Micropanzer Wargame Studio 2011 update

By tgn_admin
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Jan 14th, 2011

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have sent an update on their release plans.

heavy Russian tactical armor

From their announcement:

News — Streamlined the site – new concept layouts, more to come.

I have a new WIP of the heavy Russian tactical armor. Weapons being worked on now. these will stand 45mm next to the 32mm figures and about 23mm next to a 15mm figure.

Next round of releases will be 6 new swarm aliens with variant weapons. 15mm and 32mm sci-fi crates as well as Valkyur Raven jet bike, SAS “stoat” ATV drone and new parts for the Light Assault Warbot making assemble easier.

The multi part light assault warbots will be discontinued once current cast are sold through.

  • Grim6

    Very nice looking! This company has some great pieces.

  • I love the new Russian armor!

    I’ll second Grim6 – Micropanzer has a VERY nice line of figures – and they’re better in person than in pictures, too!


  • Amazing new models!

  • Very cool. Great design. Who’s the digital sculptor?


  • The original concept was drawn by a guy named Rich Sanders and then refined by Jared Blando then turned back over to Rich to do a 3d — he is a local guy in school that wanted to give it a go for a class project and this is his first model.
    I am hoping to continue working with him on more variants of this suit with weapon pods that attach to arms as I am very pleased with the direction this is heading.

  • This is an excellent concept and it immediately made me want it for my Grymn forces. It just has Space Dwarf written all over it…

    I want a bunch of them now…

    …still waiting…