weapon options. The Mk.1 option with this model is the pulse cannons. This is the Standing Version of the Mk.1. All Parts are made of lead-free pewter and will need a little clean up and are assembled with normal modeling glue.
Here is a size comparison for the 15mm scaled model.

Designed by John Bear Ross and painted By Micropanzer!

Terrible Kid Stuff New releases - Barin, Splittingbones, & Al Capone

Hi folks, here we go with 3 “new” official releases, even if we have just a few copies left.

The first one is Barin, we have 1 resin and 6 white metal copies left, but you’ll be able to find it even on CoolMiniOrNot store, since they have a little stock.

The second one is Splittingbones, we have 3 resin and 1 white metal left, after it will be sold out since our resellers already sold all of their stock.

You could already know the last one, since it is one of our best seller products, I’m speaking about “Al Capone”, we decided not to cast it anymore, except a new Limited Collector’s Edition of 50 resin copies (9 of them are already sold), after it will be gone forever.

The Scrap Steel Round Lip Bases are now available from Tabletop-Art

The Scrap Steel Round Lip Bases (30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 120mm) are now available.

Kabuki Models Dwarf Beer Maiden at AdeptiCon
Note: Their site's not really safe for work.


Our little dwarf beer maiden is finished! It’s on its way to the foundry for white metal casting!

25mm to the top of the head, she's our first dwarf model and also the founder of a new range.

This mini will first be available during AdeptiCon, March 19th to the 22nd, so make sure to stop by our booth and pick one up!

Can’t make it to AdeptiCon? Don’t worry, the dwarf beer maiden will be available on as well – but only for the duration of AdeptiCon!

MidKnight Heroes next character reveal Oda, The Rokheim Battle Master

Time for our last reveal in our Core Set "Oda The Rokheim Battle Master"

So who is Oda?

The Rokehim, they are a very proud and strong race. They value three things above all else, their god, fighting, and Ale! Oda is no different from any Rokheim on that front, but after that he is very different. Oda is a Battle Master, one whose whole life is devoted to the art of battle. Battle Masters are needed and relied on as the Rokheim spend most of their life underground living in mountains. The planet that they live on is covered in ice most of their year and only for a very few months is it not covered. Living in mountain is not easy as most everything else seeks the comfort of the mountain as well when winter comes. It’s the Battle Master’s job to protect the church and its people no matter the cost. Battle Masters will fight inside; outside they don’t care as long as they can protect the church and people. Oda is a legend among the Battle Master’s. He has spent many and seasons protecting the church with his wife Hanna by his side.

Oda will be sculpted by our main Sculptor Robby Crawforth! He will be 28mm and cast in white metal. (Pic is not final pose)