Micropanzer preview 15mm sci-fi SAS figures

Micropanzer Wargame Studio are working on 15mm sci-fi SAS with experimental weapons.

15mm Project-Slipstream British SAS sci-fi Miniatures

15mm Project-Slipstream British SAS sci-fi Miniatures

From their announcement:

Almost ready to go to caster on the15mm British SAS. The sculpts where sculpted by Adam Gayford.

I do not plan on releasing a 15mm rule set but did these up so I have 15mm supper soldiers for other games systems my local group likes to play.

These are slightly beefier than the standard 15mm figures out there but if you are wanting a super soldier larger than standard humans then these might be right up your ally.

I will be getting these done in the larger 32mm range as well although I am wanting those to match the art more closely in scale of weapon verses man. See the British Art Gallery on the concepts page for more on that.

I am currently working on painted samples and will post once I am ready to start selling figures.