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Micropazer Wargame Studio reopens with new item

Micropanzer Wargamer Studio is back open to the public. Go have a looksee what they've got in store.



From them to you:

While I was not able to be 100% with all models being available I am pleased to be back up and running.

I am not even going to attempt to guess when this or that will be released. All depends on discretionary income I have coming in.

I am doing round 2 of voucher fulfillment and will try to make contact with those who have not responded with an order. I will contact every one and let them know how much they have left and confirm outstanding orders.
I am offering free product --
when you spend 50 you get 5.40 in free product.

when you spend 75,00 you get 10.80

when you spend 100 you get 30.00

when you order I will email you or you can add to payment notes what free product you want