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Micropanzer July Product update

MicroPanzer gives us an update on the July releases, and they are some sweet-looking walkers.

From the update:

Now is the time if you asked to be on list for next batch of stompers to put your order in. The 2nd run has less parts and has been cleaned further reducing print lines. The retail is $65.00USD

The new EDA trooper variant packs are ready to go – these offer an open face hq pack, trooper pack and a gas mask trooper pack.

I am expecting a package from caster around the 20th of this month containing orders from inventory sell off as well as the above mentioned items. The new greens are mastered and will be released next month. There will be 3 different jump troop squads each with its own helmet variant – I will also be offering a head sprue with 5 heads so you can convert your exiting troopers to match.

The store is not fully up at this time but over the next month or so will be working on getting back to 100% -- Expect to see a vast improvement in product quality as well as more variety of purchase options.

If you have an existing order and want to add some of these items to you order email me and I will add to order and send out PayPal request or you can PayPal me and include what you want in the notes.

Also available is the first part of the resin terrain items I drop cast.