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Mid-Week Snippets

Wednesday is once again upon us, dear TGN readers. We've been having a busy week at the office. I'm working on a few review articles that're coming up, and yesterday we shot a new unboxing video.

But that's as may-be. We've also collected various bite-sized stories and present them to you now.

This batch has: Okumarts Games releases Star Sailors for White Star, Two New Cowboys Added to Steam Horses Kickstarter Line Up, New Skirmish Sangin Scenario Free to Download, New Installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, The Last Days for The Last Spike on Kickstarter, Heer46 Announces Upcoming Indiegogo Campaign, Space Goblin Campaigner free during June at The Ion Age, New Aegis Suit Satin Varnish from The Army Painter, Celestial Knight by Kabuki Models: WIP, Age of Tyrants website launched, Golem Miniatures Launches Indiegogo Campaign, Pedion Modular Battlefields Kickstarter Going Into Stretch Goals, New Range rulers for WWII armies from Warchimera, New Orc Flying Ace from Kromlech, Manorhouse Workshop Update #29 – Modular Underground Project – First Pieces in Hard Plastic, and Deep-Cut Studio releases new gaming mat for futuristic football.

Okumarts Games releases Star Sailors for White Star

Star Sailors

This supplement is designed to introduce a new player character class into your White Star (or White Box: Swords & Wizardry) campaigns. A Star Sailor is a “magical girl” trope often found in classic Japanese anime and manga, but with a science fiction twist. Star Sailors guard the universe from the evil Gloom: extra-dimensional invaders with a talent for destruction. There are new rules for character creation, mascot sidekicks, special powers and abilities as well as write-ups for several adversaries and monsters.

Two New Cowboys Added to Steam Horses Kickstarter Line Up


Copper Mine Miniatures has added 2 new cowboys to the main goal of their Kickstarter, along with a third Steam Horse pose.

New Skirmish Sangin Scenario Free to Download

Sweep and Clear

This month's free scenario from Skirmish Sangin is now up on the Skirmish Sangin Blog. Sweep & Clear covers a typical action of a German Panzergrenadier unit in Afghanistan. The German contribution to ISAF forces in Afghanistan is often overlooked and we hope this scenario will prove a worthy challenge for the players.

Stay tuned for next month's release and more news as we lead up to Historicon 2015 in Fredericksburg, Virginia in July.

The Fiver with Steve Ewoldt on Designing 4 the Birds

4the birds

Hello again! My name is Steve Ewoldt. I’m an architect / game designer from Portland, OR. In addition to running my own small office, I draw, paint, design and build furniture (seriously, you should see my modern toy box “the MODbox”).

The Fiver with Paul Cosca on Designing Bill Shakespeare is Dead


Hello! My name is Paul Cosca, and I am the owner of Brikenbrak Games. My day job is customer service, but my other hobbies are all about creation and games. My background is in live theatre, and I still do that when I can. I also love to play games (currently playing The Last of Us, no spoilers!), write, and make music. I live in Montana with my awesome wife, who joins me on all these crazy adventures.

The Fiver with Przemys?aw ?wierczy?ski on Designing Exoplanets


Hi, my name is Przemys?aw ?wierczy?ski and I’m an architect and graphic designer and a bit of musician from Poland. Fascinated by astronomy and architecture, love science fiction movies, sport and homemade burgers.

Well, my current game on Kickstarter is Exoplanets – a medium-light game, where players create their own planetary system on the table. This is my first board game which is complete and going to be published. Project took about 2 years from a sketch of an idea to a complete product ready to sell.

The Fiver with The Mach Brothers on Designing Vikings of Dragonia


Hello! We’re the Mach Brothers (Albert, Ed, and Kevin). We’re located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re all engineers by day and board game designers by night. We spend a lot of time playing board games! Aside from gaming, we enjoy exploring and discovering new things in the SF Bay Area!

Our game design career started as a hobby a few years ago. We wanted to design a fast-paced, interactive and strategic board game. We achieved this goal with Vikings of Dragonia.

The Last Days for The Last Spike on Kickstarter

The Last Spike

Today we got to the top of Kickstarter Pass. The Last Spike is funded and it will get shipped to you in September. There is, of course, still time to back this game, perhaps a second copy for your best friend. Or a spare for your holiday cabin. I'm biased of course, but I'm pretty sure this game will be a first edition classic.

Is the first stretch goal (dice bag) possible? To get to $15,000 will take a surge, but a runaway train is always possible. Please tell two friends.

The campaign ends on June 7th, this Sunday.

Heer46 Announces Upcoming Indiegogo Campaign



this week i will start my indiegogo Kampagne for german Elite Infanterie in 28 mm. Here you see the first Picture.
You can find more Infos and Picture here.

Space Goblin Campaigner free during June at The Ion Age


A new month and a new free miniature automatically with every order placed at The Ion Age. IMP22 Malig Campaigner, a Space Goblin character laden down with weapons and equipment. Great fun! 15mm scale white metal for the next four weeks. To learn more and see more plus the latest update from us click through. Thanks.

New Aegis Suit Satin Varnish from The Army Painter

Aegis Suit Satin Varnish

Our popular Anti-Shine Matt Varnish is getting a new friend: Aegis Suit Satin Varnish.

The new spray varnish is the latest addition to the innovative range of Colour Primer sprays helping gamers get their armies painted fast...

The AEGIS SUIT Satin Varnish will protect any tabletop or role-playing miniature & model from the wear and tear of the battlefield. Unlike the ANTI-SHINE Matt Varnish developed for Quickshade, the AEGIS SUIT will leave a slight satin finish on your models and is ultra protective on any acrylic surface.

Celestial Knight by Kabuki Models: WIP

Celestial Knight WIP

A brand new WIP for Kabuki Models' new Celestial Knight!
Here it is with all his parts and accessories!
This will be the last Knight of Legend of Kabuki Models.

Age of Tyrants website launched

Age of Tyrants

Well folks it’s been a long road, with lots of stops and starts along the way, but it gives me enormous pleasure to announce that the Age of Tyrants website is now live.

Over the coming weeks we will expand the menus available as well as adding lots of content in the run up to announcing the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. In this offering we’ve got details on the World of Age of Tyrants as well as introducing the Age of Tyrants Team with their preponderance of facial hair! Additionally our newsletter sign up is running and our Forums are now open, it would be great if you folks would sign up and introduce yourself, we’d very much like to meet you.

Final Hours for War of Wonders Kickstarter


Yashamaru's 3D sculpt is now complete. Have a look and share your comments and feedbacks with us! The miniature will be produced thanks to this Kickstarter and you can get it with any pledge level including a Meta-Human.

Remember that Crimson Dragons Japanese paratroopers will be the next stretch goal, since they're the most voted option in the poll opened on War of Wonders Kickstarter support page.

Continue supporting this Kickstarter and get your Japanese wave!

Golem Miniatures Launches Indiegogo Campaign
Note: some nude minis through the link.


Golem Miniatures is born !
The "small" weighs 1 ton, is 2 meters .... and its cavernous cry surprised more than a midwife at the maternity !

For our very first campaign, we offer you to finance the edition of three pretty chicks. Eva, Lucy and Jess are available in three versions: naked, in swimsuit and fully dressed.

(Note: there are some “naked” female mini through the link, just in case that might be a bit risque for your workplace.)

To spice up this first campaign we also offer you to join in a small tombola. One or some tickets would be assigned to every pledger and you could win a painted version (by a Golden Demon Winner)!

Pedion Modular Battlefields Kickstarter Going Into Stretch Goals

The beautiful Indians of Dave and Anne Yeomans next to a Pedion River in UKGE2015

Wow! Peopled flocked to the Pedion Kickstarter, and it got funded in just 55 hours!
Of course, the fun it's just starting! If you have followed my posts here, you know that I love to design new things and expand on ideas; so, it's time for Stretch Goals. But nothing will happen if more people don't support us
The first Stretch Goal is to produce different themes of the Pre-painted Tiles, and specifically a Winter theme and a Sand/Desert theme. We are less than £2800 away, so help us make it happen!

This Stretch goal will allow supporters to choose to have their Reward Set of Pedion tiles painted in a different theme than the original "Spring Green" presented in most pictures.
The Tile types remain the same; but if the supporters choose so, they can have them covered in "heavy" snow, or in golden sand. This Upgrade will actually be without any extra cost (apart from upgrading any forest tiles to "Oasis" tiles, since they will also include a pond at a small extra cost).

It is also time to introduce our first "SOCIAL" Stretch Goals as well, which we are keeping as a surprise. So here it goes:
When the number of Backers reaches 130 (it's at 97 right now), each and every backer of a physical reward pledge will get a FREE extra magnetic tree.
Also, you will get another FREE magnetic tree for every Forest Tile that your reward includes or you buy as an add-on; that makes the available trees for your Forest Tiles Seven (7), instead of six.
This is a Kickstarter-only free upgrade!

Hope you like your free gifts, because more will come in later backer numbers!

New Range rulers for WWII armies from Warchimera

Warchimera developed new kind of range rulers for tabletop games, especially for historical ones, e.g. Bolt Action.

There are four types of rulers, each dedicated for different army (German, Japanese, Russian and Allies); each is 6 inches long and has marked 45-degrees arc for shooting from vehicles and guns.

Additionally we put a table for shooting with HE loads on every ruler. Rulers are made from plexiglass.

New Orc Flying Ace from Kromlech

Orc Flying Ace

today we have a new Orc for you.
Master of the sky or void, fighter killer, the one and only:

Orc Flying Ace

Manorhouse Workshop Update #29 – Modular Underground Project – First Pieces in Hard Plastic

Hello everyone.
Today we are elated. We finally have in hand early prototypes in hard plastic of the walls and floors.

The result has left us speechless. The quality of the texture is fantastic. Seem resin parts are so detailed.
Assemble the pieces is simple: we glued only 2 half of the walls large and small, helping with practical wings to align the workpiece without mistakes. Everything else we left free, in order to be better positioned as you want.

The visual impact is considerable, assembly simple, fun is guaranteed.
Of course, the prototypes are still incomplete and should be added parts which have been left behind to have the prototypes in time. Of the rest, these prototypes were sent for prototyping over 4 months ago … but without these pieces. we would not have known guarantee the high quality that we provide to all of you who participate in KS. From these early prototypes we will get the quality standard of steel moulds that will go in production .
All the best. Lorenzo

Deep-Cut Studio releases new gaming mat for futuristic football

Db gaming mat

New gaming mat release! We greet summer with new addition to futuristic football mats range. Simple, yet elegant Tron inspired design is available for your consideration. Comes manufactured on PVC and has 33mm hexes to move your team around without frustration of knocking over nearby miniatures. Check other designs on our website as well!