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Micropanzer Wargame Studio November Update

Micropanzer Wargame Studio posts updates:

From their announcement:

Both the Stomper and Russian Heavy Combat Armor prints have been ordered. I will get the RHCA into production first -- As long as there are no print issues I will get these off to caster as soon as sanded This is the 4th printing of this model and the fine detail has been altered slightly, hopefully giving a better detailed print and easier to cast, producing an overall better gaming miniature.

The preorder price on the Russian Heavy Combat Armor is over 30% off and once they are in production will cost 12.50 per model. The Special price on both the stomper and RHCA will end November18th and I am only producing enough to fill orders on the initial run. I have a large restock coming in and have hanged the store to reflect this.

I am truly sorry about the delays since this summer in getting new product out and inability to restock in a timely manor. While Micropanzer Sales are up events in my personal life have affected my income drastically and for the first time in a few years have had to draw money from the Micropanzer Business to pay bills thus affecting development.

I will be closing the store come Thanksgiving until after the New Year so if you want anything from the store best not wait. I am doing this as I will be in and out of town for a few month Working – This time will allow me the opportunity to get some models spotlighted and the income to get the last few items into production that I wanted to have done by now. Several new molds have been cut for the Riavaui Swarm Aliens and the legs have been reinforced a bit making them less bendy.

People have suggested a kickstarter project to get seed money but I am still hopeful that the economy will have a slight upturn come 2012 and I will be able to continue self financing the project out of discretionary income.

2012 I will be working on a Campaign book for the First Earth Invasion War with focus on Humans Vs Aliens. More than likely this will be a low cost PDF and will include stats for some of the more popular rule sets out there as well as 30 some odd scenarios focusing on early war period where humans are fighting a defensive war, Mid war period a turning point where Humans are starting take back lost ground and a end period where the aliens will be turned back and Division in the Human forces start showing.