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Mid-Week Snippets

We've got another batch of smaller-sized stories for you this Wednesday.

Beyond the cut we've got: New Spaceships from Brigade Models, a 28mm PDF New Orleans Warehouse from Finger and Toe, the latest releases from Bombshell Miniatures, the latest releases from Spectre Miniatures, new 10mm Caen House from Escenografia Epsilon, New Nuclear Adventurers and a Valentine's Day sale from Brother Vinni, a new Sailboat Hull from Thomarillion, new Mutants and Aliens released by Loud Ninja Games, Spanish edition of Strategikon released by Capitan Games, Aegis Studios Releases Contagion Second Edition Gamemaster Screen, More new model previews for Alternative Civil War, the Spell Saga tabletop novel now available in limited quantities, new Valentine's Day Miniature and Decals and Smoke Plume from Ginfritter's Workshop, and LaserCutCard container price drop.

New Spaceships from Brigade Models


We have two new spaceships on the website today. The first is a re-master of the Shanzi class fighter carrier, one of the oldest models in our range. The new version keeps the overall design of the original but with much improved styling and detail. The second model is the German Maas-class Destroyer Leader, a master that's been kicking around for a while but which we've finally got into a production mould. Both available from the website now, and the Shanzi is also available in a carrier pack with fighters and escorts.

SFS-510 - Shanzi class Fleet Carrier - £9.00
SFS-331 - Maas class Destroyer Leader - £1.75

28mm PDF New Orleans Warehouse from Finger and Toe


Everybody knows Bourbon Street, the bars, the dives, the haunted places, but New Orleans in the nineteenth century was very much a working city. Not far from the famous (and infamous) French Quarter was the warehouse district. If the goods came upriver from the Gulf or down river from Westport, they were stored in warehouses built within easy reach of the Big Muddy. Cargo legal and smuggled went through those brick buildings.

The New Orleans Warehouse represents one of those commercial buildings. With a 12"x8" footprint, this is a large model. It is designed so the two parts can be built as a single building or as two standalones.

Latest Releases from Bombshell Miniatures posted

Right down to the wire as usual we offer up this latest batch of new releases for January. Candy the Mobile Sniper is our Babe™ of the month and she comes to us from the capable hands of sculptor Chad Hoverter. For your Counterblast modeling and converting needs comes a set of brains with brainstems and eyes for upgrading your bots with bio-implants as well as a sprue of various equipment and tools to kit out your crew members.

Also, dipping our toe into the 15mm pool, is the MicroBabes Set. This initial release of four tough sci-fi girls is the first in an entire range of 15mm sci-fi miniatures planned for release this year.

Latest Releases Posted by Spectre Miniatures

Spectre miniatures webstore is now live with lots of new products added!
10% off all orders made on the 1st and 2nd of Feb, just enter the code: SpectreLaunch on the payment page.

Orders over £50 will receive a free 'covert package' and orders over £100 will receive 3 'covert packages'!

New 10mm Caen House from Escenografia Epsilon

Is available the new epsilon reference. This reference is a Caen Street with an Otard advertisement like the 1944 houses. In the future we produce more Normandy Streets with advertisement. We think is very interesting produce this references in 10mm, because is very difficult to find references in this quality. We are working in produce a very special items for your table game. The price to this reference is only €12,99.

New Nuclear Adventurers from Brother Vinni

Nuclear Adventurers

3 brave guys, who are well-equipped and ready to explore nuclear deserts and ruins.

28 mm multipart resin miniature produced by Brother Vinni.

Brother Vinni's Valentine's Day Sale


Happy Valentine's Day!
Now you can get 20% discount for all female models until February 14
use L3H4DY1EDK6J code while placing order!

New Sailboat Hull from Thomarillion


Thomarillion released the hull (made of resin) of a shore sailboat for 9,99 €

Mutants and Aliens released by Loud Ninja Games


Loud Ninja Games releases three new packs today through Two packs of Wasteland Mutants and one of Alien Encounters. Great character filled miniatures in 15mm scale sculpted by Eli Ardnt (the guy who created the Prang).

Click through to see and read more. LNG will be up to a lot this year and we are excited to be working with them.

Capitan Games Releases Strategikon Ancient-Medieval rules Spanish Edition


Now available for pre-order with shipment at the end of February, is the Spanish Edition of our Ancient/ Medieval rules "STRATEGIKON", price £20.00 GBP (24€) (shipping within Spain is free). The rules contain 56 pages (grey scale) inside with a colour cover and with excellent illustrations and 34 army lists from the Ancient period to the Middle Ages.

"STRATEGIKON" is a simple but highly historically accurate set of rules that uses a command and control system which allows players to play medium to large size battles. A basic 400-point army can be used to fight tournaments, or to play historical battles and is included in the army lists. The game can be played with miniatures of any scale, without changing base sizes, including such smaller armies as the ones used in DBA. As with all our games, we propose a standard basing convention but players can play with their existing basing systems. In a few months, we shall make the English version available.

Aegis Studios Releases Contagion Second Edition Gamemaster Screen

GM Screen

The Contagion Gamemaster Screen is NOW AVAILABLE at DriveThruRPG!

This multi-panel Gamemaster Screen offers numerous charts and tables for use with Contagion Second Edition.

Exterior panels include a blank hex grid and combat tracker for the Gamemaster to use in play. When used with the DriveThruRPG Game Master Screen (portrait), a dry erase marker can safely be used to maximize the utility of these screens.

The Contagion Gamemaster Screen is avaialble as a .pdf for easy printing, printed card inserts for those who already own the DriveThruRPG Game Master Screen (portrait), or can be purchased along with the DriveThruRPG Game Master Screen (portrait) as a complete unit!

More new model previews for Alternative Civil War

Ghost Train Games is releasing more models for his Alternative Civil War.
Spanish Starter Set's Officer, Ponce de León, is a highly detailed model, yet not baroque and overloaded. The anachronism of the breastplate and morion helmet over a modern uniform and the “flintlock pistol-like” revolver creates a contrast that reflects the duality of the Spanish faction.

The Living Totem of Nature is a huge multi-part model set on 50mm base. They bring heavy hitting power as well as board control to the Natives and will be a gorgeous model in your collection once you set some colorful paint on it.

Spell Saga tabletop novel now available in limited quantities


Spell Saga tabletop novel by French Toast Gaming Co. has followed their successful Kickstarter with a pre-order store. Limited supplies and discounts until February 14th.

New Valentine's Day Miniature, Decals and Ginfritter FX smoke Plume

Kandy, Thief of Hearts is a rogue that is sure to steal your heart. She has been just discovered picking a heart shaped lock and has a very coy look on her face. Sculpted in Heroic 28mm scale by Gene Van Horne, sold unpainted and unassembled in leadless pewter.

Kandy, Thief of Hearts
FEMFATALE002 Kandy – Thief of Hearts $5.00 USD

A new decal design by Ginfritter has a Leopard print pattern, great for applying on animals, animal skin clothing or as tattoos.

Leopard Print Decal
PAT001 Leopard Print Pattern $6.00 USD

And finally a new design sculpted by Ginfritter for the Ginfritter FX line, is the medium smoke plume. This new FX has a sense of motion to the plume making a model appear to have forward motion as the plume gently moves backward instead of blasting upwards. Two plumes per pack cast in resin.

Medium Smoke Plume
GGWFX001 Medium Smoke Plume x 2 $4.50 USD

LaserCutCard container price drop

Thanks to the steady devaluation of the South African Rand, our postal costs have actually come DOWN.

Our DL range now costs $1 to ship worldwide

Our thin C5 range now costs $2 to ship worldwide

Our thicker C5 range and C4 range now cost $4 to ship worldwide.

On top of this, the entire shipping container range is being re-released - starting with the shipping containers themselves. These have had their cutting file totally redone to optimise it and as a result the 3 container set has dropped in price from $18.50 for 3 to $14.95 for 3. Nice!