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Micropanzer new product preview

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted previews of some of their new products. Remastered parts From their announcement:
I have just received the new greens of the 2 new Valkyur models -- Sculpted by Clint Staples, he will begin work on the Battle Raven mk I and mk III variants next.. I also have received the 3d prints for the new re-mastered 32mm and 15mm Light Assault Warbot, the 15mm "Stoat" Drone ATV and the Raven Pattern jet bike in 32mm as well as 15mm. The new parts for the Warbot are going to make this a much more enjoyable kit to build especially in the 15mm scale – This is the exact same size as the last version just less parts There are 2 leg options as well -- standing and on the move. The 32mm version Price is as follows 1 warbot $25.00, 2 warbots $45.00, 3 warbots $65.00. The 15mm version Price is as follows 1 warbot 10.00, 2 warbots 18.00 3 warbots 25.00 25% of your entire order will be given back to you in the form of a gift certificate to be used on your next purchase I will run this promotion from now until the end of March.
I am also going to make available the parts for this as customers have indicated they want extra leg sets to convert other models and extra turrets as well. This will be done once all preorders have been shipped out. The "stoat" will have a resin body and metal parts -- There are 3 turret options for this model -- plasma Gatling, plasma missiles and recon sensors without turret would make a nice one man scout vehicle. I have a target price in mind but don’t want to accept preorders for this item incase there is any difficulty with casting the body as one part. The raven pattern jet bike needs a driver before being released. If you want the 32mm version for other projects drop me an email if there is enough interest I will sell as is kit for people to kit bash. I am also sending product to a well known painter to get some nice paint work done as I know my skills are not doing these models justice. As always thank you for your time Jason