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Micropanzer post Septermber release update

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted details of their September 2011 miniature releases. 15mm September releases From their announcement:
I have just approved the masters from caster and am working on production molds for the following. 32mm Range
  • Vaethaka Attack hound in Harness $3.99
  • Valyur Medic $3.99
  • Valkyur Comms Specialist $3,99
15mm Range
  • Seeker with SAS Turret 8.50
  • Alien Pack 1 - 10 figures $7.00 (2 of each figure and 2 random pose)
  • Alien pack 2 - 10 figures $7.00 (1 of each figure and 4 random figures)
  • merc pack 1 - 5 figures (4 soldiers and 1 leader in power armor)
  • Battle Raven MkI - $12.50
  • Battle Raven MkIII - $12.50
  • US Drone pack 5.00 (4 wheeled 4 tracked and 4 of each gun ) good for modern games
I will be updating the shopping cart this weekend. The voucher program wraps up on the 2nd as well but there is still time to take advantage of program. I did receive the printing of the Russian Combat Armor and had hoped to have it in production but quality was very poor as I ordered it in the wrong material It is being reprinted - More to come on this.