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Micropanzer Wargame Studio February update

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have sent an update on the status of the new miniatures they are working on. Russian Heavy Armored Suit From their announcement:
I have updated the store. Now there is a 32mm section as well as the 15mm section. New alien packs are listed in the 15mm section. Figures are on way to me so hope to have some painted samples to show soon. Production mold is being cut. For those who purchased the first alien promo deal there is a special priced add on pack that will add some more variety to your force. The Russian Heavy Armored Suit is coming along nicely. The artist Rich Sanders has sent some pose shots as well as a part breakdown. The Parts are going to be reworked so the arm and hands are more of a ball and socket configuration. The Hose on suit will be dropped as well. Over all this is shaping up to be a nice concept and am hoping to have something by end of summer on the table top. The 32mm scaled version stands 45mm to top and the 15mm scale version will be around 22mm -- Not sure if I will do a 1-2 part print for the 15mm scale version of go with traditional sculpting.