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Mid-Week Snippets

You've made it successfully halfway through the work week. Congratulations! The weekend will be here before you know it. Hopefully you'll have some sort of chance to get a game in before then, but if not, your wait's almost over, anyway.

So, as we tend to do, we've collected some of the bite-sized stories together and present them to you now.

This installment contains: More The Fiver interviews from The Meeple Mechanic, Crates, Barrels, and Wine Casks 28mm Available from Castle Kits, New Miniature Building Authority items are now for sale, BluBot Masking Stencils Kickstarter Running Now, First "Queen Of The Dragons" WIP by Kabuki Models, Tabletop-Art Undead Ground Round Lip Bases Preview, Machi Koro Championships Announced, Fantasy8s Oddities Now Available from Aegis Studios, Free Terra-Blocks available at Salute, MidKnight Heroes reveals Yegdra art, Rack & Ruin Core Rulebook Now Avaiable in Digital, Dungeons & Dickery Webseries up on Indiegogo, Siren Miniatures published new concept arts - its ladies time, Micro Art Studios New releases - Update Token Set and more single Tokens, New 16mm Base released at, and Merdian Miniatures previews Terramortis.

The Fiver with Andrea Tsang on Designing Mining Maniac

Mining Maniac

Hi, my name is Andrea Tsang. I am running a graphic design house in Hong Kong. While providing design service to worldwide corporations, we want to bring our work to the next level under the name of X-Axis Production. And that is to create new tabletop games for friends and families because we are gamers too. We want to make a contribution to the gaming industry, introduce interesting games to players, and meanwhile we have the fun creating and playing them ourselves.

The Fiver with Mike Elliot from the Titan Series

Titan Series

Hi. I am Mike Elliott, a professional game designer from Seattle. Probably the most interesting fact about me is that I have my own anime character, so I can attend Sakuracon as myself. Of course, the anime only appeared in Asia and my character looks like a cross between Elvis and Geordi LaForge, so I would mostly get blank stares of people wondering who I was.

Crates, Barrels, and Wine Casks 28mm Available from Castle Kits


A set of Crates, Barrels and Wine Casks is available from Castle Kits for $19.95 in 25-28mm scale cast in white Hydrostone plaster. There is a smaller set with one cask for $9.95.

Shipping outside the USA available on request at

New Miniature Building Authority items are now for sale


Miniature Building Authority new Castle Kickstarter items are now for sale. We have fulfilled our first kickstarter project and delivered a month early. We now have these items for general sale. These are booth 28mm and 15mm items. They are made of heavy duty resin that is made to game with and come pre-painted and pre-assembled. Just open up the box and put them right into your games. No more projects. There are several brand new Eurovillage buildings, lots of new castle items, new middle eastern buildings as well. The castle items were a huge success and we have more limited quantities remaining after delivering to our kickstarter customers. So if you are looking to acquire these items they may go quicker than we planned.

BluBot Masking Stencils Kickstarter Running Now

The BluBot Masking Stencils Kickstarter has successfully been funded after only 4 days! Now it's time to start adding new designs.

BluBot Masking stencils are a painting aid to help painters add complex designs and patterns to their models that would be nearly impossible with a brush. Ideally suited for use with an airbrush, spray paint and sponges can be used to give a different effect.

New Masking Stencil designs should start appearing on the BluBot Masking Stencil Facebook group early this week, and be added to the Kickstarter towards the end of the week.

If you haven't pledged yet, take a look at some of the designs you could get!

First "Queen Of The Dragons" WIP by Kabuki Models
Note: Nude model through link


This is the very first wip screen of the "Queen Of The Dragons" created by Reddraws and digitally sculpted by Alfonso Prieto Sarri.

She's 30mm (the pin-up) and will be cast in urethane resin.
Release date: Summer 2015

Tabletop-Art Undead Ground Round Lip Bases Preview

The Baseset "Undead Ground" is extended by the round lip Bases 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 120mm.

Machi Koro Championships Announced


PHD, with the blessing of IDW and Panadsaurus, has launched the 2015 Machi Koro Championships! In this inaugural year, PHD are offing stores the chance to become a host location for the Championship qualifiers this May and June. Local store winners get the chance to compete in the finals at Gen Con 2015 and receive an amazing limited edition play mat marking them as Mayor of that store.

This includes how to become a host location and see what other cool stuff comes in the Machi Koro Championship store support kit. It's worth noting that the number of locations is limited

Fantasy8s Oddities Now Available from Aegis Studios

Fantasy 8s

Fantasy8s Oddities is a collection of various systems, NPCs and creatures for use with the Crazy 8s Rules-Lite Universal Game Engine and the Fantasy8s setting expansion. This sourcebook provides new systems, races, creatures and magic items for use with Fantasy8s.

Free Terra-Blocks available at Salute

Sally 4th will be at Salute as part of the Wargames Illustrated stand running Terra-Block workshops.

We have two projects available.

The Science Lab

The Country House

Both of these projects are constructed from components of the Terra-Block system. Come along to a workshop and make one to take home with you. The workshops are completely free. Places on them can be booked through the Wargames Illustrated on the day. The kits have been provided free of charge by Sally 4th, and I will be their on the day to guide you through the straightforward construction and answer any questions you may have about the Terra-Block range.

MidKnight Heroes reveals Yegdra art

The Omega, Yegdra

What is an Omega?

In our world Omegas are well, space dragons. They have the ability to function in space and on a planet. Because they can function in space they do not need to breath air to live, they are pure energy that has taken a solid form but, require biologic matter to keep them going. Because they are pure energy that has taken a form they are able to change that form to suit their needs (shapeshift) but, prefer to stay in their more natural from most of their life. Their natural form is that of what we know as a dragon. With that said every Omega is part of a "nest". Each "nest" has one female and she is the queen of that nest. All other Omega's in the "nest" are male and serve the queen. The queen of a "nest" is the largest of all the Omega's (HUGE) and is the most powerful; she is a force to be reckoned with. All the Omega's in a chosen "nest" share a common look to them, this look is based off of the queen, after all they are her children, meaning that the male Omega's will look allot like their queen but have their own features as well. This allows us to have different looking Omega's in our game from classic dragons, to Chinese influenced dragons and so forth, the sky is the limit!

Our first Omega that we have designed is Yegdra. He is or was one of the four generals or guardians to the queen. He was her right hand man so to speak for the most part. When she was killed by Elvia, Leonide, and Oda it sent the entire reaming Omega’s into hiding since they now had no direction. Yegdra like most of the Omega’s that where left took the form of one of the races and went into hiding. He now is planning his revenge on those who killed his queen.

Yegdra will be a 80mm x 150mm multi-part resin miniature sculpted by Fancagne Didier and be available as an add on if you make the base level pledge and is unlocked. If you back our Kickstarter at the ALL IN! or ALL IN PLUS! you will get him by default if he is unlocked.

His pose is not final this is just the concept art, but when he is sculpted it will be very menacing!

Look for our Kickstarter on April 27th to see if you can get him unlocked!

Rack & Ruin Core Rulebook Now Avaiable in Digital


Rack & Ruin, a campaign-based fantasy skirmish game, is now available for digital purchase from Wargame Vault.

Spiral Bridge Studios, which funded Rack & Ruin through Kickstarter late last year, is awaiting final proofing before also making a print version also available.

Designed to allow players to use the fantasy miniatures they already had in their collections, Rack & Ruin attempts to bridge the gap between campaign-based games and tabletop role playing games.

Using a streamlined 2d6 system, game play is fast paced and easy to use. However, players are presented with lots of options, allowing for massive character customization.

Each player creates his or her party, then up to four players can play against each other. The more players, the greater the rewards. As players use their parties the characters will gain experience and develop new skills and abilities.

Dungeons & Dickery Webseries up on Indiegogo


Dungeons & Dickery is a live action role playing web series with stop motion animated battles. Each episode is about 30 minutes where we play the roleplaying game Pathfinder. The four players role play their characters through a world that is out to kill them, controlled and conceived by the dungeon master. Whenever our heroes have a combat encounter we will see their characters fight in their stop motion form. For 18 episodes the heroes will fight to survive as they try to solve a dangerous mystery. When we release this series it will all be free on YouTube!

Siren Miniatures published new concept arts - its ladies time

We published sketches and paintings presenting design and concept of two incoming models. This time Siren Miniatures is going to release two women miniatures. But it wont be just usual girls. How about tall, beautiful but deadly looking succubus? Those who have seen our models should notice a striking similarity to one previously released model, if not look closely at Virgil.

Micro Art Studios New releases - Update Token Set and more single Tokens

We have just released the Update Token Set for Infinity

And many new single 25mm and 15mm Tokens:

New 16mm Base released at


Our fantastic new 16mm round white metal base is ideal for 15mm wargame miniatures. Very durable and tight fitting to your miniatures it gives them a solid standing on the gaming table. You can select 20 Bases, 50 Bases saving 5%, 100 Bases saving 10% or the mighty 500 Bases saving a whopping 20% off list price.

Plus we are in the middle of our spring offers month with a fifteen percent off code and goody bag too. Click through to read more!

Merdian Miniatures previews Terramortis


Terramortis is a heroic scaled apocalyptic scifi range that I have been working on for the last year. Most of the WIP figures will be on display at Salute 2015, come check them out at stand TE20!