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Micropanzer Playtest Army Preview - Amakudari

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted a beta army list, the Amakudari, for their 15mm sci-fi rules. Amakudari From their announcement:
Over the next couple weeks I am putting together the play-test armies for the 4 initial faction releases and thought I would go ahead and preview them to give an ideal of what I will be hammering out over the summer.   First up is the Amakudari Industries Force   I will explain more about the make up of this army and faction fluff  later but wanted to go ahead and show what I have in mind for a army sized force - Come a few games this might have to be scaled back --  new units are in the works for Fall release.  Right now the light scout and medium "strider" Walker look the same -- These will be different in the final versions. The infantry in this are the same as the SAS infantry but are painted different -- All Factions will have access tot he SAS core infantry equipment as it was used through the war and is still very effective -- Each faction will get unique units by the time public release rolls around.