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Micropanzer July Update

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted an update on the status of their upcoming releases and existing figures. 15mm remote drone From their announcement:
Wanted to thank all of you that have taken part in the June 20% off sale and wanted to let you know all remaining orders are shipping out this week. Being a holiday weekend I will extend the June 20% off til the 4th I am moving the sales of project slipstream miniatures over to Syr Hobbs War Games as his site has a better method of tracking on hand inventory and with his ability to accept other forms of payment and his wide range of product it seems like a good thing. Syr Hobbs war games will also be taking Micropanzer Product to various Conventions through out the year. This change will take place sometime after Historicon, so there will be a week or come the 5th with no web store access. I did not get the Soviet Heavy Suit quote back from printer so looks like it will be a while longer on that project but did get a new 15mm remote drone update from sculptor Patrick Keith -- the wheels and tracks are symmetrical so I only had him sculpt one set of each as I can master 2 of each to attach to hull to have a wheeled version and a tracked version - the final product will be a 1 part body with wheels or tracks and a 50 cal or missile pod Down the road a number of new weapons will be introduced for the hulls. I also have new art from artist Eric J. Carter -- this depicts a crash site of an alien Ship and the city that has been built up around it --