Micropanzer preview Light Assault Warbot

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have a preview of their Light Assault Warbot figure and are still offering their SAS promo deal.

Light Assault Warbot

From their announcement:

Not a huge update but thought I would go ahead and show the painted master of the Light assault Warbot as well a some build poses. The production mold is in the Que.

Down t he road I will be getting it professionally painted but could wait to put some paint on one for my own use.
I also have the 15mm warbot and aliens are being mastered as well.

There is only 2 weeks left to get in your orders for the SAS British 15mm promo deal — I am also doing a special on the Light Assault Warbot for the next 2 weeks as well –$20.00 — After that it will have a retail of $30.00 unless I can cut cost somehow.

I have more photos and size comparison shots in the updated section as well.