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Micropanzer voucher program details and Strider Year 1 deal

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have a new voucher program as well as a sale on their Strider model. Stomper WIP From their announcement:
Vouchers Get more for your dollar at the same time helping to get new product to market quicker. Vouchers do not expire and can be used on any product including sale items - They do not activate until 30 days after purchase -
  • $35.00 Voucher -- $25.00
  • $70.00 Voucher - $50.00
  • $150.00 Voucher - $100.00
  • $325.00 Voucher - $200.00
  • $1000.00 Voucher - $500.00
The voucher program is only for a limited time -- August 30th will be last day. The voucher program will be able to be redeemed via email -- I will email you a catalog and you will fill in quantities and send back to me and I will ship items. You will have a shipping charge when you purchase a voucher - I will not charge you shipping when you redeem voucher - Vouchers do not need to be redeemed in full at one time you can split it up. The higher end vouchers are limited to 10 $150 vouchers, 8 $325 vouchers and 3 $1000 vouchers. I have already sold some of each and once the limit is met they will be removed.
Already this program has helped me move the dates up on a few projects and insure that I will be able to keep on track with others. Thank you for your support - the Strider turns 1 this month and is at a special price until end of month or stock levels run out. There are about 20 standing left on hand and 10 running. I have also updated a WIP shot of the Stomper. If you purchase a voucher shoot me an email and let me know what it is you would like to see release sooner if at all possible I will do my best to make it happen quicker. Every one that purchases a voucher will get recognition in the Rule book as well once released.