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Micropanzer Feburary Releases: Russian Heavy Combat Armor

Micropanzer Wargame Studio the Russian Heavy Combat Armor is finally available and pre-orders have started to be sent out:

From their post:

I thank every one that did a pre-order and I have started mailing out packages -- I received the all metal cast and am waiting on the resin bodies to arrive to ship out overseas packages.

The first run is almost sold out so I am keeping the squad price at 50.00 until first run is sold through ( should I over sell I will honor the price) -- I am also doing a special 3 squads for 120 ( that is 40 a squad ) The regular Price for a 5 man squad will be $55.00 and an individual model will be 12.50

I am almost finished with the new flame weapon arms ( there where print issues ) and will be offering these at a very low price once cast as I wanted to include them and not the Tesla in the squad set.

I have noticed that costs have risen by up to 20% over the last year on various items and am going to adjust the prices as well as pack configurations come March.

The Stomper is next project to get done as well as the Krystrial Solders -- Goal is to get the pre-ordere Stomper in the mail mid March.