Micropanzer Headed to Origins Game Fair

By Polar_Bear
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May 21st, 2012

Micropanzer will be headed to Origins Game Fair in Ohio. Stop by their booth and say, “Hi!”

From them to you:

Come by booth 343 at ORIGNS GAME FAIR to see what project slipstream miniatures are all about. I also will have plenty of space ship X tiles at show as well as the new spaceship x releases.

there is a voucher program being offered until I return from origins that gives the customer a nice discount on product. More detail on this can be found in the store section along with upcoming releases.

The second run of Stomper is being produced and there is a waiting list, if you would like one and not want to wait for a 3rd run to be cast I would suggest emailing me and asking to be put on list — I have disabled the shopping cart button on this item due to the time it takes to get any sort of quantity cast. I also will only be keeping 3 in inventory and will be more of a cast on demand item.

I want to take this time and thank all you customers that have been patient with me on order fulfillment, this is slowly getting better and will continue to improve over the next couple months as I build a better on hand inventory.

A special thanks to Adam H, S mith and Fritz who are first on the list for stompers.

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  • cama

    I don’t really get this game if it is one. I think the Dropzone Commander, when they get a website, will be winner in this micro-category for sic-fi.

  • I agree that drop zone commander will be a winner — as long as people are willing to go with a new scale – not much out there in 10mm scifi most is 6mm or 15mm

    I for one will be picking up some of the larger dropzone commander miniatures to use for 15mm gaming.

    “I don’t really get this game if it is one” — There is not a game yet it is just a miniature range at the moment.

    • Reaper’s CAV is in 10mm I believe.. and they have some pretty nice models. but you’re right.. 6 and 15 are the new rage.

      I like a lot of the design elements but am waiting for some 25-28mm figures (crossing fingers). I would love to see a VTOL in that scale from Micropanzer…

    • cama

      Ah. Need rules then! Off you go – make up rules! 🙂

  • Myrthe

    Nice looking models / concepts !!

    What ar the “spaceship x tiles” and releases you mention ?

  • http://www.creativegamescapes.dreamhosters.com/

    Great for 3d space hulk but of course I use mine for 15mm

  • bloodsbane

    What a disastrously crap press release. The product picture looks great, but I still have no idea what scale they are or what anything’s about. They might want to keep those of us who hear about it for the first time in mind any time they get their word out through such public channels as this.

  • I was not press leasing the product but that I am attending origins — the walker are scaleless they can be used for 6mm up and while I developed them for 15mm there are no rules to go with miniatures.

    What I find is when people see them in person they always say wow much larger than I thought it would be and is why I announced that if they are attending origins game fair stop by.

    The product has been on sale for many months and more disastrous if I kept posting same items over and over again to the point of being annoying.

    Once the rules have been play-tested and ready for release everything will be taken off air for a few months or so and reintroduced properly so all is new again.
    I am hoping for professional paint work and project slipstream will have its own website, that will introduce people not only to the miniatures but the universe they are set in.

  • cama

    I’ll paint them for you. I used to paint for GHQ. And have a Demon. I can paint.